Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

When it comes to ‘Real Time Strategy Games’ (RTS) we all consider ourselves as a ‘pro’. We all have a sharp brain and have the best strategy to conquer our enemy, we rise ourselves even above the mental limits. From that day itself when RTS games come into play, they all have gathered encomiums for the wittiest games of the era. In following path ‘Age of the Empires’ series has turned everyone’s attention to RTS games. But the journey didn’t just stop there. When people were buying there all new playstation 2 gaming consoles, meanwhile the RTS games were out there and were ready to further deepen their roots in gaming world. Talking about present scenario, RTS are best games and are really hilarious contender to any other gaming genre present. If you find yourself in the list of lover of RTS games, then here we have for you to try your hands on the Best 10 RTS games of 2013:-

10.) Sins of a Dark Age:

Sins of a Dark Age 300x190 Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

Not everyone can put an arrow into his target from over two hundred yards, but Centaurs have mastery over this skill. Khagas, one of them, is a person full of anger, stubbornness and powers. It has been weeks since the tribe’s hunting troop is out. But what, Valkryn attacked their tribe and now its time for Khagas to show off his skills; no arrow’s tip should be vacant, it must carry enemy’s forehead.

From the developer of ‘Sins of Solar Empire’, ‘Sins of a Dark Age’ is a fantasy multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game which is developed for Microsoft Windows platform. The basic gameplay is like that, one Commander or the leader will join warriors to fight against another team which is created by another group of people, the leader will manage the tasks and strategy like base building, navigation of his team, acquisition of resources, creating large army and much more.

Developer: Ironclad Games

Publisher: Infinite Game Publishing

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Release date: TBA 2013


9.)  End of Nations:

End of Nations Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

Peace! Just a word of 5 letters can make every nation, make allies and fight for it. When ideologies don’t match, group of forces are formed; one supporting certain sets of ideas and one for others. In ‘End of Nations’ you can find two groups with opposite thinking namely: Liberation front (Freedom Truth Justice) and Shadow Revolution (Order Security Control). The two will fight for dominance over other.

The story incepts as showing Pierre Frenay, a member of the French Resistance during World War Two. He considers that the mighty powers like UN and soviet are incapable of handling the normalcy among nations. So, he build a secret organization to dismantle and destabilize the governments of the world. Terrorist attacks, assassinations, and orchestrated disasters, these are his traits of justice. By doing all this he will bring the different power under one umbrella, an umbrella created by him.

Now, its time for you to make a choice. Now which side are you gonna choose?! Choose wisely! The world’s fate is in your hands.


Developer: Petroglyph Games

Publisher: Trion Worlds

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Release date: Nearly in Dec, 2013


8.) Command and Conquer Generals II:

Command and Conquer Generals II Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

Following it’s previous version ‘Command and Conquer Generals’ (C&C) which was launched back in 2003, ‘C&C Generals II’ is a video game in the wide series of C&C games. The game will use a Frostbite 2 engine and will allow many downloadable contents to download time to time. The game will have 3 factions: European Union, Global Liberation Army (GLA) and Asian-Pacific Alliances.

Moreover, Electronic Arts has stated that Generals 2 will simply be the first in the new series of free-to-play games. As per the  falling statistics of it’s previous version, Command & Conquer generals 2,  would not have a single-player campaign, but this may not be true as EA President Frank Gibeau thinks that a single-player storyline is still a possibility.


Developer: Victory Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Release date: TBA 2013


7.) The Banner Saga:

The Banner Saga 300x119 Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

Art, story and strategy; these 3 things make this game awesome. If you are the one who just love to watch animated movies and picture, then this game is a perfect choice for you. This game is about Vikings and their adventure. You will be playing a role in this game, travelling through landscapes, battling enemies, making wise decision at time by talking to your loved ones.

The game’s basic idea  is to be a single-player campaign of turn-based combat engagements. The game is actually inspired by games such as ‘Final fantasy’ and ‘Shinning force’. The core vission of the developers of this game is to create one which is awesome in maturity and is meant for adults. The game is simply awesome!


Developer: Stoic

Designer: Alex Thomas

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, PS 3, XBOX 360

Release date: 25 Feb, 2013


6.) Planetary Annihilation:

Planetary Annihilation 300x225 Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013


Do you think this world is not just your vicinity to conquer? How about conquering the whole universe?! Sounds great! No? Planetary Annihilation is the place where you can do this. Solar system is your battlefield!

