Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

“Life is a stage and we are all actors”, this million dollars quotation is said by the person who has the most vital position in this world when it comes to literature; he is none other than William Shakespeare. Yes we all are actors and every person has his/her own story, everyone’s story is completely different from each other, they have their own problems, their own obstacles, their own complications, their own dilemma, their own story. Everyone’s life is full of drama, action and comedy; in short our lives are a movie. The only difference is that a movie runs for 2 or 3 hours however our life movie runs for a lifetime.

Why do we watch movies? The answer is quite detailed. Some times in life we forget who we are, we forget what we are capable of, we forget our motives, we forget our dreams, we forget how to cry, we forget how to express, we forget to joke, we forget to laugh, we forget to smile, we forget ourselves and this is the moment when we forget who we are and what is the reason for our existence. Another question, why does it happens? There are times when the circumstances around us get so tough that they make us weak, the things around us becomes so strong that we end up being feeble, the people around us are so cold hearted that our heart gets shattered into pieces. When such a thing happens, there are only two possibilities; either it will break the person or it will make a person stronger. Movies play a very part in reminding a person about his existence.

If the movie is comedy, it will remind you how to smile, if it is a love story, it will remind you how to love again, if the movie is action, it will remind you how to fight again. When we watch a movie, the movie revives an inner part our selves which has lost its way. This is why we watch movies, now what is that makes a movie worth watching, the script, the screen play and above all the actors, the people who play the most important part in turning a story into reality. Acting is not an easy job; it requires a lot of practice, hard work and talent. The film industry at bollywood has some great extra ordinary actors, so the top ten actors in bollywood of all time are:


Madhuri Dixit Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Madhuri dixit was born on 15 may 1967 in Marathi family, she learned kathak at an early age and soon rose to become a great dancer. She is the queen of bollywood for her thrilling expressions, unbelievably amazing dancing and pure beauty. She has done nearly 60 movies, she made her debut with the movie “abodh” in 1984 but she won the hearts of the audience with movie “teezab” in 1988. She holds the record for the highest number of film fare nominations and has received the best actress award 4 times and the 5 film fare awards. She has also been bestowed with Padma Shri. Her thrilling movies include “dil tou pagal hai”, “devdad”, “aja nachle”, “lajja”, “koyla”, “anjaam” etc.


Shahrukh Khan Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Shahrukh khan was born on 2 November 1965; he first launched his career as a TV artist and later appeared in the movie “deewana”, which was his debut in 1992. He is the most lovable and darling actor and his always referred as the “king khan” or “the badshah of bollywood”. He has worked in 75 movies which includes the amazing movies such as “my name is khan” , “chak de india” ,” dil tou pagal hai”, “devdas” , “kuch kuch hota hai” , “judwa” etc. he has received 14 film fare awards and there are a lot more to come.



dharmendra Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Dharmendra is one those brilliant creatures God has blessed the film industries; Dharma Singh Deol was born on 8 December 1935 and made his entry into the film industry with the movie “dil bhe tera hum bhe tere” in 1960 and has produced nearly 250 films for the bollywood film industry up till now. He is among the greatest and dynamic actors this industry has ever seen, he has produced some breath taking movies such as “apne”, “shollay” , ”yadoon ki baraat” , ”seeta geeta”, “Johnny ghadar”, “dream girl” etc. he was given the padma bhushan and many other awards including film fare for this marvelous contribution in the film industry . He has also received film fare life time achievement award.



dev anand Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Dev anand was born on 26 September 1923 and is the most esteemed, enormous, extensive and gigantic actor of all time, he made his debut in 1946 with the movie “hum ek hain”. His movies included “vidya”, “kaali pani”, ”asfar”, “sanam”, ”do sitaare”, “baazi” and so many more. He has received the best actor award twice. This great actor was endowed with the film fare life time achievement award, he died in 2011.


