Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Dance is something which everyone loves. In each occasion dance is included in some or the other way. Dance is something which can depict every emotion of human, whether it is love, excitement, happiness or any other emotion. Dance has many forms which have different origins and different meanings. So here we have the list of top 10 dance forms which are very famous throughout the world.


tap dance Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Tap dance is a dance form, which is placed in the list of top 10 best of dance forms of the world. This dance form has special shoes, which are made up for tapping while dancing. Tap is the sound, which is produced while the dance is performed. To produce this sound of tapping, special kind of shoes are manufactured. These shoes are a compulsion while someone dances. In this dance, no special music is required while dancing in fact the musical effect is itself produced by tapping of the shoes while dancing. These type of dance performance is not performed on regular floors special kind of wooden floors are required for this dance so as to have louder tapping voice. The dance style is very unique but is difficult. It requires rapid leg movement.


adumu Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Another dance list which is placed at ninth position on the list of top 10 best dance style is Adumu. The originating place of this dance is Africa. It is also been identified as a maasai dance. The unique thing about the dance is that no musical  instrument is used in this dance. It is said that the people living at the place did not prefer the use of any kind of drum in any of their rituals or festivals. Since no musical instrument is used in this dance so the dance is performed at the human voice. The dance makes use of all the body parts of the dancer. This is an amazing dance which is not very difficult to learn.


yangko Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Yango is another dance form which is placed at the eight position of this list. This is most uncommon dance of the world. Most of the people hardly know about the dance form. The origin place of this dance form is china. This dance is quite famous and important as a part of their culture. This is an incredible dance form. The waist is the basic part of the body which is used in this dance. The people used their waist and feet so as to move in the synchronisation with the music. The dance form has a huge Chinese history behind its origin.


kathak Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Kathak is a very famous dance form which is very much famous throughout the world. It is a classical dance form. The originating place of this dance form is Uttar Pradesh. This dance form is very much important to the people living in northern India. The name given to the dance form has been taken from Sanskrit. It is said that this dance form was prejudiced by the Persian dance in the sixteenth century. The name kathak means a story. The dance form is very mesmerizing but is very difficult. The dance forms has decided postures which are synchronized with the music.


bhangra Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Bhangra is another dance form which is placed at the sixth position of this list of top 10 dances of the world. The dance is very energetic and quite jazzy. It actually belongs to Punjab.  Bhangra is a very lively dance form. A special dress is designed for this dance. The dress has a kurta and lungi. A specific type of fast music is required for performing bhangra. The dance is not very difficult to perform and is quite easy to learn. In this dance there are some dance moves which are repeatedly performed along with the fast and the energetic music.

5. Belly dance

belly dancer 21 Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Belly dance is another dance form, which is quite famous these days. This is a west Asian dance form. The belly dance is also well renowned as Arabic Dance and by Middle eastern Dance. This is the form derived from the dance, which was performed in the Victorian era. The major body part, which is involved in this dance performance, is hip. The dance is enhanced by the various moves did by hip. The belly dance is not just a single form in fact it is a combination of many different forms which differ according to the region. The dance is western in its each form. From moves to costumes  each thing depict the western culture. This dance is generally performed by women.

4. Ballet

ballet dance Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Ballet is another dance style which is placed at fourth position of this list of top dance forms. This is a dance originated in Italy. The other derived dance forms of ballet dance were originated in Russia and France. It is a technical dance since the dance moves are performed using different techniques. The most well known example of this form is “The Nutcracker”. This ballet performance is choreographed by Lev Lvanov and Marius Petipa. There are several other examples of ballets like French ballet, Italian ballet and Russian ballet. In later years various modification were done to this form like the moves of contemporary were included in ballet. The dance form is not very easy to learn it requires a thorough training to learn this dance form.

3. Street dance

street dance Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Street dance, this is one among the most entertaining dance form which is placed at the third position in this list. The formal name for this dance form is vernacular dance. This dance do not have any special requirements. They can be performed anywhere. People generally perform it on the street and hence the name is given to it as street dance. People use to wear loose and baggy clothes while doing this dance. The dance is not just entertaining but is also very surprising. The form has a lot of stunts along with the dance which may amaze you. New York is the place where this dance is originated. There are several movies which showcase the dance form like step up.

2. Salsa

salsa dance 3 Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

Salsa is another dance form which is performed by a couple and is placed at the second position of this list. The dance form was originated in Cuba, around the year 1920. It is a do-it performance. The dance steps are synchronized with the Latin American music. This dance form is also ver popular at many places like Europe, Asia, America, and also Middle east.

  1. 1.       Freestyle Dance

free style dance  Top 10 Beautiful Dance Forms in World

This is the number one dance performance, which is considered to be the easiest dance form. This is the dance form which has no rules and regulations. You can dance anyway you want. This dance is fun. No extra training is required in this dance and it is also very easy to learn.

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