Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World

Films generate income from various sources that includes Box Office earning, the prime source, , merchandising, theatrical exhibition, home videos etc. This data gives an idea about the successful the film is. Here is the list of top earning films all over the world which are still watched and loved   by people and which broke all the records:

10. Pirates of the Caribbean- Stranger Tides:

Pirates of the Caribbean Stranger Tides Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World


Released 2011 this film had a worldwide gross of $1,043,871,802. It is a fantasy adventure film and the fourth part of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, a series. Its producer was Jerry Bruckheimer and Rob Marshall replaced Gore Verbinski as its Director. The film draws inspiration from the novel written by Tim Powers, On Stranger Tides. Johnny Depp playing the part of Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica, played by Penélope Cruz are searching for the Fountain of Youth and are confronted by the pirate Blackbeard, played by Ian McShane. The movie was criticized for the script-writing and lack of originality. However, acting, directions and visuals were admired.


9.  Toy Story 3:

Toy Story 3 Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World


The film was released in 2010 and had a worldwide gross of $1,063,171,911. It was directed by Lee Unkrich, produced by Darla K. Anderson and the screenplay was written by Michael Arndt. The movie was of 103 minutes with a budget of $200 million. It is an American computer animated comedy film in 3D. It was the third part in the Toy Story series. The movie focuses on the toys like Woody, Buzz Lightyear and their friends. They deal with their life as they have an uncertain future as their owner Andy is preparing to leave for college. It also became the first animated movie to make more than $1 billion worldwide. It was nominated for five Academy Awards that includes Best Picture, Best Sound Editing and Best Adapted Screenplay. It won the Best Original song Award and the Best Animated Feature Award.


8. Pirates of the Caribbean-  Dead Man’s Chest:

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World


This movie was released in 2006 and had a worldwide gross $1,066,179,725. The movie is an American Adventure fantasy comedy. It is the second part of the series Pirates of the Caribbean Series. It was directed by Gore Verbinski and its producer is Jerry Bruckheimer. It was written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. The film revolves around the marriage of Will Turner, played by Orlando Bloom and Elizabeth Swann, played by Keira Knightley and its interruption by Lord Cutler Beckett as he wants Turner to get Sparrow’s Compass. Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp meanwhile finds out his debt to Davy Jones is due. It was criticized for its plot and running time while admired for its special effects. It became the fastest film ever to earn over $1 billion in the worldwide box office. It was nominated for four Academy Awards and won the award for Visual Effects.


7. The Dark Knight Rises:

The Dark Knight Rises Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World


This movie was released in 2012 and had a worldwide gross of $1,081,041,287. It is a superhero film featuring Batman, the DC Comics Character. It is directed by Christopher Nolan and its story is written by David S. Goyer. It is the final part of the Nolan’s Batman film Trilogy. Christian Bale played the lead role in the movie, Batman. When the city faces the new threats again, old Bruce Wayne is forced to be drawn back into actions and come out of retirement to become Batman again. It was shot in various places including Jodhpur, London, LA and New York City etc. It was premiered in New York City. For its promotion campaigns began early and promotional websites were developed. It also became the second highest grossing movie based on superheroes of all time.


6. The Lord of the Rings- The Return of the King:

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World

This movie made a worldwide gross of $1,119,929,521 and was released in 2003. It is an epic fantasy drama. It was directed by Peter Jackson. It is the final part in the trilogy series of The Lord of the Rings film.  The film revolves around the final stages of conquest of Middle-earth and Aragorn claiming the throne of Gondor. In the end Hobbits, Frodo and Sam had to bear the burden of the Ring and they seek to destroy the One Ring in the same place it was created. This movie won all the eleven Academy Awards for which the film was nominated. It also won an Oscar Award and became the largest number of award winner along with Ben-Hur and Titanic.


5. Transformers- Dark of the Moon:

Transformers Dark of the Moon Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World

The movie was released in 2011 and had a worldwide gross of $1,123,746,996. The film is an American Science fiction film along with Action. It is the third part of the live-action Transformers film series. It is directed by Michael Bay. Its producer is Steven Spielberg. The film’s story is based on the discovery of a hidden alien technology that is in possession of humans. The Deceptions wants use the technology to enslave humanity and to bring back Cyberton which is the home planet of the Transformers. In starring roles it has Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel. The visual effects of the film included more complex robots. Its writing, acting and length was criticized. But it was called better than Revenge of the Fallen and the film’s visuals were praised. It was nominated for three Academy Awards also.


4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 :

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World

This movie was released in 2011 and had a worldwide gross of $1,328,111,219. The movie is a fantasy. It is directed by David Yates. It is the final eighth part of the Harry Potter film series. It was produced by David Heyman and was written by Steve Kloves. This movie is focused on the quest of Harry Potter where he has to find and destroy Lord Voldermort’s Horcruxes. The part Harry Potter is played by Daniel Radcliffe.  It is the only 3 D movie in the series. And it was the highest grossing film of 2011.


3. The Avengers:

The Avengers Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World

The movie was released in 2012 and had a worldwide gross of $1,511,757,910. It is an American superhero film. It was produced by Marvel Studios and is directed by Joss Whedon. Its casts includes Robert Downey, Samuel L. Jackson,  Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgård and Clark Gregg.  The film revolves around how Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and Captain America forms a team to stop Thor’s adoptive Brother Loki from subjugating Earth. The film hit many records that includes biggest opening weekend.  The film got positive reviews from almost all critics.


2. Titanic:

Titanic Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World

The movie was released in 1997 and had a worldwide gross of $2,185,372,302. This is an American disaster film that depicts an epic and romantic love of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet who are the members of different social classes and who fall in love in a ship. It was directed, co-produced, co-edited and written by James Cameron. It shows the fictionalized sinking of the RMS Titanic. The inspiration of his film was Cameron’s fascination with shipwrecks. He wanted to show the emotional message of the tragedy and he felt that a love story would be essential to achieve it. In those times it was the most expensive film ever made and had an estimated budget of $200 million. It was nominated for fourteen Academy Awards and it won eleven of them. It became the most Oscar won film. And it was also the first film to reach the billion dollar mark. A 3D version of the film was also released in 2012.


1. Avatar:

Avatar Top 10 Highest Earning Films of the World

The film was released in 2009 and had a worldwide gross of $2,782,275,172. It is the most earning film of all times. It is an American epic Science fiction film. It is directed by James Cameron. Its casts include Sam Worthington, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore,  and Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana,Stephen Lang. This movie is about the 22nd century humans when they mine a precious mineral called unobtanium which is a lush habitable moon of a gas giant. However mining threatens the local tribe of Na’vi. The film’s development started in 1994 but according to Cameron the necessary technology was not available at that time to achieve the required vision. It supports 2D, 3Dand 4D views. It was nominated for nine Academy Awards and it won three of them. Cameron signed to produce two sequels of the film also.

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