Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

Nothing is as gripping and exciting as Hollywood action and drama. Not only in abroad, but Hollywood action flicks are immensely popular even among the Indian masses. One might not understand the whole plot and activity of the movie, yet can feel the excitement and tremor rush down through their spines when it comes to watching a Hollywood action movie. Because the characters portrayed in these action movies are of strong, witty, clever and fearless nature, it makes the movie even more enjoyable for people like us, who otherwise don’t get to see things and people like these around us. It is a gripping escape from reality, and entering into the world of action, drama, intense fights and witty techniques to get out of situations. The action movies might either be towards a negative or a positive side, yet, irrespective of that, there are a lot of Hollywood action movies of old times which are still watched and cherished till date. So here is a list of top 10 Hollywood action movies which last in the hearts and minds of people even today, and one cannot stop themselves from watching these movies yet another time.

10. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

The Bourne Ultimatum 2007 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

This Matt Damon starrer movie ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ has won the hearts of millions, just so that the characters in this movie are resourceful as well as impactful on the audiences. This move is basically a part of a trio sequel, with the Bourne Ultimatum being the third part, and apparently the best one. It follows a typical James Bond movie format, with the difference just being that James Bond movie has way too much glamour and style filled in it. This movie has some intense action scenes, showing the protagonist out for vengeances against his three bosses against a job insecurity. The director of this movie Paul Greengrass has certainly used some new ways to create excitement and thrill in the minds of people.

9. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

Kill Bill Vol 1 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

Immersing into this tale of elaborate vengeance and power, the protagonist of this movie Is seen getting bloodier even the assassins when it comes to revenge and action. The director of this movie Quentin Tarantino has very successfully established a great action sequel with so much power and intricacy, that people couldn’t help themselves from actually appreciating the action techniques in this movie. Getting even bloodier than probably a dozen of samurai movies combined, Kill Bill:Vol.1 remains of the most unmatched movies when it comes to action and drama.

8. Speed (1994)

Speed 1994 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

As the name suggests, the movie is purely on racing against the momentum speed. With the amazing and heart winning chemistry of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, this movie was a complete action thrill, which apparently resembled the ‘Die Hard’ format of action sequences. Nevertheless, this move is loved and appreciated by many, and criticised by the critics. But Speed as a movie develops well enough in creating just the right sense of feeling and judgement when it comes to racing against a running fast speed momentum, thus sending a chill down your spines.

7. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Terminator 2 Judgement Day 1991 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

The legendary action actor Arnold Schwarzenegger had truly amazed audiences with his performance in this movie. Again a magic revisited by the famous director James Cameron, this movie talks about a diehard tale of the CGI breakthrough of the not so good and morphing villain in the movie. Also a gripping tale which talks about parenthood, destiny and luck, the Judgement Day was greatly appreciated for those awesome special effects in its editing, making this movie one of a kind. With effects or without effects, this movie surely has some good old action training and techniques performed by Arnold and his totally charismatic way.

6. Aliens (1986)

Aliens 1986 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

In a striving battle between two different species, this movie talks about the existence of just one planetary motion. Again a hard gripping tale by James Cameron, this movie is basically a continuous fight between the existence and the extinction of either the Humans or the ‘Aliens’ being the outer species. This movie does not have a hard-line story but it goes on and grips the audience with its action flicks and action drama all throughout.

5. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back 1980 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

One of the best among the whole sequel series and franchise f altogether 6 movies, the fifth part of Star Wars is claimed and known to be one of the best movies. One story of excitement and fantasy, this movie remains one of the most favourite of all the Star War fans across the globe. Be it the charming persona of Billy Dee Williams or the forceful hunter Boba Fett, this movie shook the audience with its action sequences. A lot of the action scenes were most appreciated like the battle on planet Hoth, the spectacle of the cloud city or the Jedi training of Luke. This movie was famous among people varying through a lot of age groups, right from the children to youngsters to the adults, this movie stole the hearts of millions, so much so that it remains with everyone even today.

4. Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard 1988 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

This movie directed by John Mc Tiernan saw the emergence of two of the biggest movie starts of all time, Bruce Wills and Alan Rickman. While Bruce Wills left the audience spellbound by his fierce, tough and unbelievable personality on screen, the negative role of the so charming Alan Rickman succeeded in winning the heart of many. The director has very fondly produced one of the greatest action movies to be enjoyed, with some horrible explosions and creating cinematic tension using some captured hostages in spooky ways and areas.

3. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix 1999 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

With the perfect blend of action, philosophy and theology, this movie is one modern action movies of its time Breaking all the barriers between action flicks and video games, this movie was extremely popular among the youngsters who thoroughly enjoy the added special visual effects in the movie, and also the immense ground breaking action scenes with a perfect twist and mind blowing ending to it.

2. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

Starring Harrison Ford, this movie remains one of the best action movies ever made till date. With the extremely charismatic and iconic hero playing as the protagonist, this movie proves to be a perfect mixture of adventure, drama and action. Raiders of the Lost Ark shows the protagonist going through different adventures and meeting people, and thus evolving the story into something which gave action and drama a whole new dimension.

1. Goldfinger (1964)

Goldfinger 1964 Top 10 Best Hollywood Action Movies of all Time

This perfect and most loved James Bond movie comprises of anything a typical Bond 007 could think of. Be it the Aston Martin DB5, or all the glamorous girls with style and charisma clinging to them, this movie featured the cruellest and yet the most tactful Bond of all times, Sean Connery. With an army of beautiful women and with a hard hitting villain and henchman to provide Bond with all kinds of difficulties, this movie has also provided audience with all the elements they look out for in an action movie, making people fall in love with its suspense and action drama each time.

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