10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012-2013

Movies are the great source of recreation and leisure. A movie that is totally packed up with fun, humour and comedy is liked by all ages. The comedy movies provide a lot of entertainment and amusement to the people. Not only is good to pass the time but it also has some health benefits. These movies make a person happy and hence results in well being. So if you are very much into comedy genre of the films you should not miss the best comedy movies of the year 2012. And there are some most comedy films that are anticipated in 2013. So look into the list given below.

10) Warm bodies:

Warm Bodies 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

It is a further comical movie that is going to be released in the year of 2013. The director of the movie is Jonathan Levine and the plot is established on the basis of the book whose writer is Isaac Marion. The character of a zombie “R” is played by Nicholas Hoult in the film. The movie is releasing on the date of 1st of February, 2013 and therefore need not to hold you for more time. The story line of the movie involves a comical feel to a romantic love tale between R and Julie who is a human being. You must be ready to watch comedy and romance in the life of a Zombie.


9) This Is The End:

this is the end 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

This is one more comedy movie in our list that is releasing in this New Year. The directors of the movie are Evan Goldberg and  Seth Rogen. The main thing about the movie is that the actors involved in the film will be going to portray themselves as they are and hence it will quite amusing, pleasurable and enjoyable. The movie is planned to be out in the theatres on 14th of june, 2013. The plot is that when enjoying the bash the characters and other celebs face a catastrophe or a disaster.


8) The Dictator:

 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

It is another of the very humorous and hilarious movie of the year and you will certainly chuckle after watching this one. The director of this movie is Larry Charles. This comical movie is based on the story of a ruler or an autocrat who wished that the democratic system should not exist and for the sake of making it certain, the ruler put his life and existence in danger. Sacha Baron Cohen is the one performing in the lead character in the movie and it was revealed on theatres on 16th of May, 2012.


7) Movie 43:

Movie 43 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

This is anticipated as one of the most comedy movie of 2013. This movie will include many plots and numerous of actors and actress. And you won’t have to wait for long as this movie is releasing in theatres on 25th of January ,2013. The movie is quite popular as it involves the performance of many big artists and performers. The directors of the movie are Elizabeth Banks, Peter Farrelly and Brett Ratner. Well, only after watching we can find out how it goes but for this movie one should give a try.


6) Men In Black-3:

Men In Black 3 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

This amusing and comical movie is very much liked by the audience and it is the third part of the sequence. It was out on theatres on 25th May, 2012.  The director of the movie is Barry Sonnenfeld. The movie got enormous goof reviews and achievement on the box office. Will Smith is seen in the movie playing the character of Agent J. The story is that smith wanted to alter the the past and hence he went to times of yore in an attempt to prevent the creature from outer space from killing his buddy who is another agent. The movie is worth watching.


5) Anchorman 2:

Anchorman 2 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

Anchorman is well-liked and accepted by the audience and so all the admirers are now waiting for its follow up. The anchorman 2 is going to be revealed in box office on 20th December, 2013. It’s a long time but will be worth waiting if the movie is as good as the first part. The director of the movie is Adam Mckay. The whole plot surrounds around the character of Ron that is performed by Will Ferrell in the movie. All the activities and venture of Ron is portrayed in the movie.


4) American Reunion:

American Reunion 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

It is a classic movie as you know that at all times amuses you and you will surely have a bit of fun. The directors of the movie are Hayden Schlossberg as well as Jon Hurwitz. It was revealed on 10th of July. The plot of the movie embraces the get together of friends. It is 4th part of American pie series. So if you had seen the other part before then there is no point of missing it, watch it and have fun and enjoyment while watching it. and the movie well liked by the viewers.


3) The Hangover –part III:

The Hangover –part III 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

Everyone must be familiar with the Hangover series that has entertained us so much and now it is the time for the third part. The countdown has begun and the movie will be out on the box office on 24th of May, 2013. The director of the movie is Todd Phillips. And as revealed in this part there will be no marriage, marriage ceremony or any sort of party. So the fans out there are excited to know the plot and anxious to know what can be in this part. So be prepared to laugh a lot in the month of May.


2) Ted:

Ted 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

This movie is another one which occupies the spot of most comedy movie of 2012. The director of the movie is Seth MacFarlane and the same person is playing the character of ted in the movie. It was out on theatres on 11th December, 2012 and got admiration and appreciation from the audience. The story line of the movie surrounds John’s life and his teddy called as ted. The character of john is played by Mark Wahlberg. So if you haven’t watched it yet then you should really go for it and entertain yourself by the great performance.


1) 21 Jump Street:

21 Jump Street 10 Best English Comedy Movies 2012 2013

This movie will surely keep you engrossed and amused which includes splendid act and presentation and outstanding screen play and writing. The directors of this movie are Chris Miller as well as Phil Lord. Side splitting show is presented by Jonah Hill along with Channing Tatum and their hilarious acting makes this movie worth watching and one of the most comedy movie of 2012. It was publicized on theatres on 16th of march,2012. This movie earned a lot of achievement and appreciation from the public. So if you like watching comedy movies, then do not risk of missing 21 Jump Street

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