Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

There are many parts of the world that are facing violence problem. These countries are not only dangerous for travel purpose but also are not secure to live in. here for your guide we provide you the list of the top 10 unsafe countries in the world.

10. Iraq

 Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

Iraq not only faces the environmental issues left due to the wars fought in Iraq but it is also facing violence and criminal issues. The political infrastructure of Iraq has always been weak which has led to many crimes and other issues in Iraq. Iraq is now declared s a war zone. Organized crime in this country has increased many folds due to the poor law and order of the country.

9. Somalia

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Somalia is a very beautiful country to travel to. But the tourism in this country has declined over the past few years due to increasing rate of criminal activities in this country. The main problems faced in this country are civil riots and wars; drug trafficking, weapon trade and murders. These civil wars are fought in this country since 1990 and there is no end to them till date. You can easily find violent groups in this country. This country has not only become unsafe for tourist but also for the people residing in it.

8. Colombia

crime in colombia Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

During 1980 the crime rate in Colombia was very high. Though it has reduced in the recent years but staying there or going on a tour both are still not very safe. You may be taken away by the beauty of Andes Mountain and beautiful landscapes but they are not worth risking your life for. Isn’t it? The two main biggest crimes in this country are kidnapping and drug trade. Many people die every day due to drug trade the estimated number of people dying per day is 100. The other main issues in this country are robberies, murders armed guerrilla, bombing of cars, and extortion. There are many rebel groups working inside the country that are the main reason of criminal activities.

7. Afghanistan

crime in afghanistan Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

Many criminal activities are prominent in Afghanistan. The major crimes in this country are drug trafficking, kidnapping, murders, robberies etc. the main concern in Afghanistan is terrorism. Many people believe that many terrible and horrifying terrorist groups are staying in Afghanistan after 2001; opium cultivation and its export have increased in this country. The major reason behind the criminal activities in this country is unemployment. Many internal wars are fought in the country from a very long time.  Afghanistan is very much dangerous for women. The sexual assault rate in this country is very high. Many people have migrated out of this country due to criminal activities and wars.

6. Burundi

crime in Burundi Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

Political violence and violent crimes are very much prominent in this small country. The country has very unsafe conditions to live in and this has forced children and young people to follow wrong paths and to use arms and ammunition. Problems in this country have also made young people soldiers so that they can save their country from outside attacks and violent crimes that are prevalent in the country. Burundi not only faces crime related problems but they are suffering from poverty too. The country does not have a good manufacturing sector that has led to poor economy. Civil war and overpopulation is also a main concern in this country.

5. Venezuela

crime in venezuela 300x225 Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

Venezuela is known to be the most dangerous place in America. Venezuela is known for its famous beaches but are you aware how violent and dangerous this place is? Venezuela has the highest murder rate in the world. The major crimes in this country are carjacking, murders and kidnapping. The highest crime rate in Venezuela is registered in Caracas. Pick pocketing is the most familiar crime in this part of the country. Venezuela is also famous for its drug trade and corruption. The main reason behind the increasing crime rate in this country is poor military and police forces.

4. South Africa

south african crime 300x180 Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

When you hear the name of South Africa you may think about Nelson Mandela, the wild life and the beautiful beaches but did you ever think how dangerous this place can be. The major concern in South Africa is the increasing criminal activities in various regions in South Africa. The major criminal activities include assassinations, rapes and murders. According to studies conducted fifty people are killed every day in South Africa. The most dangerous place in South Africa is Cape Town this place has the highest number of crimes that include kidnapping, stealing cars and money, and murders. South Africa has the highest number of rape cases registered per year. South Africa is also not a safe place as here every one person in five is suffering from AIDS. The country is also facing the acute electricity shortage.

3. Brazil

crime in Brazil 300x200 Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

Brazil is said to be one of the most mesmerizing country when it comes to its scenic beauty. Even though this country is beautiful it is not a safe country to stay in or to visit for a tour. The crime rate in Brazil is very high. The killing rate in Brazil is four times more as compared to American murder rate. Brazil is not only dangerous due to its violent crime activities which include assassinations, murder and stealing but the non- violent crimes in this country have reached to its peak rate. Sex tourism and child prostitution has been a major concern for the Brazilian government. The major places that have the highest crime rate include Sao Paolo, Rio DE Janiero and Salvador.

2. Russia

crime in russia 300x129 Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

Russia is said to be the most violent country. There are many forms of crime that are practiced in Russia that include drug and human trafficking hired murder, extortion, terrorism, black marketing and many such related crimes. This country has the highest level of crimes and most famous for mafia. The country faces very big security problems as there are many political groups that are causing unrest in the country. The terrorist activities have also made this country. According to a survey in every 18 minutes a person is cheated and stolen from and in a day around eighty four people die. Even though there are measured taken to improve the conditions in Russia to promote tourism yet the conditions are not very good.

1. Haiti

crime in haiti 300x225 Top 10 Unsafe Countries in the World

It is a Caribbean country with a very high rate of criminal activities taking place inside the country. Haiti is a extremely poor country and people here follow the practices of black magic and Voodoo. Haiti has always been a poor country with a very bad past. To add to its problems an earthquake struck Haiti in 2010. Haiti has various forms of criminal activities going inside the country. These activities include drug Trafficking, murder threats, kidnapping, civil riots and roadblock problems. The main reason behind the increasing unrest in the country is poor law and order. So hope you are not planning to visit this country and if you had any plans after reading this you should cancel them all.

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