Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

A friend is an integral part of our lives. Right from the first time we step out of our homes we have learnt to make friends. Be it the kinder garden school or the professional colleges we always need our group of favorite people with us. Friends make the day to day boring lives easy and cheerful. With them we can sustain in the boring lectures of college or torture of exams. Celebrations reach a whole new level with our beloved friends. They stand by you when you feeling low, they even mess with the world for your sake. They give you all the valuable ideas when you have to confess to your crush and give you all the moral support required. It is indeed next to impossible to even think of existing without friends. A few people can totally change the way you live. This is evident when you see your friends. In today’s fast paced life we tend to get away from these special people. Be it work or competitive exams we do not have time to be with them. Once in a while catching up with them and having a blast is not at all a bad idea. What do you say? If you looking out for a hang out and wondering where to meet them here are the few suggestions that might help. The following are the 10 places you can plan to hang out with your buddies.


10. Amusement parks.

amusement parks 300x204 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

Considering the ever increasing urbanization many city planners have come up with the exotic idea of building amusement parks. These parks have various features to them that make the entire duration of stay very refreshing and fun filled  They have a number of rides and roller coasters and fairy wheel and many other elements that are simply eye catching. Hanging out with your bunch of friends at an amusement park is a great idea because you do not have to spend any time in thinking what to do next. Once you at the place you simply have to chase the rides and boats and other movables that will simply rock your day. For people in and around Mumbai the Esselworld and Water Kingdom are the ultimate spots for the youngsters as well as the family to have a blast together. Pay a visit to the nearby amusement park with your friends.


9. Fairs.

fairs 300x199 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

Now while amusement parks are there throughout the year there are also fairs that come in certain part of the year on special occasions  These local and not so royal fairs have a totally unique taste to them. They host rides for the visitors which are quite different from the ones you see at the grand amusement parks. But along with them they have various acts and plays for the people. Various stalls where you can play different types of games after a little payment. Various mouth watering cuisine that simply are irresistible  They have a different feel to them and it does not take much to make the most of it. Get your group together and plan an outing to your nearby fair. It is great fun filled and a cost effective way to have fun.


8. College.

colleges 300x225 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

Your very own college can be your desirous place to hang out with your group. In college with little inhibition from others we have all it takes to be bonded together. To be honest it is the best place to hang out with your friends. Your are done with your exams that has kept you so busy now just go ahead bunk your lectures and practicals and hit the college canteen to have a great talking and gossiping session making up for the past days. I am sure all of us have done this not just once but very often. I do that too. It is the easiest way to get to your friends. The canteen or the college campus are the perfect hang out spots for today’s students. It becomes a mini adventure for the students hiding from the teachers and bunking and then end of the month making it to the black list. I am not encouraging to do this but indeed the college is the surely a hang out spot that cannot be missed.


7. Summer Camps.

camps 300x174 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

Getting along with friends becomes a problem during vacations. You do not get to meet often and you are stuck amidst your relatives and family making up for the tiring year. What you can do is ask your entire group and hit a camp. There are many camps organized throughout the year by various organizations. These camps are most of the times directed to bring people close to nature. Various camps go to the nearby forests and offer exploring the zone to mountain climbing and river fall etc. Trust me it will be a life time experience. During the vacation plan out a camp with your friends and enjoy the time in the arms of nature and adventure. You will cherish each minute of encouraging each other to take a fall or anything else. Talking by the bonfire in the night too is a lovely experience. Go ahead find out the camps and sign for one of them in the coming vacation.


6. Malls.

malls 300x200 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

This is the ultimate suggestion for any city dweller. The construction world is so amazingly doing its job that the various malls coming up these days are a set of totally beautiful buildings that shine like diamonds in the night. These malls offer all that you will need to have fun. The shopping experience is enhanced by the air conditioned environment and elevators. The various brands available at one location make decision making easier. Various discount sales come up throughout the year which can make shopping easier for your pockets. Along with this they have various contests and food inns with them that can beat the hunger associated with the shopping marathon. Various endorsements done at a mall can make you get a free manicure or make up session at a booth. Get beautiful nail art done or gorgeous henna designs on your hands etc. A mall is perfect spot to hang out with your friends.


5. Gardens.

gardens 300x206 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

This is the simplest of the ways to get out with your friends for some fun. Gardens usually are located within the city limits and offer the tired citizens a feel of nature that is cool and refreshing. It is good to visit with your friends a nearby garden and get stress free with some light snacks and talking. You can also visit the nearby garden on weekly offs and play a game of cricket or catch me if you can for as long as you want without the fear of breaking some neighbor’s window. Gather up your friends take some home made snacks and hit the garden with them. Enjoy yourself at the cheapest price and be back home fresh and contented.


4. Discos.

discos 300x300 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

This is quite a modern way of hanging out with friends. Discs are the places that offer grown up time together. These places have the best of the DJ’s and music coupled with food and drink. It is enough to have a blast with your friends. Dance your self out on the floor on the latest numbers with your group and say cheers to the drinks around. They serve soft drinks as well so go for them avoid getting drunk. There are days in the week where the entry is free into the pubs utilize them. Challenge your friends on the dance floor and show each other your best moves. Get together and compete with some other groups. They do at times host competitions and contests. Participate in them to get the feel of your group’s unity. This surely is a very fun filled way to hang out with your friends.


3. Movie Theaters.

theatres 300x199 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends.
What can be better than going out with your friends for a movie together. So many big star movies being released every week it is the perfect way to get along after a week of haste with your studies and job. Book the show it is easy these days with online booking. Get yourself nicely dressed and go for your favorite star show with your favorite people. Cheer the hero and curse the villain together over a bucket of pop corns. You will surely have a blast together.


2. Beaches.

beaches 300x225 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

The most popular way to hang out with your friends is to visit the nearby beach and give yourself to the fun around. The cool water splashing on your feet in the hot day is totally a bliss. Swim in the ocean with your friends, push each other into the water , build sand sculptures and look for shells on the shores. This is surely the most convenient way to hang out with your friends. It is economical and fun filled just be a little careful in the water. Try to be safe at the same time.


1. Food corners.

food corners 300x225 Top 10 Fun Places to Hang out with Friends

This is surely the best way to have fun. Various food corners are up all across the city targeting the people of all age group. Be it Mc. Donald or Dominoes you will find one of the food corners nearby your college or the station you get off at. There are also great family restaurants that offer various types of cuisine that you can enjoy with our friends. Get together over Chinese with your group and have a blast. Divide the bill among yourself and you will see that the outing was not a burden at all. Go ahead catch up at dinner with your buddies.

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