10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

Life is too short to sit around over the internet and read about somebody else’s experiences. Its about getting up and creating your very own experiences, but how is it even possible for all the couch potatoes who can not even think about logging out of Facebook and logging in social life. They are too busy making virtual relationships but can not dream of making a real relationship with real people.

It is because of this excess of virtual reality that the concept of bucket list and “I drink tea with strangers. Will you join me?” exist. No, this is not some weird advertisement for the promotion of a tea brand, but it is an advertisement to promote real conversations which have ceased to exist these days.

At least one man wants to change our world!

Even if this was not enough to inspire you to curb down your virtual excesses and start living a real life. We wonder, what could?

The answer.. ‘This post’. Let me explain, below is  a bucket list of what you should not miss out in your life, because you sure will regret it afterwards. We chose the best, most adventurous  most beautiful, some crazy but over all experiences worth dying for. And once you start your own quest to complete all of them, you will automatically start living a little more and stop just breathing, a little less.

Since, We deal with only the choicest 10 points, many more experiences had to be ruled out for this article but then at the end of the day, one should remember that every individual is the protagonist of his own life story and ultimately its their wish what they want to include in their story.

I’ll stop moralizing now and start with the list at once..

10. Help Someone Without Wanting Anything In Return

help someone without wanting anything in return 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

I wanted to start with this specific point to drive home the fact that this world does not need more humans but more humanity!

When was the last time you helped somebody in need without thinking of your own benefit and wait.. If you are going to mention the donation you indulged in to, the last time you visited a temple, then sire you need to realize that was for your own good, to get ‘that’ much needed grace from God.

To help the needy, proves you are compassionate and empathetic towards the needy and increases your chances of being helped by someone else, in your hour of need and dear readers never forget – What goes around, comes around!

9. Witness The Northern Lights In Alaska

witness the northern lights in alaska 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

Alaska is one hell of an isolated place, and this is where one can find time to listen to his own self, because in our cities the clarion of voices leave us so drained, that we do not wish to listen to our own mind which wants something more than just material possessions.

Also. Alaska is the only place on planet earth where these northern lights can be seen. These mystical glowing auroras in the sky have captured the imagination of everyone who has witnessed them. These enchanting lights have led to a number of speculations from the natives which makes it immortal in the bardic tradition.

8. Go On A Holiday With Your Best Friend

go on a holiday with your best friends2 300x207 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

We lead busy lives, where we hardly get time for ourselves, let alone others  and because of our hectic schedule we tend to take our friends for granted. We forget to thank them for the innumerable times they stood for us, And then we are the most comfortable with our best friends, and hence they make for the best travel partners. The idea is to explore a new place and in turn live those moments together which makes your bond stronger.

So my Dear Best Friend, when are you taking me on an all expense paid trip to Paris and you know why!

7. Jump Off A Cliff Into The Ocean

jump off a cliff into the ocean 300x197 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

This Point is not for the weak hearted  but for our brave and adventure seeking readers  this is a cool new way to make yourself stronger from inside out.

Agreed, that the idea sounds crazy at first, but then that is its best part, is it not! Do something crazy, because you live just once and if you do it right, then once is enough. And we are sure you do not want to regret it when you are on your death bed. So all the youngsters, what is keeping you here, still?

6. Eat A Meal Good Enough To Be Your Last

eat a meal good enough to be your last1 300x195 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

This one is for all the foodies out there. Does a great culinary experience sounds like a life well lived to you? Then food lovers, indulge in all your culinary delights without feeling guilty.

Chocolates, pastries, pastas or dim sums  good food is calling you, ready to seduce you with its flavors, textures, colors and what not  If food is what you live for, then make the most of it. Experience all that you ever you wanted, so that when you look back, you feel satisfied with a life well lived.

5. Go Into Space

go into space 300x169 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

This is one thing you ought to experience in your lifetime. when gravity cease to exist, its an overwhelming feeling, because we have lived all our life under its influence, so its liberating to break free from it.

Experiencing weightlessness is a heady feeling, it makes the individual light headed not only literally but also metaphorically. When the person lets go of all the mental blockages that keep one from being happy.

Well, that’s why going into space is on number 5 in our list of Top Ten Must Do Things In Life.

4. Visit The Amazon Rain Forest

visit the amazon rain forest1 300x199 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

No phone conversations, no internet connection, no Facebook right! Wrong..

The forest may not provide you with the luxuries of human life, but the basic needs sure, without a doubt.

Let me explain why this place features in our list. If you are among a the large number of people who are vain of being born  a human, who dominates over the face of earth, then this place will shatter that misconception of yours. For here, even the smallest of all animals can take your much prized and valued life.

At the same time, this place is incredibly beautiful, with eye popping colors complete with bright greens to neon blues, this place is  a visual delight for travelers  And hence if you would have left this unexplored terrain unseen, you would have misses a great deal of the beauty of earth.

3. Join A Flash Mob

join a flash mob 300x199 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

Living in a time such as ours is quite straining both physically and mentally. People have to live alone because of their jobs. They have enough money to last a life time but no time to spend it, or worse nobody to spend it with.

And therefore it is said  ’Every city can feel a bit lonely at times.’ And here flash mobs come to our rescue. To Be a part of something and preferably big is so satisfying, like the feeling?

Join the spontaneous flash mob we say!

2. Sky Diving

sky diving 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

Do you love your adrenaline rushes and like to get a daily fix of it? Then, this is one activity you just cannot afford to miss in your lifetime.

The thrill of free falling from a great height and seeing the world in miniature scale, can make anyone feel like a giant. The world seems like a toy land with small houses and smaller people, embracing this world with open arms and open heart is what makes this experience so special.

Our take – Just go for it people!

1. Love Someone Truly

love someone truly1 10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

This is one thing, you should do before departing from this world.

For the skeptics who do not believe in true love, wait till love finds you  For the die hard romantics, you know what I mean  Human life is just incomplete without giving and receiving love. Nothing in this mean world can ever come close to the feeling you get when your lover showers you with all his affections.

Go ahead and love somebody with all your might. You never know what that person reciprocates with. Love –  That’s wonderful news! Rejection – A lesson learnt the hard way!

This was our top ten, but becoming a parent, learning a new skill or overcoming your worst fears rank high in other bucket lists. Either take this list, or create your own, The idea is that you should get the same epitaph which at least I covet “This Man Died From Living Too Much”

After all, we all have just one life, so we better live it king size!



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