Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

First comes the Orkut users followed by Facebook users along with Twitter rapidly increases the internet crowd all over the world.  Twitter after Facebook, is the second most popular social networking website ever. Corresponding to the social web ,after Facebook , Twitter constitutes the highest number of  users on an individual website which is more than 600 million users.  Twitter was founded  in the year March,2006 by Jack Dorsey. It is a micro blogging social networking website which allows each user to send and receive a message of around 140 characters and this message in terms of Twitter is known as tweet. Around 400 million tweets are made in a single day. Any user can tweet and can himself/herself be tweeted by any other user. Now it is also a matter of point of focus on all those  people  having highest following twitter fans. So here I will be discussing all those famous persons or celebrity having highest Twitter followers.


ELLEN DEGENERES Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

Ellen DeGeneres is a TV host , a  comedian and an actress also. She was born in the year 1958 in Metairie in Louisiana  in United States of America. The “Ellen Degeneres Show” proved to be a great hit along with good ratings. She was voted for “funniest person in USA in the year 1982. In terms of fan followers on Twitter she is not very far behind from that of Kim’s fan follower graph, around 17,486,313  fan followers followed Ellen DeGeneres which is not much less than that to Kim record. The average number of fan followers on her Twitter account is 18,588 per day . So you can now analyze that though the number of followers for Ellen is less, but per day it is increasing by a huge amount.    The total number of fan followings by Ellen is very large in number ie around 47,000 fan followings and around 7,205 tweets till now.



Kim Kardashian Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

Kim Kardashian is well known for her modelling . She is a fashion designer and also a media hollywood celebrity.She was born in the year 1980 in Los Angeles in California in America.  She is one of the hottest, beautiful and charming women in hollywood life. She is on the ninth position on the basis of highest Twitter followers . She is having a total of more than 17,492,313 fan followers on Twitter with an average of 4,745 new Twitter fan followers.  If fan followings by Kim is taken into account then Kim has only 128 following with much larger number of tweets as compare to Shakira ie she is having a total number of 15,034 tweets ever. Not only on Twitter but also on her  official website she is much famous . On her official website she  gets around 6 million page views every month, which makes her as the fastest growing celebrity on the web platform .


Shakira Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

When it comes to a singing talent along with the dancing talent then Shakira can be one of those celebrity to be discussed. She is famous for her figure and her awesome style of singing and also for her rounded derriere which enhances her style of dancing . One such style of her dancing can be figured out in the song “Waka Waka”  and  ”Hips don’t  lie” .She is a Colombian artist . She lands on the eight position on the Twitter life . Shakira has more than 19,993,714 followers on twitter with an average of 11,000 new Twitter followers per day. If we talk about fan followings of Shakira on Twitter then it is less than 100 and also the tweets for her is also not great in number . She has only 1,697 tweets till now.


Britney Spears Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

Britney Spears is an American artist, dancer and entertainer. She was born in McComb, Mississippi in USA. She is also one of the sexiest babe in hollywood.  Britney Spears is mainly popular for her songs and singing talent. Britney Spears ranks on the seventh position in terms of Twitter life. On Twitter , she has around more than 24,599,495 followers and also an average of  15,100 new  followers per day on Twitter. One most important fact about this singer is that she is the lady who is paid more than that of the other singers . She is also known for her singing as “Queen of Pop”.Britney has more than 410,689 followings on  Twitter and more than 2300 tweets till now.


Taylor Swift Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

After Katy Perry , she is the sexiest and melodicious woman on the Twitter life. She is the most gorgeous woman in the singing world. She was born in 1989 and also she is a woman with multi-Grammy award winning singer. She was also awarded as the best country song and best vocal performer of the country. If we go deep into the history of Taylor swift Twitters life then she is having  24,854,205 fan followers with 22,558 new followers per day. The number of tweets for this lady is around 1,684 uptill now and she is following just 90 people.


Barrack Obama Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

Now , here every one of you would be surprised after reading Barrack Obama on the fifth position having highest number of fan followers on Twitter. Though it is a matter of surprise, as how a politician can have such big number of fan following  but it is very true . Barrack Obama was born in 1961 in Honolulu in USA and now he is known as the president of the United State.  The Twitter life of Barrack Obama constitutes nothing great just many big surprises . One of those  bigger surprise is that the twitter account of Barrack Obama is being managed and updated by his personal members rather than Barrack Obama himself.  His fan followers  on Twitter is around  28,208,082 which is around  32,456 new followers per day . The other surprise of Barrack Obama on Twitter is that despite of fifth position in the list , he has the largest fan followings of around 664,803 following which are much higher in numbers as compare to all the other persons on Twitter. Initially when he was the president of US , The fan followers were not too much but when he became the president the second time of the same country , his fan followers rapidly increased.


Rihanna Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

Rihanna was born in Barbados. Her life seemed to change after the age of 16 when she was introduced to Evan Rodgers. She is the fourth most popular person on twitter having a total of more than 28,748,712 followers ever and more than 1000 following and 7513 tweets having average of 10000 new followers per day. This pop singer has always been crazy for her pictures on Twitter . Her craziness is inherited to her fan following in terms of her magical songs.


Katty Pary Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

Katy Perry is the third most popular celebrity on the basis of highest number of followers on Twitter . Katy Perry was born in 1984 in Santa Barbara in California . She is the ever most sexiest lady having a melody voice in this singing world. Katy Perry at this moment has around 33,431,774 followers on Twitter having 25,401 new  followers per day . She also has 118 followings along with 4504 tweets till now.  She is considered as not only the International but the World singing sensational woman. After a series of success , she snatched away the position of the top most singer on the basis of Twitter followers .


Lady Gaga Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

Lady Gaga was born in the year 1986 in Yonkers , New York. She is the present best rockstar as well as a pop singer and a few 2-3 months before she was at the first position on the basis of number of fan following on Twitter but despite of the second position she today also is loved and more famous just because of her uniqueness and beautiful songs. She has around 34,999,000 followers and 136,427 following (more than that of Bieber) and 2655 tweets. She remained on top for the past last three years for the highest fan followers on Twitter. Lady Gaga became more popular after her first album “The Fame”. The average followers for Lady Gaga is not very far away in numbers  from that of Bieber and is around 29,000 new  followers per day.



Justin Bieber Top 10 People that have Highest Twitter Followers

Justin bieber is a Canadian guy having keen interest for the music from the time of childhood. He was born in 1994 to an unmarried pregnant woman named Pattie Mallette.  The turning point in the Bieber’s life came when he was awarded second in a local competition and after that he became  popular and also his fan following starts increasing. He has more than  35,889,259 followers ,more than  123,400 following and around more than 210000 tweets . He has per day around 33,000 new  followers. He is not only famous by the followers on twitter but also famous for the girl followers as he has the biggest girls fan following also.

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