Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

James Bond! Agent 007 has got the best of everything from latest gadgets, envious cars to most stunning women. The spy whose brain works faster than your imagination is one of a kind. Just the name of Bond guarantees the success of the movie. The spy works for the British organization goes by the code 007 and makes his rules. He has most up to date mean machines and one of the best features of his movies is the bombastic actions. He enjoys his vodka martini (shaken not stirred) with the most stunning women ever. It is the most common feature of every Bond movie. An amazingly hot girl tries to kill/ avenge him by bedding him and then crumbling to his charms. In every flick this hot chick tries to manipulate him and then feels cheated when he outsmarts her, which he does with ease. The hunky spy has been played by various hot men over the years but right now we bring you a peek at the top 10 most stunning and hot Bong girls of all times.

10. Berenice Marlohe

Bérénice Marlohe Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

The French actress earns the 10th spot on ‘Hottest Bond Girls’ list for playing Severine in the twenty third James Bond film- Skyfall released in 2012. Prior to this film, she has acted in various French television series, but Skyfall focused the lights upon her. The half Cambodian actor initially had plans of becoming a pianist but ended up on TV. She says that six months before the audition of Skyfall she had a dream of acting alongside Javier Bardem and then she knew all will go well. She has quite a role of a girl in moral ambiguity in the movie which she carries off very well. Now the gates of Hollywood have opened up for her and she will be seen in Pan and an upcoming Terrence Malick film.

9. Gemma Arterton

gemma arterton Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

The British actor played agent Fields in the James Bond movie- Quantum of Solace released in 2008 and a sequel of Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig alongside. She won her ‘nice sized role’ after beating 1500 other girls in the competition. She says that her character is fresh and young and in fact different from other Bond girls who are majorly femme fatale. Her character is that of a girl who takes her work seriously.  In fact, right on the first day of the shoot she was covered from head to toe from black paint. She says that the experience was not very pleasant but it will be an iconic part in the movie.

8. Denise Richards

Denise Richards Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

The American actress played the role of Christmas Jones- a nuclear physicist assisting Bond on his mission in the nineteenth James Bond film- The World is not enough releases in 1999. According to her, the role of Jones was quite different from other Bond girls as it was athletic, brainy and in depth. In the movie, her character is an expert in nuclear science and is on an assignment to decommission a number of nuclear weapons in Kazakhstan. She basically works for International Decommissioning agency and also assists Bond in defeating Renard and stops a nuclear incident.

7. Halle Berry

halle berry Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

The American actress played the role of Giancinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson in the film Die Another Day released in 2002 and starred alongside Pierce Brosnan. Her entry is similar to that of Ursula Andress but in an orange bikini. The same night they are seen in his bedroom. She plays the role of an NSA agent who joins Bond to spy on Zao and his connection with Gustav Graves. Her character is also that of an expert markswoman and a pilot which she describes as fashion forward modern. In fact, she gives quite a competition to Bond in the film and proving to be his equal. Also, she uses him as much as he uses her for his mission so that kind of equals them.

6. Sophie Marceau

sophie marceu Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

The French Actor essays the role of Elektra King in the nineteenth spy flick- The World is Not Enough and played one of the two villains. Her character is of an oil heiress who wants to leave a mark on the world by sealing an oil trade route through a nuclear explosion. She is Renards’s lover in the film and Bond’s as well though for a very short instant only. The film’s plot revolved around assassination of a billionaire and Bond is on a mission to protect him and his daughter- Elektra, played by Sophie. She has acted on TV shows before and over the time she has proved that is not just a pretty face. Her role in the James Bond flick introduced to the world and opened new horizons.

5. Barbara Bach

barbara bach Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

The American actor is a known face in the crowd of Bond girls for playing the role of Anya Amasova in the film The Spy Who Loved me released in 1977, starring alongside Roger Moore. Bond-net calls her as a new type of Bond girl, someone who is not only a dumb sidekick but actually a match to him. She plays a KGB agent in the film whose lover has been killed off by James Bond and she vows to kill him after the completion of their joint mission in which both of them try to outdo each other. But then the usual happens, she falls in love with the charmer spy and her love forbids her from killing him. She has been ranked the fifth best Bond girl by Entertainment Weekly.

4. Olga Kurlynko

Olga Kurylenko Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

Olga Kurlynko, the French actor is known to play Camille Montes in the twenty second installment of Bond series- Quantum of Solace alongside Daniel Craig. She plays a Bolivian national who intends on killing General Medrano who destroyed her family. She forms alliance with James Bond as a way to get back at Greene who tried to kill her and the two of them embark on a mission to kill in cold blood. She was also expected to make a comeback in Skyfall but due to certain reasons that couldn’t happen. However, she is expected to appear in a future James Bond movie.

3. Famke Janseen

Famke Janssen Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

The French actor is well known for playing a villainous role in the James Bond movie- Goldeneye that released in 1995. She plays Xenia Onatopp, a former officer and fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force. She joins the crime syndicate Janus after the collapse of USSR. She plays the perfect femme fatale with poise and seductive looks which use uses to drive sexual satisfaction from killing. In fact, in a scene in the movie she kills a Canadian admiral while having sexual intercourse with him. She dies by crushing under her seat harness. She has also appeared in a number of James Bond videogames and is playable as multiplayer character.

2. Eva Green

Eva Green Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

Eva Green is a French actor and model and is well known for playing Vesper Lynd in the James Bond film Casino Royale, released in 2006. The same year she was awarded the BAFTA Rising Star Award. It has been claimed that character is based on real life Special Operations Executive agent Krystyna Skarbek. The same role was portrayed by Ursula Andress in 1967 adaptation and she played the same role in 2006 released Casino Royale. Her character is born on a dark and stormy night and hence her parents name her “Vesper” which is Latin for evening. Another amazing thing about her name is that Bond’s favorite Martini is named after her called “Vesper Martini” which is shaken not stirred. In the film, she works at MI6 headquarters and is made to assist Bond on his mission to bankrupt Le Chiffre.

1. Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress Top 10 Hottest James Bond Girls

She is the ultimate Bond girl, topping every list with enviable physique and smoking hot looks. The sex symbol of 1960s still remains the best Bond girl till date may be for her stint in Bond Movie Dr. No which released in 1962 and for which she also won a Golden Globe. She also appeared in another Bond flick- Casino Royale (1965). The Swiss American actor plays a Jamaican shell collector. Even today her entry is considered a classic in cinematic history- wearing a white bikini and emerging from the sea with shells in hands with sun shining on her wet blond hair. Halle Berry made the same entry in Die Another Day with orange bikini as homage to her. In the film, her parents are killed off in a house fire and she lives with her nanny who dies when she was 15. It is also mentioned that she was raped by the caretaker of her property and gets nose broken for resisting his sexual attempts. So she sells shells in order to make money for her plastic surgery. She assists Bond on his mission and helps him escape and kill his enemy.

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