Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

The birthday is the most awaited day throughout the year, and should be full of fun and frolic. Everyone makes plans to celebrate their birthday in a way to make it a memorable day. People generally like spending this special day with their family and friends, in a different way every year, there are a lot of things you can do on your birthday. Here is a list of top ten ways to celebrate birthdays with your friends that will help you plan your birthday. Check it out and start the preparations!

10. House Party:

house party2 Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

This is the most austere and obvious way of celebrating your birthday. This is the very common idea that comes to our mind as soon as birthday celebrations are concerned. House Party is a way to celebrate and enjoy your birthday with both family and friends together. Invite your friends at your home where they are welcomed and served with delicious dishes made by the homemaker. It is also the cheapest way to relish for an unlimited time for those people who don’t have much money to blow.  You can easily organise DJ, champagne at home along with familiar environment.

9. Social cause:

socialcause Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

Some people celebrate their birthdays with the poor and the deprived. That is a very noble idea of celebrating your day. People like to visit orphanages or rehabilitation centres or other such places and distribute sweets and chocolates among them. This is a very peaceful way of celebrating your birthday but the pleasure of drawing smiles on those faces is immense. You can take your friends along with you and have a day out with them. Some people also visit temples and other religious places and distribute food to the poppers.

8. Amusement Park:

amusementpark Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

Don’t you people get bored with the same birthday plans and same ways to celebrate your birthday? So try something new and exciting on your birthday. What can be more exciting than an amusement park? An Amusement park, a term itself comprises fun, various attractions and amazing rides.  These theme parks are not only meant for children but for adults too. You can take your friends there for your birthday treat and enjoy your whole day with various surprises. Some parks in addition to rides also include water sports. Time to time refreshment is also provided by the food courts located in an amusement park. So don’t wait for anyone and make your birthday a memorable one with a trip to an amusement park.

7. Dinner:

dinner1 Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

If your birthday falls on a weekend, you can plan an expanded birthday celebration. But, during weekdays or other busier times, it’s not possible to take the entire day out for celebrations. The best thing to do on such occasions is to plan a dinner party with your friends. You can adore your birthday dress and invite all your friends to your house or to some restaurant or lounge for dinner. You can plan the dinner flexibly as per your budget. At the venue, you can have arrangements for small events or games and serve some snacks. You can also make arrangements for dance and drinks, and chill with your friends.

6. City Break:

city break1 Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

Birthdays are a good reason to deviate from the daily monotonous schedule and do something exciting. This makes the day special and rejuvenates us with a newer energy.  You can plan a city break, maybe for a day or two or a few weeks with your friends. You should go to any place you always wanted to go! If budget is an issue, a little pre-planning will help cut down the cost. Spontaneously planned trips usually cost much more, so you should always plan the itinerary to the finest details. Going to some other place is like filling yourself with an entirely new air of freshness and memories, and when you are out on your birthday, it’s simply amazing.

5. Sky Diving:

skydiving1 Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

Everyone wants to do something special on their birthday, which makes their day unforgettable. And, if you are an adventure lover, skydiving is the right spot. Teenagers want to do out of world activities and sky diving is the king of such activities. Now-a-days sky diving has become one of the must-do activities amongst youngsters. Though it can be a little pricey, but the experience will last with you forever. Sky diving is the ultimate experience that has the combined flavor of both fear and excitement. The fun of being with friends and the excitement of being high up amid the clouds is ecstatic.

4. Beach:

beach1 Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

It is an amazing idea to drive to the beach and have unforgettable memories with your friends. There are several sterling activities that you and your friends can experience and will surely love it. Put your bathing suits and take pleasure of sun bath.  There are several water sports for adventure loving people like boating, motor racing etc. You can organize a theme party in the backyard of the beach with full loud music, drinks like champagne, various wines etc. This becomes the basic necessity when you are at the beach.

3. Camping:

camping Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

Camping is the best and common recreational activities these days. Take your friends for an outing and have some new experiences. These experiences involve some adventurous activities in conjunction with camping like climbing, mountain trekking, fishing etc. Take them out to some hill station and set up some camps and take advantage of green surroundings.  What can be more soothing than relaxing your minds in the midst of such eco-friendly and lush green environment. Camping comes as the package of adventure and bone firing in the midnight. Gather all your friends around the fire and dance till the sun rises provides an immense pleasure.

2. Pool party:

poolparty Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

Pool party is the most sensational way to celebrate your birthday with your friends. Call your friends at your pool or book some suitable place and enjoy. Kick your friends in the pool who so over don’t want to get into it. Playing in water along with several high rides is the best part. In addition to pool if some themed party can be managed, that will going to be awesome. It is an amalgamation of pool lounge, loud music, drinking and many more in its store. So take your friends there and have some precious and valuable time with them.

1.      Clubbing:

clubbing Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

Clubbing with friends provides lots more fun than anyone can expect on his/her birthday.  As we know every city possess so many fantastic clubs to hang out with friends so this can prove to be the best way of celebrating your birthday with your best buddies. Clubbing provides an open atmosphere to be with your friends and also help us to interact with new people. You with your buddies can gather at night clubs, dance freely to loud music and burn the floor. In addition to showing you can play billiards or squash, dining and wining and many other activities to do which rejoice your friends and you too and make your birthday a memorable one.

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