Top 10 Worlds Best News Channels 2013

News channels have been an integral part in bringing the world together. Whether it’s a tremor that shook the foundations of a building, halfway across the globe, or the birthday proceedings of a long living Monarch; you can always depend on the News channels to bring the entire story right to your household. Through the years, news channels have evolved a lot from being just an information divulging media. Today news channels not only spread information, but also let the world know, the expert opinion, the authenticity, and the real truth behind the actual news. Today, only thanks to these news channels, Dictators and False propaganda makers no longer exist. Since, people not only get to hear the news but also get to know the true story behind it and discuss their views on it as well. Not to mention, the accurate news from these news channels have themselves have caused many remarkable events and revolutions.

The numbers of news channels aired on television have grown exponentially since the Second World War. Every major network has a news channel of its own, apart from their commercial exploits, and there are plenty of television networks, dedicated exclusively to delivering the news. So let’s take a comprehensive look at the best News Channels that deliver the timely and accurate information from around the world.

10. NDTV India

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The functioning of the largest democracy of the world is almost single handedly influenced by this popular Indian News Channel. The news channel was co-founded in 2003 by one of India’s prominent journalists – Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy. The news channel is owned and controlled by the New Delhi Television Ltd. Prior to its rise as one of the most prominent News channels of the World; it was a popular News program in Doordharshan – The World This Week. It also provided news content to Star network before breaking ground as a News channel of its own. The news channel primarily broadcasts its programs in Hindi.

9. Geo News

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Pakistan has risen to be one of the most prominent Middle Eastern countries, not just because of its populace but also because of tolerance to freedom of speech. And Geo News is one perfect example of such tolerance. This celebrated Urdu channel has its base in Pakistan, and is trusted to be one of the most important Urdu News Channels in all of Urdu speaking countries. The channel was established in November of 2005, but quickly gained a reputation for delivering important news from the Islamic world. The Channel is owned and operated by the Jang group, a subsidiary company of the Pakistan media giant – Independent media corporation.

8. Al Arabiya

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The Middle Eastern Countries have always made the headlines in the Western News channels. But what news channel tells them the News, you ask? Well they refer to nothing else than Al Arabiya. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the Al Arabiya News Network has fascinated the people of Middle East, with its accurate and unbiased News for years. The channel is owned and operated by the Middle East Broadcasting Network, which has its operation in Dubai Media city, at the heart of United Arab Emirates. Though the news network was under fire for spreading Pro-Saudi Agenda, it still retains its position as one of the trusted news network in the world.

7. Euronews

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With countries knit so close together, Europe is a continent of lingual and cultural diversity. And delivering news to such a diverse population is no walk in the park. But somehow Euronews has managed to do it flawlessly for the past two decades. With its base in France, the Euronews channel first broadcasted its news program on the first day of 1993. Now, 20 years later, it continues to maintain its status quo as the top News broadcaster in Europe. It delivers the news in a number of European languages across 155 countries around the world. It was initially founded by 10 different broadcasters but at present it is owned by SOCEMIE.

6. Al Jazeera

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Hardly a day passes by without the West and East clashing between each other, and one blames the other for false propaganda. But thanks to some journalists who fight to keep our rights alive, we still get access to the truth behind all the propaganda. One such journalism was brought forward by this exceptional news channel – Al Jazeera. Thanks to its extensive coverage of the Afghan War, people came to realize the atrocities behind the theatre of war. Al Jazeera was founded on November 1, 1996 and is owned and operated by the Qatar media corporation, headquartered in Doha.  It is broadcasted around globe in various countries, and in regional languages.


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When it comes to News broadcasting the United States has been at the forefront. From the days when local News anchors woke up the city with the hottest news around the region, to the present, where American News Channels have found their way to every household – American News Broadcasting has been at the forefront. And one the pioneers of the era was MSNBC. A short form for Microsoft and NBC news, MSNBC has been the favorite of news channels across the globe. It was founded in July 15th 1996, under a joint venture by Microsoft and NBC. Now it is independently owned by NBC news, with Microsoft being its external partner.

4. SKY news

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The British have been long known for their innovations and developments in cultural progress. So it comes as no surprise that they contributed to the present day News channels. Sky News was founded in February 5th, 1989, and is one of the first news channels to be aired on International television. The network is operated and broadcasted by British Sky Broadcasting; the controversial Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation also has a minority stake with the Sky News channel. It has an expansive crew of 0ver 50-on screen news reporters and over 600 support staff, making it the largest News Broadcasting networks. It’s comprehensive coverage of the Gulf war, 9/11 attacks, London Bombings and Soham Murders of 2003, has made it a reliable source for information.

3. CNN

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Probably the most famous news channel of the world – CNN has been the pioneer in News Channel Broadcasting in every sense of the word. They were the first to air a 24 hour news coverage, breakfast shows and news which have become an integral part in the current society. Founded by the Australian-American Media Giant – Ted Turner, this news channel has been the Keystone in worldwide news broadcasting. It was calculated that CNN aired in over 212 nations and over 100 million households watch it at any given particular time, making it the most widely recognized News Channel of the world. It was also the first News channel to go Network, when it was founded in June 1, 1980.

2. Fox News

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There has been no other news channel in the entire history that has faced enough controversy and fame at the same time. Founded about a decade ago, in October of 1996 – Fox news was no more famous than the local news host.  But through its aggressive marketing strategies, and intuitive programs focused on the age groups of 25 and 54 – Fox news took on the spotlight as the most viewed News channel in the United States. It was founded by Rupert Murdoch, who is known for his conservative political views, used the news channel to a great extent to help the politicians as well.

1. BBC World News

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The top news channel on our list is also the most famous news channel of the world. Broadcasting to every nook and corner of the globe, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the titan of news channels. Launched in 1991, the BBC instantly gained fame from its previous success in Radio. Today BBC has become the household name for international news, and has been the benchmark for network news channels.

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