Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

Movies make us laugh and some make us cry.Some of them are romantic,some are thrillers and adventurous.But the best among these are The Scary ones.The Horror movies are hated by some coward people and loved by the daring ones.These are basically mixture of thrillers and fantasy.They are most of the time based on supernatural fantasies of Aliens, ghosts,vampires,mummies,witches,and other plots like revenge and killing.It creates fear among the audience and other negative feelings.These amuse the audience. They revolve around the evil demons,torture and monsters.The people like to watch these as it creates excitement in them and they like to taste Fear.Or else why would one use so much of  money just to get himself terrified.That’s why to serve the demand of public the filmmakers are making more scary movies and are earning huge profits.Many novels are written but people prefer films as it can give visual effects to terrify the viewers. Also it may be regarded that person who has interest in these movies is regarded courageous and it works like a status symbol. Now a days a lot of these kind of scary movies are made but not all are that scary which can just terrorize you to your soul.Hence I am giving you the Scariest Movies of all times.

10. Sinister

Sinister Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

This novel is based on Crime and revenge.The mystery Threatens the whole family and the family as well as Ellison is in danger.Ellison needed inspiration for her novel and moved into a new home which was possessed by ghost.In the attic he sees a film in which the families which lived there were being killed.And was totally astonished.Ellison tries to investigate that why those families were murdered but as deeper she went in the case the more threatened all were.The Evil would not let them escape until he murders the whole family. It delivers a number of twists which shock the viewer even as the plot is little old the movie is fright full.The graphics are amazing and even its poster.

9.Evil Dead

Evil Dead 207x300 Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

Here comes the all time favorite  and a low budgeted movie. The Five University students find The Book of Dead in an old cabin.They find a recording of the demon from the book which wants revenge.The brother of Cheryl want to take her in town but they discover that the road is already broken.That is the only route to town.They are possessed one by one by the Evil.The Book of Dead at last fell in the fireplace and ash was saved but unfortunately He only survives.At end Evil catches him.This movie make every watcher feel terrorized and is full of horror.It is favorite of many and is very much filled with fresh horror.

8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

The script of this movie is extremely good.This is a classic Horror Movie.Ed Gein is the serial killer.Sally came to know that cemetery of her grandfather had been vandalized.She goes to the old farmhouse of her grandpa with her friends.But a serial killer is in the next door who wears a mask made of skin of humans attacked them and terminated her friends one by one.And at end only she is left,She has to survive the masked man and save herself from being killed.

7. The Shining

The Shining Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

This movie is based on a novel but it deviates from the novel in some manner.Jack had a psychic son Danny and wife wendy and was a writer but could not write in peace.He takes job in a hotel to write.Manager informed that people go crazy and one person slaughtered his own family.Wendy was frightened by her husband’s behavior and enters in the room 237 which was not allowed and watches in horror that the hotel had done what to Jack.It is based on killing and not on fantasy and is   full of horror.This movie is scary because of the plot and the effects.

6.Evil Dead 2

Evil dead 2 Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

This is the sequel of Evil Dead.The reputation of the series was maintained by this part.The special effects were also good.Ash now visits the cabinet with her girlfriend linda.On arrival they get the Book of Dead and the ritual dagger and the translations of the sumarian book.And they unleashed the evil.Linda is taken over by evil and then Ash is bitten by the corpse of her.The story takes a turn to daughter of prof. on the airport.Annie and company arrives the house.Annie’s mother was buried in cellar whose spirit was evil.This was slightly less successful sequel but was also nice.This series should not be watched alone.

5. Aliens

Aliens Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

This movie had a big budget and good effects.The survivor of a spaceship returns by getting defeated by unbeatable alien species and is last survivor.The contact with the colonist marines was not established and they tried to investigate but they came to know that aliens had attacked.So there was fight between alien mother and ripley at the end.This was scarier and full of horror.This sequel was much appreciated.This movie had swift actions and also nice effects.It is also the very basic of the Alien fiction which gave rise to other films of this type.

4. Frankenstein 

Frankenstein Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

This classic picture was terrifying of all.This movie was released in 1931 and is still remembered now.the way in which the factory was shown was awesome.The electrical equipment in the factory was also nice.Everybody know its story that a scientist wanted to make a dead person living and collected bones and other things.Through electrical charge he made him alive.At last frightened with his own experiment he ran away.The Zombie was badly treated and he learnt the language and emotions.He asked his master to repay by making female frankenstein. He was just going to make it when he realized that they will produce more and more.hence realizing this he killed this monster with his own hands.Even the 2nd part that is bride of frankenstien revolves around the same plot

3. Jaws

Jaws Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

This thriller picture is based on the best selling novel.One evening christie decides to take a dip and her friends are partying on the beach.But unfortunately she is eaten by a shark and never survived.A fisherman finds a shark and people think that problem was solved but nothing was found in its stomach.The 3 ton shark then ate another person.Then it damages the ship and returns.Then they tried to suffocate the shark by getting it in shallow water.Quint is killed by it.when it moves towards brody he shoots the cage killing the shark and dividing it in pieces.Its not mainly horror but its thrilling sense give the same effect.

2. Fright Night

Fright Night Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

I thought that our list was not having any new or 3D movies.Especially a movie which is mixture of comedy and horror.Charley comes to know that his new neighbor is a vampire.Charley stabs him with pencil but it does not help him.But somehow he is saved.He goes to peter for help.Jerry turns his friend in a vampire too.Amy is turned in a vampire but that could be reversed if  jerry is killed before dawn.Peter and charly are able to expose jerry in front of sun light. But at last its shown that he had survived.

1. A Nightmare On Elm Street

A Nightmare On The Elm Street Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

This Movie is the best thrilling movie.The visual appearance also produce chills all around.The teenagers were doing suicides very desperately and also very quickly.They were in the grip of hysteria and were dying like germs.A cop’s daughter come to know about the causes of these deaths.They came to know that owner of hat was Freddy who was caught because he had murdered 20 students.He was released from jail.But was burnt alive by parents of the children.Now he had returned in the lives of children and wanted their lives as revenge.The horrifying pic of freddy the ghost is very dreadful.The story is extremely scary which makes it very fresh and different from the main plots and eligible to make it on 1st position.

So these horror movies are always entertaining us.Indirectly they also teach us to tackle our fears.They make us courageous and fascinates us every time.Do not watch them alone especially these movies.As they are going to thrill you till death.These movies are going to give us Goosebumps.They make our mind more imaginative.The betrayal,serial killing,torture and revenge give thrills to us on the other hand the fictitious characters like Vamps,werewolves,ghosts and monsters terrorize us.They are based on nightmares and the hidden fears of the humans.The screams and the cries are important audio factor of the movies which terrorize the people.

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