Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

When this world was created, it was not as beautiful as it today; it was a complete ruin. This earth was a very soporific, uninspiring and hackneyed place. With the passage of time the world was gradually decorated with plants, fruits, deep forests, vegetation, enticing valley, lowland, canyons, oceans, rivers and many other natural endowments. Among all these dispensations, a very prominent benefaction is the flower.

These flowers are a very breath taking creation of God; they are not only physically beautiful and appealing but their aroma is also very enchanting. A flower plays many different roles, they can be used as a gift, they can also be presented as a token of affection, you can use them to pacify someone, and you can give it to express your exhilaration, a flower also act as a memento of good luck or most importantly flowers can express your feelings to someone. Apart from all these stuff growing flowers itself is a very pleasant and convivial hobby; there are a lot of peoples in this world who grow flowers in their terrace and in their gardens as a hobby. The flowers add a charm to you garden or you house.

These flowers are a wonderful blessing of God and the thing which is more amazing is that the creator did not create only a single kind of flower but he created many kinds of flower. Flowers of very distinct origin, flowers of many different colors and completely different from each other. Roses are mostly used when proposing love and lilies are really common and everyone knows about them, there are many flowers whose name we have never heard of but is we see them once then we won’t be able to forget them all our life. The top 10 most beautiful flowers in this world are:


colorado columbine Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Aquilegia caerules is the original biological name of this flower however it is more famous as Colorado Columbia. This flower is the national flower of state of Colorado, it is also known as the rocky mountain columbine. It was voted as the state flower in 1899 by the school children. The flower is simply ravishing and enticing, its petals are combination of white and lavender and the centre consists of an inner loop which is of yellow color. The flower is very rare which is found at a high altitude in the Rocky Mountains, the flowers blooms fully in the month of June. The sight of this flower is truly bewitching.


begonia Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Bengonia is a group of flowers from the begoniaceae family. The begonia flowers are one of the beautiful and pleasant flowers in world, they are found in colors like white, red, pink, orange and yellow. The distinctive thing about begonia flowers is that they are divided into male and female flowers, the structure of both the flowers is different from each other, the female flower is always found to have been surrounded by male ones. They are found in Africa and some parts of America and Asia. These flowers have a life which exceeds two years.


blue bells Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

The biological name for the bluebells flower is hyacinthoides nonscripta, they are found in the west of Spain and in the British Isles. Their name signifies that they are blue but they have a bit of a purplish shade, their structure is similar to a cupcake and they grow in the wooden areas. 50% of the world’s blue bell is grown in territory of Britain.


bleeding heart1 Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

The bleeding heart flower is one of the spell bounded creation of God, these flowers are very small, approximately 1 inch in size. They are found in pink and red color. They are found in Japan and grow in a cool climate under shades. These flowers are very poisonous so beware when you are around them; however seek medical attention if you devour the bleeding heart flower. The structure of these flowers resembles that of a heart, broken and it shows as if a drop of blood is falling out of it. If you ever get ditched, don’t forget to send a bunch of these flowers to your ex.


 Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Rudbeckia hirta, also known as the black eyed Susan is the member of family asteraceas. They belong to the sunflower tribe and they live for two years. The petals of these flowers are 3 inches long and the plant itself goes up to an altitude of 3 feet. These Sunflowers are recognized with ease due its long yellow petals. They grow between the months of June to October in woods, gardens and fields and they grow up very quickly.


white lotus Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

White lotus is most elegant and delicate flower on this globe, they are white in color and the centre has a ring of yellow color. In various religions this flowers is very prominent as it cleans the mist around the mind and help in thinking and meditation. The lotus flower is found many colors but white lotus is the most exotic as well as erotic. They grow in water under the sun light; they cannot bear the excessive cold.


Lily of the valley Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Convallaria majalis or the lily of the valley is the flowers that grow in the north of Asia, Europe and on some mountains of US. They are completely white in color and they too have a structure similar to a small cup cake. They are highly poisonous so be very aware then around them. They are symbol of simplicity and this simplicity is what appeals the people. They grow in the cool temperature.


cherry blossom Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Cherry blossom flower holds a very vital importance in the Japanese culture. In Japanese they are called sakura, they are pink in color. They are very alluring and angelic, in fact flower viewing parties are organized with in the territory of these flowers so that the guest may enjoy the tea along with the bewitching beauty of the flowers. Apart from Japan the cherry blossom trees are found I  Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Netherlands, south Korea, turkey, U.K and U.S.


canna Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Technically canna is a plant yet it is considered as a flower because it is so ravishing. This is an easy plant; its only requirement is the sun light and warm water. It does not grow in cold temperature. They are found in yellow, red and colors too, they are quite tall and easily fits in a vas


calla lily Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Calla lily is the most breath taking, divine, fascinating, pulchitrudinious and resplendent flower; its beauty clearly signifies the greatness of its creator. The design and structure itself is to mesmerizing that it is very difficult to comprehend the construction of this flower. They are found in many colors such as yellow, pink, red and purple. They grow in summer under the sun but extreme hot temperature does not suit them.


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