Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

Crime is defined as an action or instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to public welfare or morals or the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited. In other words crime is breaking the rules set by government (laws) for which the responsible system provides appropriate punishment. Also it is said every crime violates law but vice verse is not true always. And crime is defined quite differently depending from place to place.

The causes and correlation of crime are given to us with empirical support and include socioeconomic, psychological, biological, media violence and the use of gun politics are some of the topics. Following are some of the worst crimes a person can commit:


female foeticides Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

Female foeticide is the most familiar word now days in developing countries like India. The word is defined as terminating of pregnancy based on predicted sex of baby specially a girl child. This has made sex ratio unbalanced. This is basically result of sexual discrimination, culture preference and one child policy. Those people who are responsible for such act are directly put behind the bars.


kiddnapping Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

The word itself is enough to describe the law but still the meaning of the word is taking away or transporting a person from a place against the wish of an individual usually for some sort of imprisonment. This word is basically formed from kid that means this term is usually related to kids. Hence in modern world kidnapping or abduction of child is called child stealing in order to collect good amount of ransom in return or intention of keeping the child permanently by one of the parent against the wish of other one and laws after the divorce. Usually the main cause of kidnapping is for ransom, political reasons and demands. Now a day’s kidnapping is an ongoing threats in many countries of world.


robbery Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

Robbery is felonious taking of the property of another in presence of the person against the wish by some violence or intimidation. That is making the person permanently deprived of it by means of fear and force. Robbery differs from theft but it is derived from Late Latin word “rob “meaning theft. Its definition of offence may differ from jurisdictions. From the different types of robbery the armed robbery include use of weapon and aggravated robbery involves use of intensified and deadly weapon. Even there is highway robbery which is described as robbery in public places such as street, lane, garden and sidewalk. Carjacking is also one of such kinds that mean stealing a car by victim by force.


rape Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

The unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse is usually referred to as rape. It is a type of sexual assault may be initiated by one or more than a person against other person it can be done by physical force, abuse and coercion. And this is the most commonly term defined as criminal law. The rate of reporting, prosecution and convictions for rape varies in different jurisdictions. And from past analysis statistical data describe that rape from unknown people is less common than rape from known people. Rape and sexual slavery are recognized as crime against humanity and element of crime of genocide. And victims of rape suffer from psychological harm, physical injury or sexually transmitted infection or becoming pregnant.


trafficking Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

Trafficking in people is raising problem that involves sexual exploitation and labor exploitation. The trade of human beings is human trafficking and even women trafficking is now days included in lists of prime crimes. It affects most of the regions of world. Normally both men and women may be victims of trafficking but girls and women are mostly targeted by it. It also deals with extraction of organs or tissues and even surrogacy and ova removal. This is most lucrative industry and second profitable illegal industry n world after drug trafficking. Human trafficking does not require travelling but sex trafficking involves most international agents and brokers so as to send women to some other country for fulfilling the demands. Even trafficking victims suffer from a great stress, social alienation, social exclusion and intolerance. And such people who practice trafficking are put under criminals.


 Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

Terrorism is not a recent activity it started at a time which is hard to remember. It is put under various categories like holy duty, strategy or a crime. Terrorism means use of terror, violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. It is basically a criminal act that includes audience beyond immediate victim. It is basically done just to gather large number of people’s attention in other words for publicity and then these people target symbols which they oppose. There are mainly three perspectives of terrorism: terrorists, victim and general public. And the major drawback about terrorists is that they do not consider themselves as terrorist as they follow the famous saying “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. And this type of thinking is increasing or motivating such terrorists groups as they don’t see themselves as terrorist rather feel honored to be called as freedom fighter.


child abuse Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

Child sexual abuse or child molestation is one of the types of child abuse in which usually adults or older adolescent harass child sexually. It involves forcing a child in sexual activities like for physical sexual contact or for child pornography. It has many short term and long lasting effects some of them are:  depression, anxiety, eating disorder, sleep disturbance and effects in adulthood or physical injuries among the small little ones. Even many victims refuse to go to school and social gathering. The negative long term effect is that some of the victims indulge themselves in wrong activities or commit suicide. And now a day’s such sexual abuse are common by some of the family member. According to statistics child sexual abuse is estimated that 19.7% for females and 7.9% for males across the world. And in this study it was recorded the percentage of child sexual abuse is highest in Africa. And now this is been regarded as crime and put under immoral act. The most often cases of child abuse are between stepfather and daughter or step mother and son/daughter, father and son is reported rarely. In such a case the child is completely distorted and more intense outcomes are seen.


domestic violence Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

Domestic violence is seen mostly places and it is the one of the fastest growing crime a person can commit. It is a crime which is mostly overlooked and excused. It is basically acts of violence or abuse against a person living in one’s household. In other words it is a pattern of abnormal behavior in a relation in order to gain power over the other, generally intimate partners. It can be of many types like physical aggression, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or economic deprivation. It can happen to anyone of any race, age, religion and gender. Generally it is common among couples who are married or living together. Domestic violence generally affects ones educational levels and socioeconomic background. Awareness, laws and imprisonment for such a crime may vary from place to place or country to country. But punishments are for sure outcome for such a crime.


smuggling Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

Smuggling is to import and export (goods) secretly, in violation of law, especially without payment of legal duty. In other words it is illegal transportation of goods or person that is not permitted inside a specified territory. Many people get indulge in such illegal trade such as illegal migration, or emigration, tax evasion or theft items being smuggled. Smuggling is one of crime that started long before when for the duties were imposed. Smuggling can be of different types that includes smuggling goods (that are drugs, weapons, cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco), smuggling people (children and women specially) and wildlife smuggling. During smuggling many people try to smuggle goods by completely hiding the transportation or avoid border checking that is done by most of the small ships by taking the tunnel route or taking small submersibles. Even smuggling by airways is common now days. Many smugglers are caught by customs each year across the world.


murder Top 10 Worst Crimes a Person can Commit

The killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. As this involves loss of extremely important thing, the priceless life of a human it is one of the most worst crime in a society and presently it is such a crime to which society and law should provide harshest of punishment. Most of the places a person found guilty of a murder is sentenced to life imprisonment or death penalty. And person who commits this sinful act is called as murderer. Murders are also categorized by degrees such as first degree or second degree. Murder is often confused with killing but the two differ by meaning that is murder is unlawful act while killing is under the law.

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