Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

Firstly, I would like to wish you Happy Birthday. It’s your day and you must want some unique things to do on your birthday. It is the day when you feel like prince or princess.  Birthday is supposed to be one’s special day in life. Everybody eagerly wait for his/her special 16th, 18th or 21st birthday. You really do not get many days to pamper yourself, as it is your day so live it as much as you can with pleasure, cheers and love. Enjoy your special day with your close ones like family, relatives, classmates, friends etc. Here are some top 10 things you can do on your birthday which are surely going to make you rock.

10. School

school Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

Birthday is one of the best days and you must live it to the fullest. If you’re studying in school, you can celebrate your birthday at school. Dress yourself in beautiful clothes such that you look unique in whole school. You can part among your special friends and cut a cake. And you can also give treat to your teachers and get their loving blessings. Click amazing photographs on your birthday party with friends and everyone you meet and make a scrap book of that or an album. In evening, celebrate your birthday with your family.

9. Go to Fun Places

go to fun places Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

It would be a good idea to visit some hang out fun places in your city. You can invite your friends and also some kids in your family. Kids are really center of humor by their sweet talks. You can have fun with them. Hang out some park, or horror world like place. If it is summer, you can visit some beach or water pool like place and have fun. And After that go and have lunch with them in a nice restaurant. I would again like to remind you must click some pictures with your friends, cousin and kids. Also cut a cake that would make feel good to kids and your friends.

8. Go shop in mall

go shop in a mall Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

Everyone loves to shop, and on a special day everyone loves to buy a perfect and unique dress for himself/herself. Go and have shopping in mall. Also catch your old friends and new friends with you. You can take their choice into account. Buy new dress, shoes and accessories for your night party. You can buy small presents for your mother and father on your birthday for being with you in your happiness and sorrow as well.

7. Movies

movies 300x200 Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

It would be a good idea to watch a latest movie with your friends in cinema. Catch up with your close friends or cousins and plan for a day out with them. Go for a latest hit movie. You will surely have fun hanging with then and watching a movie. You should watch a soft and romantic movie instead of action movie. As it is a special loving day for you, so there should be no thrill. Everything will be perfect and glossy on your birthday.

6. Go to a Concert

go to a concert 300x199 Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

Going to a concert is something that doesn’t happen all the time but whenever it happens it is perfectly amazing. Going to a concert is awesome thing to do, and especially when it is your special birthday. The good can happen at this point is you get a chance to see your favorite band. The bad thing can happen is your favorite band won’t be playing every day.  Whatever happens, I suggest you to go on any concert you get. It is surely going to rock on your birthday. You will enjoy a lot, but only the next day you will realize how bad the band was. Go to a concert on your birthday and rock with your friends.

5. Go Bowling

go bowling 300x168 Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

Bowling is not that bad thing you feel like a kid and you cannot do on your birthday. Go to some interesting club or place where you can drink, dance and can also do bowling. Go with your friends, have fun and enjoy bowling. I make you sure if you love bowling, this would be the best time on your birthday. Go to a interesting club where they put extra lighting system or beautiful neon lighting which will add to your enjoyment and you will enjoy bowling even more. You may also try some other interesting games with your friends like snooker. So, bowling is a good idea to enjoy your special day by enjoyment and playing just as you did in your earlier sweet birthdays.

4. Go to the Club

go to the club 300x200 Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

If you are 21 you can opt out for going to a club with your friends on your birthday night. rock and dance and get drunk. this is the place where you can meet someone special if you are single and if you cannot dance. Enjoy to fullest and have fun.

3. Celebrate with relatives

celebrate with relatives 300x200 Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

It would also be a good idea you can celebrate your birthday at home and invite all your nearby relatives. You will have good time with them. Wear a pretty dress and yes, also wear your birthday cap even if you are mature. It will be cute in your birthday picture memories. Decorate your house with lights.  Have a dance party with your cousins and friends. It would be a good idea if you give little return gifts to kids and your friends when you party at home. You can also hang out or make a trip with your family and relatives on your birthday or go to a restaurant and have a dinner on your birthday night.

2. Visit a holy place

visit a holy place 300x200 Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

Visiting a holy place would be good and perfect idea to do on a birthday. Visit your nearby holy place. Light a candle and make a perfect wish for your life. Visit that holy place in early morning with your mom or any of your siblings. Also take some sweets or flowers. You will see peace and happiness in your heart after visiting your holy place. I think it is one of the necessary things you must do on your birthday.

1. Throw a party

throw a party 300x225 Top 10 Things to do on your Birthday

Night party is the main sparkle of your birthday party. It is one of the dazzling times which give the finishing touch to your birthday party. Throw a big party on your birthday night. Invite your all friends and hang over with them. You can go to a club or a restaurant. Also offer your friends some drinks which will add twist to your birthday party. Dance, roll and rock on the dance floor with your friends. Make some new friends and have fun with them. All these things are one of the best things you have ever enjoyed in your life. Birthday presents are the cutest gifts you ever receive from your family and friends. So I suggest you to click every moment on your birthday such that every moment seems alive even when you see them after many ages.

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