10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Life – This one word has kept the scholars, thinkers and philosophers puzzled since times immemorial  For some, life is a series of futile pursuits, for others life is a medium of experiencing all that this world has to offer and for yet others it is a joy ride.

All this approaches to life are different, but one thing all of them have in common is that they all are chasing life itself. Taking up the challenges that life poses to you, only to come out as a winner. A stronger, better, and much improved you. Perhaps, this is why each of us try so hard to keep all the happiness for ourselves and our family and not let even the shadow of pain to come near us. It is after all a basic human instinct to maximize our pleasure quotient and diminish unhappiness and sufferings from our lives – The ancient school of stoics, at least defined it this way.

This brings us to our basic question - Why at all do we need to celebrate?

Well, if you really need somebody to answer it for you, then you need to introspect and find your own reasons to be happy. “Throw the garb of melancholy child, you should be a happy go lucky kid” – a dear old man said to me one day, and since then there has been no looking back. My advice to you – You are never too old to enjoy. Live it while it lasts!

Also the part practical, part psychological reason behind the human beings natural urge to celebrate lies in the age old adage – ” Change is the only constant” the monotonous drudgery of life becomes a bit too much for humans to handle, then these celebrations bring a much needed refreshing change, which in turn eases out all the stress and relieves tension of human minds. These celebrations also give a chance to the ‘social animals’ to meet their kin and friends

celebrations need fun and frolic, a cheerful state of mind and a happy atmosphere. The best part of celebrating anything and everything is the joy you experience in the company of your loved ones. And quite truly it is their smiles and happy faces that makes us content and satisfied with our lives.

It is said ‘to each man his own’; and by that, here we mean that every individual has its own set of priorities and may be my top ten would not be in your list and therefore by acting smart, I refuse to prioritize my list of ten moments which people celebrate the most. hence no top tens, only pure, basic, simple, little celebrations of life which becomes so important to us -

Here’s all that, what you have been waiting for-


promotion 300x282 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Now who would not like to celebrate this event, of someones professional life!

You work so hard all day long, several things keep you busy, add to that your nagging boss! Things cant be worse that that. And in wake of your hard work, you  get that desired promotion; dream come true for you? Indeed; it would be, for most of us.

A promotion boost your self esteem, increase your self worth, makes you feel good and appreciated. Not to mention higher pay scale, more respect and experience gained! Is it not reason enough to celebrate, people?

So, Mr. Content Manager, are you listening?

9.New Material Possession 

new material possession 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Okay, if you are in the likes of Tatas and Birlas, then probably not. But for commoners like us; it is a big deal

On second thoughts, even Tatas and Birlas would feel ecstatic about their new Jaguars And Lind rovers, then we are just normal people. Its perfectly normal to feel incredibly proud of ourselves when we pay off our last of the EMIs, which make our home just ours forever. Or when we buy our dream car, even basic amenities like a modular kitchen is celebrated these days!

The concept of ‘House warming’ parties is catching up with young India like anything. These parties are thrown in lieu of  the new house, a family has bought, and since it takes a lot to own your home these days and therefore indeed a good patting on one’s back for the successful completion of such a daunting task is well deserved!

8.Life Achievement  

life achievment 300x264 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Do you cherish some crazy or insane dreams within you? For instance climbing up Mount Everest or a visit to Amazon Rain Forest.

Though your busy life doesn’t permits you in indulging yourself in these wacky ideas but if this is where your heart is, no matter what hardships you have to face, you will live your dreams.  And that day! Already feeling elated about it? Well, you can permit that luxury.

Because the fulfillment of a long impending dream calls for a big celebration. If my life’s soul desire materializes some day then I am sure I’ll party for  a whole week! So if you nurture a dream and are passionate about it, then the happiness on its completion would almost force you to have a grand ball and that’s why people generally celebrate their life’s best achievements with grandeur.


birthdays 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Have you ever seen the excitement of a kid when his birthday is fast approaching? Now, you get it, what the fuss is all about right!

Birthdays are big! At least for the kids and for some grown up kids. Well the first prerequisite for a happy you is to love yourself and if you love yourself, then the day this awesome personality was born ought to be celebrated like a festival and this explains the craze of  big birthday events.

Incidentally the children and older citizens are much more likely to celebrate birthdays with more glitz and glamour because the Young keeps busy in so many things and the most important event in their life is discussed in the next point.


graduation 300x249 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Okay, this is I guess every student’s story, including me. They said, just complete your tenth grade, and you will overcome your life’s biggest roadblock to success  I complied.  Then they said complete your twelfth  and your life will be set. I agreed and studied. Then I came to college and they said yet again graduate and you will succeed. And like a puppet I am going to comply and study.

The result, every student is just so tired of studying that when finally the graduation day comes,it feel like a hard fought battle won! And not surprisingly graduation calls for  a spectacular celebration.

So are you ready to throw that black graduation cap yet? I, for one cant wait!


anniversaries 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Celebrating the moments of love deserves people’s attention in a big way and consequently what you get is, larger than life events hosted by people on the occasion of their anniversaries.

If you want to impress your lady love, the oldest yet most workable  option still remains your wishing her your anniversary before she does. And every man is aware of the consequences, one has to face if they fail to remember their anniversary dates!

This is the biggest event in a married couple’s life and the first one of them is the one most special of all and generally the grandest of them all! The rule follows without any deviation for the unmarried couples as well. Guys, I hope you get your hints. If you did not, then may god be with you in your hour of need!

4.’That’ coveted job

that coveted job 300x225 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Now, you always wanted this job, because it caught your fancy, or you think that you deserve it, or maybe it was just that you are tailor made for that job. Ever since you joined your company, you eyed that job, but it always happened so, that you just could not get that position or that job! sad..

What if one fine day, you get that long awaited job. Would your feet even touch ground for the rest of your amazing day? Probably No! And your happiness would beg to you to be shared with everyone else and you know what happens next – A big celebration! Life seems perfect, doesn’t it?


wedding 300x187 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Yours or somebody else! How does it matters?

Jokes apart – Wedding is the most important event in anyone’s life and perhaps that is why most girls dream about it endlessly, and Prince charming of course.

A wedding is not only a union of two people who vow to share everything with each other in all circumstances, but it is also the coming together of two families into a life long relationship and this happy occasion is celebrated with great pomp and show, and hence it lands a spot here!

2.Arrival Of A Baby

baby 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

Well, it is only the next logical thing after a wedding! Is it not?

On a more serious note, the arrival of  a baby totally changes the way a couple sees the world and the people in it. Suddenly nothing but your family matters to you. This change comes in the parents because now in the form of a baby, the responsibility of  a life is assigned to them.

Moreover, the wonder of watching a life come into existence is beyond any description. And can any words describe the feelings of a mother of  a healthy, beautiful, pink colored baby when she first takes her baby in her arms? Thus the arrival of a baby not only marks a new phase in the chemistry of  a couple, it also gives a new dimension to them as a family. No doubt, people celebrate the birth of their child in an extravagant manner.

We say, the baby deserves it all!


life 300x300 10 Things People Love to Get in Life

life itself is one big celebration, and though one rarely celebrate it in a singular manner but several small celebration do keep up the spirit of exuberance.

Everybody experiences hardships in their life. In fact nobody’s life is easy  there’s  a constant struggle. One has to fight continuously for one’s survival. Life can be tough, hard and severe but then if we do not know what suffering is, how will we then enjoy happiness. Thus we should not lose hope, and always take life as it comes. that is the true essence of life. It goes on with or without you.

So why not live life on our terms, and not on what life dictates to us!

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