Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

Television in today’s world has become a completely inevitable thing. But many of the reviewers believe that it has more disadvantages than its advantages. But most of the television viewers at present are so crazy that they feel there is no best way of entertainment for them other than this. It is the most popular medium of information among the people of all levels of society which is easily affordable and equally entertaining for them. Though television is indispensable for many but strictly considering its disadvantages it is correctly termed as ‘IDIOT BOX’.
According to the general talks with many people who left watching television themselves accepted that this was one of their most correct decisions for them which really benefited them a lot in their life. Still much populace don’t even try to depart from this habit.
Here are 10 reasons listed why watching television is a waste of time and why should people quit this habit:-

10. Bad effect on children

images6 Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

children imitating television characters

These days every household mother has a favourite work of watching series on television .They hurry finishing their household works and waste their time watching these series and the small babies staying at home with their mother all the time, too get the habit of watching this stuff which affect their thinking. Small children have great learning ability, they remember things which they see repeatedly and today series cast ill feelings of selfishness, jealously, violence, negative behavior etc. and a child may think every time imitating the same and finally they will get spoiled and not prove a better person for the society in future. In its place a mother can utilize this time wholly for their children teaching them good and educational things which may improve their persona.

9. Mental development

mental illness 2 Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

poor mental development

Our mind is such a system that it works more perfectly if we use it more. It performs well when we use it for some mental exercise and solve mind problems . But when we see the regular programmes on television our mind just becomes stagnant and loses its capability to think beyond that .We get what we see on a daily basis and do not try to think and exploit it for more imagination. This way we diminish our power of great imagination also which we could have used in other places and it could prove creative and prolific. This is the place where our mental growth is retarded proving really fatal to us. The youth of today should completely evade this situation because they still have to travel more in life and give large usage of their brilliant minds in nation’s growth.

8. Health issues

watching+television Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

increase in obesity

Many health problems get effortlessly related to us with watching television endlessly. Firstly it affects our eyesight very much and in reality we may know many people who are great fans of drama serials of television will definitely be related to spectacles still they do not agree quitting this passion of theirs. Secondly most of the population suffer from the problem of obesity as they do not exercise and workout well since they prefer spending their time watching television instead of focusing on reducing their weight and remaining fit. An individual sitting in front of the television have a tendency to sit with a bowl of eatables with him which only adds up to his weight and gain calories.

7. Consumption of potential and time

images1 Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

waste of time and potential

As we very well know that television is popularly termed as ‘idiot box’ because it is truthfully a wastage of time. People spend hours and hours sitting in front of television watching silly things which are futile. They watch the serials continuously every day of the week without break and get engrossed so much in them that they do not want to come up over that and their mind stands still on that. Instead of watching television they can spend their precious time and potential in doing something productive like reading books which can greatly enhance our knowledge, do exercise to keep themselves mentally and physically fit, interact with the society etc. People can in fact spend their spare time time doing their favourite hobbies as a substitute for sitting in front of television for 3-4 hours continuously .And most of the time is spend by us in watching advertisements because only 50% real content is shown apart from advertisement.

6. Promotes dumbness

dumb guy Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

promoting dumbness

Presently, kids are very much fond of television. They are quiet interested in modern technologies, that they easily get bored with their books and do not study much and become crazy for cartoons, and if the elders force and stop them from doing so they cry and try every possible technique to convince their parents. So sticking to television all the time makes them totally dumb, unable to express themselves and focus on studies. They very well know the stories of drama stuff and movies on television more than their study material. According to a survey conducted across many regions it was concluded that kids spending more time on watching television could solve only a less percentage of problems given to them compared to children spending less time on this silly stuff .And one more aspect can be added on this supporting the dumbness of kids is that in watching television there is only single sided conversation waning their skill of interaction with others and get less time on revealing and work upon their inner innovative ideas.

5. Promotes submissiveness

 Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

promotion of submissiveness

Television fans are very much absorbed and attached emotionally to the substance shown on it. They are very much inclined to the matter shown by the elements or characters that are involved in it. And afterall these characters are not at all real and in a way they are detached from the real world and start thinking virtually which is not at all applicable in realism .They start seeking the solutions of existent problems of real world in a dramatic way which may lead to wrong decisions of their life. In a way they are completely taken over by passivity and thus submissiveness is promoted.

4. Money matters

1 Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

wastage of money on television

Television no doubt is a luxury in most of the houses. Simple television systems do not actually cost much. But at present people are very fond of spending money on luxurious items. Many high quality television systems are too costly to be installed at home but still people spend money on them recklessly without giving a thought that this money can be used elsewhere in profitable places .On the other hand advertisements shown on television every minute captivate us and we are so charmed by the things we see that we actually want to buy each and every thing without judging the expenditure and also its actual necessity in life. They just prompt us to purchase the stuff .We can still consider one point of usage of electricity which increases with the enhanced use of television. There are households where television is ON almost for the whole day and finally it lands up to more electricity bill payment. So less television watching may cut down our expenditures and also save energy to a great level.

3 . Less contentment in life

no satisfaction   mick jagger by smallfry120 d3jbgye Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

no satisfaction in life

Humans are very ambitious and determined in their life. Every person make each possible effort and struggles in his life to be succesful, but still he is not satisfied on the whole in his life and keeps on striving till his last breath . The television creates more anxiousness and high materialistic demands in the minds. Most of the material casted on small screen, shows how characters go through many difficulties and finally achieve their goal. We hope for the same joyful ending for us. Seeing all this we actually feel very happy for them but on the other side the question arises do we do the same to achieve our purpose aim life. So in place of watching the television episodes we must work hard to accomplish our purpose in life.

2. Quality compromise

images 21 Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

quality compromise

Earlier television was considered to be one of the best sources of entertainment as well as education. But the scenario of today is entirely different from what used to be earlier. This is a world of contest and everyone just runs in a race to increase the TRP of their respective episodes without considering what they reflect through them. The quality is detoriating greatly which in turn affects the society. And moreover the content shown in all is mostly the same with same logic with no motivational message. It has become more of commercialization dissolving its main purpose.

1. Disrupts our normal life

Distracting TV Top 10 Reasons why watching TV is Waste of Time

no time for others

There are a lot of crazy fans of the daily soaps on television. Crazy here is not written just for the sake of writing but it really means that for these daily soaps people leave their work in between and just run to catch the episode at the prescribed time . The people too do not get adequate time to spend on their life relationships for instance elders to their kids,friends, relatives etc. . So its better to spend some time talking to our dear ones and elders which will really improve our relationships and make our life beautiful, smooth and satisfied.

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