Top 10 Water Adventure Sports

The sand and the water invite all the beach lovers and the adventurous people all around the world to enjoy some of the most thrilling water sports. Among all the sports surfing is the most favorite water sport people like to try. There is a long list of the water sports. But all of them seems not be that adventurous. We have the list of some of the most adventurous water sports.

10. Water scooter

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There are many beaches all around the world that offers you to ride on water scooters. It is actually like a scooter on which a person can sit or stand on and drive it on the water. It is different than boats in the manner that a person does not sit inside the scooter like in boats but rather on it. Most of the water scooter are made for only two people to sit on and can sometimes carry three people too. it was invented by Clayton Jacobson II who belonged to Arizona. The scooters have no external propellers attached to them and hence they are very safe for the users as well as for the creatures in the water.

9. Skim boarding

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Skim boarding is a on surface water sport. It is very much similar to surfing. The difference in surfing and skim boarding is that the board used in skim boarding has no fins and is smaller as compared to the board used in surfing. Skim boards are used to travel in the sea. The utmost thickness of the skim board is one inches. There are many dangerous associated with the game. Many people have been injured and their lower limbs have been dislocated due to this sport.

8. Wake boarding

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Wake- boarding is a very adventurous water sports. It is not mean for the weak hearted people. Wake boarding is meant for the fun and adventure loving people. You will scream your lungs out when driving on the wakeboard on the surface of water. The wakeboard is attached to some motor boat and the driver stands on the wake board while the motor boat helps the wakeboard move forward. It won’t be big to say that the sport is really a fun. The sport can be dangerous due to the treacherous winds in the sea. The wake board is available in two types that are twin tips and surf. Beginners usually choose the surf as it is quite stable as compared to the twin tip.

7. Para sailing

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Para- sailing is becoming one of the most loved adventure sports for the beach people. When you get up in the air it will surely elicit awe. There might not be any beach around the world which does not include this sport in their list of water sports. When you go skyward you will feel a freedom of flight.  The main requirements for this sport is a long rope, a 100 Hp motor boat, a harness, parachute and of course favorable winds. The rope is tied behind the motor boat and the parachute helps them to fly high in the direction of wind. This sport was developed during 1969s. There are some risks related to the sport like falling from the sky due to improper harnessing or fierce winds. There is also the danger of injuring the leg while landing. This game is meant for the speed lovers.

6. Wind surfing

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Wind surfing is a on surface water adventure sport. It is also called as boardsailing. A sail is connected on the board. The sail is made flexible so that t can move either in the direction of wind or according to the direction you turn it in. it is a combination of sailing as well as surfing. If a person is good at the sport there are many different stunts that can be performed through this sport. It requires skills to match up the speed of winds and the water. If you are doing it for the first time then it is recommended to try it during the morning hours. The sport was invented in the year 1948. Newban darby is the inventor of this sport.

5. Scuba diving

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Scuba diving is fun for people who like to explore under the sea. It is a form of swimming under the water with the help of scuba that helps to breathe inside the water. Oceans and lakes are preferred for this water sport. It is a recreational activity for the people to see the underwater world. Diving lessons should be taken by the beginner to avoid any trouble. A person can explore sharks, fishes, water turtles and the flora at the bottom of the ocean. People who are professionals in this sport work on projects for oil drilling and to examine the flora and fauna inside the water. It can be real fun to be so close to the underwater animals.

4. Kite Surfing

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Kite surfing also popularly known as kite boarding is another on surface water adventure sport in the list. It is the combination of surfing, wind surfing, Para- sailing, gymnastics as well as wake boarding. It has become popular in the 90s. a large power kite takes the power of the wind to drive the board in the water. It is very much similar to wake boarding.  You can travel long distances through the kite boards. There are records of travelling 2000 Km using the kite board. There are many different styles of kite surfing which include free style, speed racing, course racing, jumping, wake style, wave riding and wake stake. Depending on the speed of wind the size of the kite and the length of the rope is chosen.

3. Rafting

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River rafting is among the most favorite sports of people who are fond of water adventurous sports. It is mostly done in rough waters and white waters. It is a very thrilling sport. People use an inflatable raft to journey a river or some other water body with rough water. The game has gain popularity since 1970s. The sport is usually done around the mountainous regions as the flow of rivers is rough near it. When you will challenge the speed of the river water in your boats you will know why this game has gained so much popularity. Steep bends and a roaring river will surely make this sport more thrilling. There is a scale to measure the difficulty level of this sport. The scale has a measure of 6. If the scale is on 1 that means the water is calm and if it is on 6 then the water is very difficult to navigate through.

2. Kayaking

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Kayaking is also a recreational water sport. The drivers use small boats that are called kayaks to move in the water. Kayaking can be done in rivers, oceans and in white water too. It is also called as paddling. Almost all the kayaks have decks that are closed. There is a small hole for the rider to sit inside it with his legs concealed.  Double bladed oars are used to ride the kayak across the water. Kayaking is also done as racing. Specialized boats and skills are required to use the kayaks for racing and using it in white water.

1. Surfing

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Surfing is the most exciting adventurous water sport. It is also a surface water sport. The rider on the surf board is called as surfer. In surfing the surfer rides on the board on the forward face of the waves of the water. The waves carry the surfer towards the coast. This sport is mainly practiced in the oceans due to the waves required. A surfer stands on the board and rides on the waves. This sport is risky as sometimes when the waves get too high the surfer may lose his balance and can get injured. The sport is quite an old one. It was invented for thousand years ago by the Polynesians. The most preferred place to try this water sport is Hawaii.

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