Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

This world is a very bad place, although it seems ravishing and pleasant but in reality this world is a very ugly place. This beauty is just a lust, it seems bright and shiny from outside but from inside it sucks more than anything.

Everyone in this world has to struggle to survive, we have to combat for every penny, we have to earn the bread before we eat it, we have to compromise to keep our relationships alive, we sometimes have to pretend that we are okay when everything is falling apart, we have to say we are fine even when our soul is being ripped apart into thousand pieces, we have to bear the hatred and agony, we need to endeavor the rude behavior of others, we sometimes have to forgive unwillingly when we feel like killing the other person, we have to follow rules made by others, we have to admit that we are wrong and accept that the monkey standing next to you is right.

We have to sometimes silent our heart and bury our feelings in a dark valley, we have to let go, we have to forget, we are not supposed to complain, we just have to put our head down and say yes boss, just let the flow go on as it and we have to become a part of the flow. We have to do all these thing and plenty of others thing when we do not want to do them, only because we have to survive, we have to live, persist and sustain. Living a life is not easy, life is a battle, a nonstop dirty assault, every second we have to encounter a new obstacle, a new barrier yet we go on, we live, and we fight for ourselves and sometimes for the people we love. Whenever we win a scrimmage, we celebrate, so when an entire year passes and a new year begins, we eulogize. Not because a new year is beginning but because we have managed to live for a year, we have managed to fight and survive.

New Year is a very exciting event in every country, people all over the world celebrate it in full spring because they have lived for another year and now they have a right to celebrate. The New Year celebration is very special with all the decorations, the countdown and the New Year eve party. This new year, lots of celebrations were seen in every country but the top ten countries which had the best New Year celebration are:

10. DUBAI:

dubai Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations


Dubai is very eminent when it comes to fire work. A concert by Prague philharmonic orchestra was a salient factor of Dubai’s New Year eve celebration. The fire show at the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa was wonderful and alluring, more than 1 million visitors were present at Downtown Dubai to witness this breath taking and memorable sight.



hong kong Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

The Hong kongers paid their farewell to 2012 and welcomed 2013 with same warmth as all the other countries did. A hilarious firework was seen over the Victoria harbor which was enjoyed by uncountable faces, the countdown itself was a hilarious event. Another countdown party was arranged at WOOBER which was a bang of the year. Apart from that many parties were arranged at local level.


8. Europe:


europe Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

Although Europe is not the country, it is a continent but the entire Europe had superb New Year celebration. The best New Year party was at Edinburgh, Scotland, the Hogmanay street party was the best New Year celebration. Apart from that, Scotland went completely rampant at the New Year eve. A marvelous and splendid firework was seen over the Edinburgh castle, the street parties and local events were colorful and animated. In London thousands of people watched the firework from the bank of the river Thames, which was another major part of the New Year celebration in Europe


canada Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

Almost all the religions preach that peace, meditation and prayers are the ways of protecting ourselves from the evil but not the Canadians, and they think that noises and loud music is the way of turning away the evil. At this New Year eve they partied like wild tribal people and they danced whole night with their full splendor, plenty of concerts were organized. The best demonstration of the firework was at the city of Ottawa, Niagara Falls being a very ravishing natural sight was fully occupied with visitors from all over the world, and the fire show at the falls was blatantly animated.


australia Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

Australia is one the countries to welcome the new year warmly, new year celebrations were seen all over the Australia, every city had its own exotic style of celebrating new year. One of the best New Year parties was at the Harbor of lightning Parade, Sydney; a stupendous light work was seen over the harbor at 12:00 am. The pubs, clubs, night clubs were brimmed with celebration and excitement. More than 1.5 million people were present at the farewell party of the year 2012. Melbourne welcomed the new year with the same embrace, the fireworks all over the place was a very creative piece of arts. Pop princess Kylie Minogue played a vital role in making the New Year celebration memorable


france1 Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

France had one of the best new year celebrations, in France there were two kinds of fireworks; one was in the sky, the best firework is at the Eiffel tower and choup Elysee, the other firework was of the cars, it is a tradition in France to burn the cars which are not in the working condition, 1193 cars were toasted this year. A New Year feast is the part of the New Year celebration which has some delicious menu so naturally this feast played a prominent part in making the New Year eve perfect.


italy Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

Italy is pretty famous for its firework at the New Year eve, a very enticing and colorful display to firework was seen in Venice, Rome, bologna and the most famous was at Naples.  Night was quite young, multi colored and stunning on the streets of Italy. New Year family feast was a very prominent factor with a lot of exotic dishes, the celebration was at its highest peak at the Time squares and clubs with lots of live concerts. The Italians follow this customs that they through their old stuff at the end of the year. Another amazing factor of the New Year celebration was the mass kiss custom at the piazza san Marco, Venice where all the participating couples kissed each other at 12:00 am.


spain1 Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

Spain has won the third prize in the race of the best New Year celebration. Spain has  two traditions when it comes to new year, first is that they eat 12 grapes at new year eve, each grapes brings good luck for every month and secondly they wear red underwear, this is a must. The key point of the New Year celebration in Spain is the large clock at Puertadel Sol in Madrid. Apart from that, Torrequenbrada Casino is main jewel, people from all over the world came here at New Year eve to gamble and live concerts are held at Plaza Mezqute, Arkydela Miel. If we speak about the locals then not only the nightclubs and restaurants were in full spirit till the sun raised but the streets themselves were turned into night spots. The night was dynamic, potent, colorful, animated and vivacious.

2. USA:

america Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

The United States of America ranks at the second number; U.S had the second best New Year celebration. In U.S every single city was turned into a huge Zoo as the citizens were really crazy about New Year, the celebrations were really wild, enticing, exotic and unique in their own way. The most renowned party was at the Time Square in the New York city, the big disco ball which is a display of the sparkling fairy princess was the centre of attention and in its surrounding the party went crazy followed by a live performance by Taylor Swift and PSY at Time square  ; Cocktails, erotic fireworks, booze, hugs, kisses and a lot a dancing is what new year is all about in U.S. Los Vegas itself was another new world as the entire city was turned into a nightclub, New Orleans set a wonderful example of new year celebration, many people preferred to spend their New year at Savannah, a huge firework was played over the Mississippi River.


brazil1 Top 10 Countries which had Best New Year Celebrations

So the surprise award goes to Brazil, they had the best New Year celebration this time. The carouse for paying a farewell to 2012 was very mesmerizing at Brazil, the fire work was simply breath taking, and the sky was completely brimming with so many different colors as if a new form of rainbow has been invented.  The best rejoice for the New Year was at the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, 2.5 million peoples were present there and second best was in the city Sau Paulo at the Paulosta Avenue where over a million people were present. Brazil has the custom of wearing white on the New Year Eve to bring good luck for the coming year and most of the people wore white. People drank, danced at different beats and welcomed the New Year with open heart. Brazil gave the warmest welcome to 2013.

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