Top 10 Best Punjabi Singers List

Punjabi Music, loved by Punjab and All India as well. Punjabi Music is everywhere and on everybody’s lips. Punjabi Music has diverse style including Folk, Pop, Sufi, Bhangra and Rap.   Punjabi Famous Singers have contributed much to Punjab and maintained Punjabi Folks, Bhangra and Traditions which are reflected in their songs. One of the Best things about Punjabi songs is their Lyrics. Rhythm and Music are other plus points in Punjabi Music. Here are Top 10 Punjabi Singers who have vocalized maximum hit songs and gained a lot of Public accolades:

10. Sukhshinder Shinda

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Sukhshinder Shinda, The Music Man, is well loved by Bhangra and Music Buff. Shinda give real life to songs by his music skills. He is real winner. He sings his beautiful songs along with pumping supply of Dhol, Tabla and Dholki by himself. He is music making man who has collaborated many songs and everytime he is the show maker. Jazzy B and Shinda work together, any song looks dull without the combination of two. Some of his collections include Yaariyan Bnayi Rakhi Yaariya, Ghum sum Ghum sum, Hurrr, Jaadoo, Collaborations. Shinda has won many music credits in Asia and UK as well.

9. Garry Sandhu

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Garry Sandhu, heart throb of youngsters, is an award winning Punjabi Singer who came into limelight in 2010. Garry Sandhu has gained success in very short time by giving his hit shots like Mai nahi Peenda Haandiye, Din Raat Sohniye, Ik Gal Meri Sun Le, Sahan To pyariya, Tohar. All of his songs were super liked by people specially youngsters. He is winner of many awards. Being Birmingham resident of England, which is also called as Heartland of UK Bhangra, he was on his way to harness his sweet natural voice. Thus Garry ruled the charts of Punjabi Music Industry by giving his best hits and with the release of his Album Brick topped worldwide at No.1.

8. Gippy Grewal

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Gippy Grewal, is the star of Punjabi Music and Punjabi Cinema who has ruling the charts of Punjabi Music and Punjabi Cinema. Gippy Grewal came into limelight with his first successful Album Chakk Lai. He is Latest Punjabi Singer who has vocalized numerous songs including Pop and Rap mixed songs. There is no car in Punjab in which stereo do not play Gippy’s songs. He is one of the most successful singers whose songs are played in various marriage ceremonies and occasions. His some of the famous hit songs are Phulkari, Adiye da nasha, Akh larr gai, Channa, Mirza, Angreji Beat. Angeji Beat Song is also featured in Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone’s movie Cocktail. Gippy has also acted in many Punjabi movies and he has given his best performance and the movies are high grossing and super hit movies. Movies are also featured overseas. Gippy has won many music awards for his awesome songs.

7. Diljit Dosanjh

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The innocent face, sharp and gorgeous Turban, high personality and sweet voice are some features of Hot Punjabi Singer and Star Diljit Dosanjh. Diljit Dosanjh, also called as the Dancing Machine, is a great contributor to Punjabi Music and Traditional Songs representing Punjabi Culture. Diljit has sung many songs sad, romantic and bhangra and had won many hearts by his cute appearance in last 10 years. He initiated his career in Punjabi Music with his debut album ishq. Diljit has awesome songs during his career like Lak 28, Akhran ch Tu Disdi, ishq ho gia, 15 saal, Goliya, Panga, Bhagat Singh, Cat eyes and Mai Fan Bhagat Singh Da. Other albums include Ishq da uda aada, Dil, Smile, Ishq ho gia, chocolate, the next level. He has also acted in many Punjabi and given his best shots. He has won Punjabi Music Awards for many songs. Diljit has also featured a song in Ritesh’s movie Tere Naal Love Ho Gia and song was Pee Paa Pee Paa Ho gia, really a good Bhangra Song.