You can solo play the game or you can multi-play it with your 40 (maximum) partners. There is lot that you can do in this game, be it creating your own map or new unit, all you can do very easily.

Developer: Uber Entertainment

Designer: Jon Mavor

Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

Release date: Q2, 2013


5.) Heroes VI:Shades of Darkness:

Heroes VI 300x161 Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

From the publisher of ‘Prince of Persia’ series, Ubisoft has launched ‘Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness’. Starring hero Raelag, Heroes VI is a game full of historical moments. A player will step into darkness when he enters the world of Heroes and will forge an alliance with mighty dragon.

Heroes VI is actually a prequel of Heroes V which is occurring almost 5 centuries before that. Gameplay can be understood as,  the game has only four collectable resources: gold, wood, ore, and blood crystals. The wood and ore serve to build the player’s towns as well as keep up the pace of the marketplace. The gold is precious and is used to purchase goods, machines, building army. The crystals are rare and are most valuable. Throghout the game you will be collecting, building and conqueroring your enemies (much like Age of Empires). The best won will have all the privileges in the end.

Developer: Blackhole Games

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Release date: May 02, 2013


4.) StarCraft II: Heart of Swarm:

StarCraft II 213x300 Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

The long awaited 2nd part in the trilogy series of StarCraft II is finally launched. Heart of Swarm is a Sci-Fi RTS game. StarCraft II uses a custom 3D- graphic engine with realistic physics and ability to render several large, highly detailed units. The game follows it’s steps from previous part and is equipped with 20 missions plus 7 evolution missions. It has also the capabilities of Multiplayer play. Rumours are there that it will soon be topping the list of every genre of game. The all new gadgets, war equipment and racing objects will simply lure you and will force you to buy the 3rd part of the trilogy. But, as of now we have placed it to the rank 4 in our list because there are bigger and even mightier games that we have for you people!

Developer: Bizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Bizzard Entertainment

Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X

Release date: March 12, 2013


3.) Company of Heroes 2:

Company of Heroes II 300x187 Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

The sequel to critically acclaimed and multi award-winning game ‘Company of Heroes’ is going to be launched soon. The game find it’s root back to 1941 world war II. Germany is on its way to vandalise every terrain. You are to take command of the great Soviet Red Army in a harsh frontline warfare to evacuate the mother Russia from brutal Nazis. The game will focus on the Eastern Front, with the Russian and German forces present as playable armies, and offers new features including valuable cover and snow.

The Game also includes TrueSight, a dynamic form of fog of war that allows for deeper tactical gameplay by revealing the map based on the line of sight for each unit.

So, equip your arms and get ready for a blood filled action!

Developer: Relic

Publisher: SEGA

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Release date: June 20, 2013


2.) Total War: Rome II:

total war rome 2 300x181 Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, we all do know this fact. One of the most ancient civilisations of world is at stake of total war. Build your allies but choose them wisely; you may face betrayal. How vast is your vision for Rome and how much you can sacrifice for it, that’s all decides the real winner of this and winning alone will not suffice or stop you here instead what will you consider for Rome will decide it’s fate. You can be a dictator hence or a keeper of holistic view and hence a liberal. It’s all up to you to make or break the future of Rome.

This game is awesome and the people who love Age of the Empires series will surely adore this one. This game has pre-captured the attention of people to such a limit that the Pan Macmillan and Thomas Dunne Books have purchased the Rights from The Creative Assembly to publish a series of novels based on this video game and author David Gibbins has been tasked to write this series.


Developer: The Creative Assembly

Publisher: Sega

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Realease date: TBA 2013


1.)Wargame: AirLand Battle:

Wargame AirLand Battle 300x169 Top 10 Best RTS Games 2013

Taking the RTS games to very different level, Wargame has launched AirLand Battle. Players will take a journey through a series of conflicts commanding NATO and Warsaw Pact Troops between 1975 and 1985 at point which was actually a turning one of the cold war.

If you are looking for fascinating fighter planes forging ways through sky, new machinery, agents of chaos and much more, then your journey end right here. According to it’s official website, 150 planes will be introduced in this games, right from fighters to bombers to electronic warfare airplanes. There will also be new nations added like Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Norway to the existing list.

There will also be a new weapon system, better handling of fire effects and all new combat interfaces.

“Can we build our own air force?” If this question is popping in your mind then the answer to this question is positive. You have all new jet aircrafts with the help of those you can create a fully fledged air force and kick the ass of your enemy!


Developer: Eugen System

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Cloud (OnLive), Mac OS X

Release date: TBA 2013

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