Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

PS3 which stands for the Play Station 3 is a video game console which is manufactured by the Sony Computers Entertainment. PS3 was launched in the year 2006 and since then it has been one of the largest selling product of the Sony Computers Entertainment. As per the date received in the year 2012, 70 million PS3 were sold in various corners of the world. For the PS3 lovers we have gathered information about ten such racing games which are likely to be the best available racing video game in the year 2013 for PS3. PS3 has endless number of games which can be played on it and selecting the best one out of it is a herculean task. We have managed to prepare this list according to the user feedback which has been on these following racing games. So here follows our list of the top ten PS3 racing games for the year 2013.

10. Modnation Racers

Modnation Racers Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

This list which tells us about the top ten best PS3 racing games for the year 2013 starts with the racing game named as the Modnation Racers at the number tenth place. This racing game is one of the best racing games which have been programmed till date. The design and other required function which has been embedded into this game is simply amazing and one will get a feeling as he or she is really going through a racing session once he or she plays this game. If you have been searching for a game that would satisfy your racing experience, then this is the game you should look for. The way you will kart your runs will give you a pleasing feeling. Further the best thing about it is that you can select the customs mode settings convenient as per your requirement and that would make your gaming experience all the way more fun.

9. Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

The racing game which has managed to grab the number ninth place in this list is named as Burnout Paradise. This racing game has promised the games to give it an all-round entertainment as it is a complete package of thrill, competitiveness and adventure. And to be precise, the makers of this game have lived to the expectation. When you are on your PS3 playing Burnout Paradise, you are surely going to feel as if you are driving your car for sure. There are various things which are done in this game apart from just racing and this is what attracts most of the gamers towards Burnout Paradise. Some of the people who have played this game report that it is so much fun playing this game that they have gone kind of addicted towards it.

8. Dirt 3

Dirt 3 Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

The game named as the Dirt 3 has been placed at the number eighth place in this list of the top ten best racing games for the PS3 in the year 2013. With the amazing and moreover the user friendly features that this game has, it has got a position which is truly deserving. There are earlier versions of this game available on the PS3 but the latest one has been updated with lots of new features and by keeping in mind the demand of the gamers. Further there are more cars and tracks in this updated version which is surely going to make your gaming experience even more memorable and thrilling. With the added alternatives in this version, the racing using cars has reached to all new level in Dirt 3.

7. Formula 1 2012

Formula 1 2012 Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

For the people who love none other than the racing games, we have the racing game named as the Formula 1 2012 at the number seventh spot. This game which has been developed by the company named as the codemaster has all the needed functionality as well as the features which will make you feels like getting addicted to this extraordinary racing game. The most pleasing part about this racing game is its clarity which will make you feel as if you are racing in reality. Excitement and fun are the two elements which are going to be the essential part of this racing game and for sure you will not be disappointed with its purchase. Rather you feel like you have done the best thing by purchasing it.

6. Blur

Blur Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

The next racing game which we have in this list is named as Blur and it has been placed at the number sixth place. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that Blur is one of the best racing games that has ever been developed. There only a few racing games which can be counted as the competitors for the Blur because of the amazing features this racing game has. Moreover the environment which this racing game creates is perfect for racing and it makes you asking for more. There is numerous numbers of choices available for selecting your car and you can also select the racing tracks as per your likes. The basic thrill which one feels in any racing condition is what this game has in abundance.

5. NFS Shift 2

NFS Shift 2 Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

The game named as the Need for Speed Shift 2 has been placed at the number fifth spot in this list. This game has been in this list purely due to the fact that it has some of the best graphics which has been used in the racing games in recent times and so it gives the games a whole lot of pleasing experience. The garage which accommodates some of the best known cars in the world and the competitiveness which the computer generated player have is another major factor which will make you feel like playing it again and again. The high definition display is surely one of the major factors why this game has been placed so high in this list of the top ten best racing games of the year 2013.

4. Ferrari Challenge

Ferrari Challenge Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

The racing game which we have at the number fourth place in this list is named as Ferrari Challenge and this game has been one of the top selling games on the PS3 platform. The amazing Ferrari cars are the ones which will attract you towards it. And for once when you will start playing this game, you will feel like getting addicted to it. It is surely going to spice up your thrill and excitement with its excellent graphics. Not much can be said about the physics involved with this game but the user reviews have been so good and appreciating one that we have been forced to accommodate Ferrari Challenge racing game in this list of the best PS3 racing games.

3. F1 Championship Edition

F1 Championship Edition Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

Till date there is huge number of Formula 1 games developed for the PS3 platform but one game which overtakes one and all is F1 Championship Edition. This game has been exclusively launched for the PS3 platform and it has been rated so high by the gamers which are based on their personal reviews. F1 Championship edition is based on the championship which is played between the opponents and the resulted fellow moves on to become the F1 champion. F1 championship edition has all lot of excitement and thrill which is a basic need in any of the racing games and this will surely increase the fun which you receive playing your favourite racing games.

2. Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Motorstorm Pacific Rift Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013


If you are a fan of the intense off road race as well as the intense arcade racing game, then Motorstorm Pacific Rift is the game for you and so it has been placed at the number second spot in the list of the top ten best racing games for the year 2013. This game will increase will excitement and fun to all new level once you play it and trust me you will love it. The most amazing feature which Motorstorm Pacific Rift has is that it allows you to personalise the cars and accessories according to the gamer choice and you can also select the mode as well as the racing tracks in which you wish to race.

1. GT5

Gran Turismo 5 Top 10 PS3 Racing Games 2013

There is no doubt in the fact that in today’s time, the best racing game which is available for the PS3 platform id GT5. In term of the variety and game play, this game has everything which you were searching for in your previous races. The most updated GT5 has all the features which the users which to have and that makes the racing even more thrilling and obviously exciting. Further the graphics which have been used to develop this racing game is truly classy and you are going to feel like doing some serious racing then and there.

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