Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

Generally we all have learnt and also know what a Pyramid is  all about  ie.  a structure which consists of  triangular shape with its surface meeting at a single point at the top with the base having any polygon shape. Similar Pyramids can be outlined at various places of which the most popular one is the Pyramids of Egypt. Most of us have not yet being into knowledge of Pyramids of Egypt , but after knowing some top interesting secrets and facts of such structure you will be best knowing them then.


Cleopatra1 Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

Cleopatra VII the last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt has never been questioned about beauty in Egypt. Special natural soaps and oils were named after her. Cleopatra’s beauty of mind as well as body was so powerful , which helps  in preserving the Egypt’s independence from Rome. If you go through the Roman coins it will reveal you that the Cleopatra has a masculine features like thin lips,large nose. Cleopatra’s death was considered as a turning point throughout the history of Egypt. Cleopatra was not mummified rather she was cremated ie the standard way of body disposal. Her ashes have been tossed into the Nile . She was a mathematician and a very good businesswoman.


sundial Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Khufu can be considered as a Sundial. A Sundial is a device which is used to find the date and time by the position of SUN. Its penumbra towards North and the reflection of sunlight towards  South decides the annual date and time of  both equinoxes and solstices. The outer surface of  the Pyramids of Egypt is made by white limestone . The white solid limestone is used to generate electricity due to high insulating properties. The electromagnetic field formed  at the bottom of the pyramid is transmitted in concentrated pure form to the upper layers of the Egypt pyramid. On the top of the pyramid there was a gold capstone gold being an excellent conductor of electricity.


cedarboat Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

Another important discovery of the fact is the cedar wood boat which has been sealed near the base of the pyramid. It is long,narrow rather than the shape of boat its part has been disassembled. The separate different  parts of the boat had various  U-shaped holes so that the cedar wood boat could be stitched together using ropes made of vegetable fibers. The purpose of including  such items near the Pyramid is to use them after life. The Khufu’s boat was one of the largest of all at that time.



death 300x146 Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

Obsessed with death and life after death has always been a part of human experience. Death was regarded as something one must prepare for during life . Egyptians bodies were mummified, and this was the only procedure to keep the corpse afterlife.Many of the illustrations that were the point of interest  are celebrations of farming, hunting and fishing inside the tomb .The expensive ornaments and jewellery were buried along with the Egyptians which  helped them to reach the afterlife,and  where they continued their  job without any hardships.



hieroglyphs 300x123 Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

Hieroglyphs is a language which is represented in forms of picture and symbols and magical incantations . These symbols  were mainly written on objects, solid stuff and soon after on  paper(papyrus paper).It was assumed  that the hieroglyphs was made by the Egyptians but in real they were brought by West Asian invaders. One of the most interesting facts about hieroglyphics of Egypt Pyramids is that one symbol alone could have up to three meanings and the meaning of the symbol is  either phonetic or simply a representative of the picture it depicted. Hieroglyphs were also used on jewellery and other royality specific purpose .



Construction Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

The avg. temperature of Queen’s Chamber and generally all the chambers  is equal to the  average temperature of Egypt  ie  68 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is due to the presence of air duct . The interesting fact about the Pyramids temperature is that the temperature inside  the Pyramid remains constant ie 68 degree Fahrenheit , no matter what’s the outside  temperature is. Generally ,two types of  limestone  were used , a soft limestone for the core blocks and a hard limestone for the mantle. There were no hieroglyphics in the Pyramid. Earlier in ancient times , Pyramids were generally built for the Kings and the Queens by slaves . Earlier  Egyptians uses simple primitive tools like cooper tools( hammer ) ,chains and pulleys which were helpful in dragging tons of granite and limestone rocks. Earlier there were no methods to determine the slope and perfect geometry of the pyramids so then , how  the pyramids were built then. May be they were built by the Angels having divine knowledge of universe .There is a language named as “Book Of Creation” where tricks of  geometrical shapes are formed using gematria. It has been predicted by the Scientist that around 30000 workers were indulged during the development of this Pyramid and devoted their 80 yrs of service to this building. The Great Pyramid is located at the center of the Earth. From this very Pyramid we can find all the major cities across the whole world by using compass in the center of the Pyramid and applying various types of geometry. If the height of the pyramid is taken as the radius of a circle, then the circumference of this circle is the same as the perimeter of the base.


Pharaoh killed the slaves Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

This is one of the best secret in ancient times regarding the Pyramids of Egypt . After the death of the King’s and the Queen’s , their servants were not murdered rather they were buried and entombed along with the Pharaohs. It happened during the rule of  first two Pharaohs but later after the Pharaohs believed that instead of entombing the servants along with the Pharaohs , they will be more useful if they remain alive , so the Pharaohs entombed themselves with the ‘shabtis’.  Shabtis are the small figures of Pharaohs which are carved with stone and wood.



decoration Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

The Pyramids were basically not decorated ,they were absolutely bare ie nothing inside. The color of Pyramids was not completely of that of limestone , but also with some red and white colored pillars. This Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of Ancient times and the most important thing about it is that it is still standing alone. The area covered by the Great Pyramid of Egypt  can accommodate St Peter’s in Rome, the cathedrals of Florence and Milan,and St Paul’s in London combined. Also the construction material of this Pyramid ie the Casing stone which cover the entire Pyramid seems like a monument completely untouched by humans and the casing stones look like a gigantic mirror and reflects the light with much power which  seems like a shining star if it has been watched from the moon.


aliens Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt


Most of the people believes that Ancient Egyptians were in contacts with aliens.This seems of insulting the ancient Egyptians but though if you go deep into the next few lines then  this fact seems to be  true  somewhat . The alignments and the geometry is so much accurate and well defined such that it is next to impossible at that time to take such accurate  points on the Pyramid. The angle and other geometry is so much accurate and such accuracy at that time can only be achieved through aliens thousands years ago. Recent research by Kate Spence suggests that the construction  of the  Pyramid seems  on two stars (b-Ursae Minoris and z-Ursae Majoris), which rotates around the North Pole, which would have been used in alignment when Khufu’s pyramid was constructed.


Curse of Pharaohs Top 10 Secrets of Pyramids Egypt

The curse of Pharaohs started from the 7th century . People believes that the curse of the Pharaohs occurs whenever any one try to disturb and touch them they will be punished . People rather believing in facts are more specific with the stories. One such fact is that in the Giza pyramid of Egypt there were two mummies of   Pet-et-ty entombed with his wife named Nesey-seker. The hieroglyphs written on the wall quotes : The curse of  Pet-et-ty calls on crocodiles, lions, and hippopotamuses to punish anyone who dares to disturbs and violates  the tomb. The other ie his wife calls upon to add snakes and scorpions along with the curse of   Pet-et-ty . One Egyptian inspector try to disturb the tomb and his house was then disturbed by the earthquake.  Similar other facts are also present that Lord Carnarvon entered the tomb and try to touch them and then few afterwards Lord Carnarvon was touched and bitten by a mosquito and infected and died due to the infected pneumonia. Several  deaths connected to the pharaohs’ tombs were caused by pneumonia.

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