6. Amrinder Gill

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Amrinder Gill is most recognizable latest Punjabi singer who has vocalized mixed pop and rap songs with Sukhshinder Shinda along with Rap King Honey Singh. Amrinder Gill has very nice collection of songs in which 90% of his songs are Awesome and Mind Blowing. His sweet voice has turned many Punjabi hearts go mad. His extraordinary songs are Dildaariya, Mel Krade Rabba, Ki Samjhaiye, Tu Judaa Ho par Teri Yaad Juda Na Hoi, Mirza, 2 Number. Amrinder Gill’s Album is one of the most selling. He is very much concerned about his music career rather than other additional things. He is a dedicated singer. He won numerous Music Awards for his achievements. He has stepped up stairs of success very smartly and from the very first Album he vocalized. Hence, he is one of the favorite and most voted singer by people.

5. Saleem

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Saleem or Master Saleem, Son of great Sufi Raag Singer, was born with talent from his father. He was blessed with his beautiful voice and he initiated his singing career at the age of 8 in some stage show. His first Album Charkhe di Goonj was released at the age of 10. Saleem is a singer not only limited to Punjabi Music but also he has made good place in Bollywood. He has sung many Bollywood songs like Aaja nachle, Mast Kalander, Tashan Mein, Trance, Jingle Jingle, Humka Peeni hai , Maa da laadla and many more hit songs. He is known for his Sufi knowledge of music and quality of his singing is worth praising. His Punjabi songs like Hun kehra Dukh, Dil Wali Kothi, Balle Balle, Dard Bolde Ne are awesome and he has made a pedestal in Punjabi Industry and Bollywood as well.

4. Harbhajan Mann

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Harbhajan Mann, the king of Pop Music, brought a new catch of Punjabi Pop Music came into existence. He is man of real folk art who published pop, romantic and sad songs as well. He rocked with his Album Chithiye ni chithiye with name and fame. Harbhajan Mann has also vocalized collaborations along with his brother Gursewak Mann. They form great duo when they work together. Some of his songs are really praise-worthy such as Haaye Meri Billo, Yaara mere Yaara, Bhij Gai Kurti Laal, Yaara o Dildaara, Yaad jehi aundi rehndi, Nazar lag jaye na. He has become heart throb of various Punjabi’s as singer and actor as well. Harbhajan Mann is one of the best singers in Punjab.

3. Malkit Singh

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Malkit singh, Punjabi Folk Singer, born and raised in Jalandhar. He is great contributor to Punjabi Folk Songs and Traditions. He is famous Singer and Bhangra Dancer in Punjab. He is the first Punjabi Singer who was honoured by Queen of England. He is the biggest selling bhangra artist. He is recognized by his famous hit songs like ‘ Chal hun’ ,’Tootak tootak Tootiya’, ‘Oye Gurr nalon ishq mitha’, ‘Jind Maahi’. He got many achievements during his lifetime. He has also performed as solo performer. He has also dedicated The Folk King to Kuldeep Manak. He got many awards for his nice songs.

2. Jazzy B

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Jazzy B is good Punjabi Singer and dancer. He performs Bhangra well in his songs and also worked as model in his own songs. He is a person with style and class in Punjabi Music. He is referred to as Crown Prince of Bhangra. He also did collaborations with other singers. He is the original Folkster who has maintained Folks of Punjab. He has worked in more than 12 Punjabi Albums and all were Super hit Albums. He is the most rated singer in Punjab. He has also worked in few songs in Bollywood. Songs like ‘Naag’,’ Dowe guttan te gulabi Full’, ‘Collaborations’, ‘Naag Saamh le Zulfan de’,’ This party getting Hot’ and religious songs.

1. Gurdas Mann

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Gurdas  Maan is famous Punjabi singer and actor who has gained name and fame from Punjabi music and television. He is considered to be one of the best singers in the history of the Punjab. His popular  Punjabi Songs has stolen many Punjabi hearts. Dil Da Maamla Song was super duper hit. He also started and enhanced his career by performing solo acts. He is singer, choreographer and Lyricist. He is the person who is credited for raising Punjabi Folks, Tradition and Dancing in his songs like ‘Pind Diyan Gallian’, ‘Kuriye’ ‘Heer’ and ‘Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne’. He got awards for lyrics of his songs. He has won many achievement award in his life.

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