Rishi Kapoor Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Rishi kapoor was born on 4 September 1952, he made his real debut with movie “bobby” in 1973, he has appeared but in countless movies, thought all of them were not successful still those movie which were successful made him everyone’s favorite, his grossing pictures were “bol radha bol”, “henna”, “damini”, “deewana” etc. he has received many awards, he was endowed with a life time achievement award in 2008.


vidya balan 2 Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time


Vidya balan was born on 1st of January 1978, she launched her career as an actress at the age of 16 through a drama, “hum paanch” which did not bring her any stardom; she continued to work in sub other films in Marathi etc for a couple of years but got no real success until she appeared in the Hindi movie, “parineeta” along with Saif Ali khan in 2005, the success of this film was good but was nothing when compared to her next featured film, “lage raho munna bhai” in 2006. This movie opened the door of fame for vidya. Vidya is said to be the heroine of bollywood for she is the only actresses who has managed to create a very distinctive identity of a women in bollywood. She introduced the Indian film industry with a completely new face of film making and proved herself as a very talented and capable actress. She has had 15 films by now which includes movies like “paa”, “ishqiya”, “the dirty picture” and “kahaani”, “bhool bhulaiya” all of her pictures have been a great success and have provided her with multiple awards.


aamir khan Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Aamir khan born 14 march 1965 is the most efficacious, governing and inspiring actor of bollywood. He comes from a family who has a very strong background in film making. He made his debut in 1984 with the movie “holi” which went okay but his career entered into the phase of stardom when he starred the movie “qayamat se qayamat tak”. His career is basically divided into two portions; before the come back and after the comeback. His movies before the comeback were very good but the movies he triggered after his comeback in 2005 are outstanding, “Mangal pandey” and “rang de basanti” are two of his movies which actually proved that he is an off spring of “Abul kalam Azad”. “3 idiots” happens to be best movie of his career for this movie is the best grossing film ever in the history, “tare zameen par” and “ghanjni” were another of the blog buster’s big hit. He has been endowed with Padma shri and padma bhushan along with 25 awards in the film industry and many other awards.



amitabh bachan Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Amitabh bachan is the greatest living bollywood actor, he has been serving bollywood for nearly 40 years and has continued to entertain the public with one hit after another. He made his debut with the movie “saat Hindustani” in 1969, the movie went average but gave amitabh his first award. He then appeared in the movie “anand” which also got him an award. He did a couple of films after that but none of them was a big success, his prestige came with the movie “zangeer” which was released in 1973. Zangeer was the threshold of amitabh’s career, it was the highest grossing film of the year, and “coolie” was another of his big success. He has blessed with bollywood with approximately 200 movies which include, “sholay”, “black”, “don”, “kabhi kushi kabhi ghum”, “mohabbatein” etc.  He holds the record for the second bollywood actor to own such massive amount of stardom.


dilip kumar Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Dilip kumar was born o 11 December 1922, he made his debut into the film industry in 1944 through the movie “jawr bhata”, the movie however was not a big success, he went into the phase of stardom after he appeared in the movie “jugnu” in 1947. The major hits of his career were “daag”, “devad”, “azaad”, “shakti”, etc. he holds the Guinness world record for the maximum number of awards, he has received the best actor film fare award 8 times and has also received life time achievement award in 1993. He was a very talented and spell bounding actor.



Rajesh Khanna Top 10 Best Bollywood Actors of all Time

Rajesh khanna was born on 29 December 1942, he won a talent contest out of 10 thousand contestants, and he then started his career as an actor through the movie “akhri khat” and “raaz” in 1966. He gave many hits after that which included “amar Akbar”, “prem nagar”, “roti”, “prem kahani” etc, he has altogether produced 163 films. He has won 3 film fare best actor awards. He enjoyed a very massive amount of stardom, he lived in the heart of people and he still dwells among the people’s heart. The success he enjoyed during and after his career has not yet been enjoyed by any other actor in the Indian film industry.


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