Top 10 things India is Famous for

India is a glorious country. It is one of the world’s ancient civilizations. It is often termed as the land of gods because the great gods of the Hindu mythology were born here. The country is blessed with a scenic beauty that covers probably all the visions one can find in the world. In terms of nature it is blooming with an array of fruits and grains. In terms of people India endorses a distinct culture and tradition which attracts people from various regions of the world. The country has a lot to offer. If you at times wonder what is it that India truly stands for then here is a helping hand. The following are the top 10 things that India is famous for throughout the world.


10. Cricket.
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It is said that cricket in India is not a game its a religion. Indians are fanatic when it comes to this sport. India has seen some of the best cricketers of the cricket world. The living legend Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest example. Be it the world cup of 1983 or the world cup 2011 India showed best of the sport preformences  If we consider cricketers like Kapil Dev , Rahul Dravid , Mohammad Azharuddin etc they have raised the bar of Indian cricket to the status that it enjoys today. Indian cricket is known throughout the world and some of the Indian cricketers are a part of the hall of fame. India is truly known for the game of cricket.


9. Kashmir.

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Kashmir is a beautiful state situated in the Northern part of the country. It is a beautiful place and is considered as heaven on Earth. It got the snow clad peaks that shine in the sun with all their pride. The crystal clear rivers flowing from the Himalayas are a breath taking view. The beautiful Kashmir valley is a blissful sight. Not only it offers tourists a life time experience but also has many devotional areas. Mt. Everest the highest peak in the world is accessible from the state. India gets a lot of tourism in the state of Kashmir because it is renowned worldwide for its beauty.


8. Spices.

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We are all aware of this that the Britishers came to India for its spices. Since ancient times India has had the best spices in the world which had very good export potential. India is one of those counties which saw the use of herbs as medicines in the early days. India today exports a lot of spices of good quality. These have a great demand in countries like China, Singapore ,USA etc. These spices are useful in many cuisines in different parts of the world. India surely has been known and is still popular for these exotic spices.


7. Ancient temples.

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India is majorly a country following Hinduism. The great gods were born here. In the olden days; the era of the kings; Was involved in showing this dedication to their gods. A lot of temples were built solely with human labor  The temples are gigantic and carved out stones. Some temples are so magnificent that they attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. In southern India various such temples can be seen that have passed the tests of time and still maintain their grandeur.


6. Indian festivals.

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India endorses unity in diversity. Although Hinduism is largely followed here many religions thrive here simultaneously. Different religions follow different traditions and got their own mythologies. This variety adds a lot of color to the Indian society. Throughout the year hundreds of festivals are celebrated here in harmony. Some of the grand festivals like Diwali , Holi , Eid , Ganesh Chaturthi etc are popular throughout the world. The durga festival taking place in the city of Kolkata is world famous. People come from all over the world to witness the colorful and energetic celebrations.


5. Grand weddings.

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Indian weddings are often termed as grand weddings. The Indian brides are one of the most heavily dressed and decorated brides in the world. The gorgeous traditional dresses and the groom arriving on the horse is a unique feature of Indian wedding. The various traditional events that occur throughout the ceremony worth noticing. The Indian wedding style is famous throughout the world who truly admire the colorful and grand style of wedding. Many foreigners have started introducing the Indian way of ceremonies in their weddings. India truly catches a lot of eyes for its wedding style and grand scale.


4. Dance forms.
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India is one of the ancient civilizations. As the people evolved so did the culture. Each state as we see is entirely different from the other. There are exotic dance forms seen throughout the country each building a unique identity for the state and the nation altogether. Bharatnatyam , Katahakali , Kucchipudi , Bhangda etc are some of the Indian dances that are recognized world wide and are participants on various international dance shows. India remains unbeatable in its dance forms.


3. Indian cuisine.

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An advantage that we have with peaceful co existence in this country is the fun of different flavors and cuisines. India has  a large variety of recipes which change drastically as we move from North to the South. Be it vegetarian or non vegetarian India has enough variety to serve anyone. Many tourists come to India especially for the cuisine here. It is due to this that the number of Indian food joints have increased in the over sea countries. India truly has a name for its remarkable food.


2. Taj mahal.

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This topper of the wonder of the world is a unique identity of the country. This marble monument is known throughout the world as a love monument which adds to its popularity. Built by Shahjahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz still spreads love throughout the world. Millions of people come the city of Agra to witness the beauty with their own eyes. They get deeply touched with the precise construction and the perfection of the artistry that is responsible for this sculpture. The perfect example of its popularity is the fact that it is number one of the seven wonders. India will be known forever for this epic grandeur known as Taj Mahal.


1. Bollywood.

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The most well known thing about India is none other than our very own Bollywood. It is indeed one of the biggest film industry of the world. Situated in the city of Mumbai it is an attraction for millions of people who wish to build a career in acting. Amitabh Bachchan is a legend and is famous all over the world for his excellent work in movies. Shahrukh Khan is the idol of today’s generation. Such is the excellence of Bollywood actors that in the recent times many Indian stars have been offered roles in Hollywood flicks. India truly stands out with Bollywood.

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