Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

2013 is going to be yet another movie packed year. The year looks promising as it has one blockbuster after other in store. The much anticipated animated, drama, sci fi , action and adventure movies are just waiting for their release dates. Our favorite characters are back with  blockbusters in the offering. Some of them we love, some we love to hate but undoubtedly we have waited one long year to see them again.There is no second opinion that the current year is full of sequels or prequels and of course superheroes. It wont be incorrect to call 2013 as the year of superheroes as Thor, Iron man, Superman and Wolverine rule the silver screen this year.

So just sit back and take your pick as we bring you a list of top 10 most anticipated, thrilling and action packed movies that should not be missed.

10. Man of Steel

man of steel1 Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

This is Zack Snyder’s take on Superman set to release on 14 June. The movies seems a promising blockbuster and will present a modern and complex look at the origins of superman in a never before seen manner. The title role is played by Henry Cavill as Clark Kent.  As a young boy he learns that he has extraordinary powers and does not belong to this planet. He struggles to accept his uniqueness and find a place in life. But when his world is attacked, he must save it and become a ray of hope for his people and entire mankind thus becoming Superman. There have been other superman flicks before but none presents him in this manner as Snyder does.

9. Star Trek into Darkness

star trek into darkness Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

Sequel of the 2009 hit star trek releases on May 17. Studded with war and adventure the movie introduces Benedict Camberbatch as an enigmatic and intimidating villain. The seemingly unstoppable antagonist attacks Starfleet and captain Kirk and the crew of U.S.S enterprise are ready for another manhunt as well as to settle an old score. Star Trek into Darkness puts captain Kirk in a position where he must earn the captain’s chair he occupies currently

8. Despicable Me 2

despicable me 2 Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

Aren’t we in awe of well animated movies and if it is a sequel of 2010 hit, who wouldn’t like ‘Despicable Me 2′. Gru and his pretty girls are back along with the adorable and hilarious minions. Thank Universal studios for bringing them back on July 3. Al Pacino is introduced in the movie as Gru’s (Steve Carrel’s) nemesis.  A trailer of the film shows minions introspecting a strange noise before being abducted. Too bad, we have to wait so long to know the rest.

7. Fast and the Furious 6

fast and furious 61 Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

The sixth installment of fast and furious franchise is back with more thrilling action and meaner cars and hits the screens on May 24. Amazingly, Letty (Dom’s sweetheart who disappeared/died in the first part) is mysteriously back in this part.  A new villain played by Luke Evans is introduced while an even bigger cast surrounds Dominique Torreto (Diesel) and Brian O’Conner (Walker) to turn the wheels around to pull off a high end heist on the streets of Europe. The Rock playing a Federal agent is of course tailing them. Hopefully we well get to see a rematch of Diesel vs. The Rock (he was left empty handed in the last part, remember?)

6. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit 2 Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

Set to release later this year on December 13, and directed by Peter Jackson this is a guaranteed hit. The second part of The Hobbit trilogy promises more drama and excitement along with a hope of doing away with the criticism of first part- an unexpected journey. ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ introduces the mighty dragon of middle earth and of course Bilbo and his 13 Dwarvin companions are present to lead us to a world of fantasy and adventure.

5. Thor: The Dark World

Thor into darkness Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

Set to release on November 8, Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as Thor: the Norse god of thunder, as he battles an army of ancient elves led by Malekith who threatens to cause darkness into the entire universe after the events of Avengers. Directed by Alan Taylor, the movie promises to be bigger, dirtier and take us fans into the deeper into a journey of nine realms and the Marvel Universe. Beside we love the pair of Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth, need we say more?

4. The Wolverine

the wolverine Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

Another offering of the X-Men series coming after X-Men: the last stand. The movie directed by James Mangold will hit the screens on July 26 and stars many Japanese actors along with Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) is looking his best without any doubt and the movies witnesses him going to Japan along with a samurai warrior where he engages a mysterious figure in a fight that has lasting consequences. The movie offers never before action and a deeper peek into Logan’s story, something we have been waiting for since years.

3. The Hangover 3

hangover 3 Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

Directed by Todd Philip, the wolf pack is back this summer on May 24. The men push insanity to new extremes but without a bachelor party. It is unlike the last two parts where a wrong drink wipes away an entire night. Alan is committed in the third part and is going through crisis after losing his father. His wolf pack- Doug, Phil and Stu help him escape a mental institute which is more like a high security prison. Leslie Chow is also making a return in the part. It’s a good thing that movie ditches its original format and gives us some real crazy fun.

2. The Great Gatsby

the great gatsby Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

Director Baz Luhrmann brings Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire together in his latest flick ‘The Great Gatsby’, based on 1925 novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald of the same name. Nick Carraway( Tobey Maguire) is a Midwesterner who has moved to Long island. He is fascinated by his mysterious neighbor Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his lavish lifestyle. Soon he becomes a part of his circle and becomes a witness to obsession and high octane tragedy. Nick pens down a tale of impossible love, dreams, the super rich and their illusions, Passion, and deception. The movie mirrors our modern times and struggles. The movie will release on May 10.

1. Iron Man 3

iron man 31 Top 10 Most Awaited Best English Movies 2013

Director Shane Black brings the Marvel comic hero Iron Man: genius-multibillionaire-playboy-philanthropist Tony Stark once again to screens on May 3. The oh so hot- Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as Iron Man (Tony Stark) and sweeps us off our feet with his quick wits and dashing physique. He faces a new enemy Mandarin who knows no bounds, no limits. As his personal world is shattered by this enemy he embarks on a quest to find the guilty. His survival depends solely upon his ingenuity, instincts and devices while his character is tested at every turn. As he struggles against the odds, he finally finds answer to the question that has been haunting him forever “does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit”. Let us just wait and find out.

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