Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

Out of more than thousands of leagues for basketball, the NBA league is the most awaited and liked one. The NBA is among one of the greatest four sports league of North America. It has around 30 franchised member clubs, out of which 29 are in US and one is in Canada. At first this league was started on 6th June 1046, and it was named as Basketball Association of America. In the year 1949, the league merged with National Basketball League and changed its name to NBA. Initially the league started with 11 teams only, and after so much reductions and relocation of the teams, the figure has now changed to 30 teams. These 30 teams consists of total 12 players in each team. The great NBA season’13  is just around the corner. For all the basketball lovers, it is such a great awaiting time. The off season has also added some more thrill and excitement for this upcoming NBA season. In this season, it is very hard to predict that which team will ground its flags, but everyone has his eyes over this grand event. Whether it be children, adults or even old aged people, everyone has an equal wait for NBA. So just keep your enthusiasm ON and keep watching the NBA season 2013. Many teams are participating, but on the basis of their previous performances and increased charisma, a list of top 10 team has been formed. Have a look over some favorite NBA teams:

10. Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

The team has now shifted from New Jersey to Brooklyn. The whole of the team has extraordinary talent and nothing is impossible here. All you have to do is just wait and watch the entire game, since the team has an ability of reversing the coarse of game at any moment. The great player Deron Williams has decided to stay with the team and some other players like Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace have also joined the team, adding up to its strength. This is seen as a complete 180 degree turnaround for the entire team. This team is certainly looking out a big time, so be careful other teams and watch out your back.

9. San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

This team has been struggling lately since long times, but the team will never go away until the big 3 is stay in the team. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Mani Ginobili are the big 3 players of the team. Though the growing age is an issue for them, but as long as they are able to play, the team will never go down. They are still capable of another title. Also the coach Gregg Popvich is considered as a great one when it comes to establishing the rotation of the ten players. Thus the team is considered as a good threat and thus may run themselves to the top list.

8. Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

This team is seriously looking its bad time as the coach Doug Collins is not coaching the team this year. Also the main players of the team- Andre Igudoala and Louis Williams are lost. These are some of the main drawbacks of the team in this season. However looking over the last some performances of the team, the talent of the team players cannot be neglected and thus the team acquires a position of number 8 in the list of the best teams of this season. Andrew Bynum, the great player, is also having some knee problems and the overall performance of the team depends a lot upon his individual performance.

7. Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

The great physical strength and never fading confidence of this team brings it to the number 7th position in this season. This team made the Miami Heat to run for their money in the last season. The great players Gerald Green and Point Guard D.J. Augustin are added to the team and thus providing more athleticism to the entire team. The core of the team is also back in this season.Thus you cannot at all under estimate this team. No one knows what surprise it may bring you with its extraordinary strength and playing capabilities which are bestowed in the team players.

6. Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

Clippers have been a very enthusiastic team in the past seasons, and this increases the hopes from the team.  Also the amazing chemistry of CP3 and Blake Griffin is expected to grow more this season. With the addition of the new talent Lamar Odom, Jamal Crawford and Grant Hill, the probability of  growing this team as the best one increases. The players which are representing the team in this season are very much capable and good athletes, thus providing a very good base to the team. This reason drags the team to the number 6 position in the list.

5. Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

With Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce this team cannot even see the front face of failure. They provide the charisma to the whole team. Their performance counts a lot and this time they are well aware what they are doing. Doesn’t even matter if they do not have Ray Allen  in the team this time. The other players like KG and Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo are more then  capable to boost the caliber of the team. The team is one of the depth teams in the league and is at number five position in the list. So the team is considered as a strong onw in this season, thus beware other teams.

4. Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

This team has barely skipped any beat since Danillo Galinari went down. The last superstar  that the team has own was Carmelo Anthony and after he left for the Newyork, the team has weekend. Though this team has not done any great and do not even have any superstar in the team, but their strength as a team has always been a great problem for the other opponents in the league.  Andre Igudoala, a new and all rounder player’s addition has provided the team with an all rounder and the chances of the team have thus increased. It has provided a way to them to reach the post season and also to possibly get success in it.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder

oklahoma City Thunder Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

This team has always been like its name in the NBA league, Thunder. The performance of this team is always outstanding and it is always expected that it will go to the finals. However in this season, things may be little bit difficult for the team, as the main player James Harden has been traded. The overall position of the team is very much dependent upon the loss of this player. Though Kevin Durant is still in the team, but he cannot compensate for Harden’s absence. The departure of harden may effect the team badly and even more than expected.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

Another strong team of LosAngeles. This team stays at number 2 position for this season. The overall performance of the team has always been outrageous. In this season, the team is suffering the loss of one of their good players- Kobe Bryant. But this does not reduces the hopes for the team. The team is coming with a positive vibrant energy this season. One extra addition has been added to the chances of the team by addition of three new and youthful players-  Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Antawn Jamison. This increases the chance of the team being the winner of the NBA season 2013.

1. Miami Heat

miami heat Top 10 Best NBA Teams Of 2013

This team is obviously at the number one position. It has always been up to this level. The performance of the team, coordination of players, individual performance of each player and the confidence that is bestowed into them drags the team to the number one position in the list of best teams for 2013 season. This team has always proved its capabilities and strength. They have maintained their place in the league like no other team. The chances of winning this season by the team have been boosted even more by their acquisition of  Ray Allen. They still own their old and golden players like LeBron, Wade. So if you want to beat the beat, then be the best. This slogan goes well with the Miami Heat.

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