Top 10 Social Evil Issues in India that must be Stopped

India has the most diverse religion and has a very rich culture. There are many beliefs and rituals that people are following from a very long period of time. There are many rituals in India that have transformed into social evils. These social evils have made the progress of India go down. People are not judged on the basis of their quality but on the basis of caste, creed or gender. India is developing at a very fast rate but these social evils have hindered the growth of this nation. Some of the most prevalent social evils in India that must be removed are listed below.

10. Gender Inequality

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In India men are considered far superior than women in every field. From a very long period of time women are thought to be the ones who have to work at home and take care of the family. Men are supposed to protect and earn the livelihood for the family. Though this mentality has changed in the past few years but still it is practiced in many parts of the countries. Women are still not allowed to go out of the house alone. There are many religions in India which force women to cover their faces and their heads while going out. They are still treated to be lower than men. Gender discrimination has given rise to many other types of discrimination and other evils too like harassment and wage discrimination. Women are not paid equal salaries for the same work as the men does. It is still not considered important to educate the girl child in many parts of the country.

9. Dowry

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Dowry system is the most deep seated problem in the Indian society. Due to dowry system in Indian society many other social evils have taken birth. Girl children are neglected, sex- selective abortion is also the main result of dowry system. Parents don’t spend money to teach their girl child as they think they have to pay this money in the future when their daughter will get married. Though many people have opposed this system but yet it has spread its roots deep down in the Indian society. Even in the Rig Veda it is mentioned that the bride’s family have to offer the dowry to the boy’s family.

8. Cast discrimination

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Cast division is one of the social evils that is only found in India unlike the gender division. Every society in India is divided into many groups according to the family they are born in. members of the same cast have to do the same occupation, marry in the same caste and many of the lower caste were not allowed to eat with people who belongs to the upper classes. People of the lower caste are termed as untouchables and were not allowed to even touch the people from higher caste. Though there are many rules and laws made in India to eradicate the caste system but they are not very successful. With urbanization and modernization the caste system has changed a lot in some years in India. Caste hierarchy is all broken down and now it does not matter to people who they are walking beside and who they are eating with. Still in rural areas it is prevalent and measures are to be taken to completely eliminate this issue from the Indian society.

7. Female infanticide

Female Infanticide 21 Top 10 Social Evil Issues in India that must be Stopped

Female infanticide is the most shameful social evil prevalent in India. Girl child is considered to be a burden on the family and hence people get sex selective abortions done. There are thousands of cases registered in India about female infanticide. Infanticide means to kill the child intentionally. Though female infanticide is not legal in India but still in many rural parts of the country it is practiced. This social evil is the most gruesome one. Mothers are forced by the family to abort their girl child. It is the most brutal crime. Over 1000 boys there are only 914 girls in India. Either the child is killed in the womb or is killed after the birth by giving her poisonous substance or burying her alive. Female infanticide has existed in India since 1789. During those years female infanticide was practiced more in the Kutch region in India.

6. Child labor and child exploitation

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This is the worst social evil in India. Children are exploited and are made to work in dangerous places like cracker factories. They are not treated properly. At the age where they are supposed to play and go to school they are made to work in factories and in shops. Since their parents are not rich enough to fulfil the basic needs of the family or they don’t want to work so they force their child to work in small shops and factories. Like other social evils there are rules and laws made to stop the child exploitation but nothing has been ever properly implemented in India and hence you can still see teenagers and children working in the shops and factories.

5. Prostitution

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Prostitution is the sexual service people give in return of money. Many women are forced sexual slavery and many of them work as prostitute to earn their living. Women and girls are made as sexual slaves from a very long period of time in India. There are around three million girls and women working in this profession. That a huge number!!!! Not only is this child prostitution the major social evil in India. Children are forced to be sex labors and there are more than 1.2 million children working in this profession. Child prostitution is the major concern in India.

4. Sati

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The practice of sati was considered to be religious in the history of India. Wives used to burn themselves alive on the corpse of their husband. Sati means the burning of the Hindu widow in India. Hough this practice used to be voluntarily done but in many cases the women were forced o burn on the pyre of their husband. Sati was a Hindu Goddess who burnt herself alive for his husband’s respect. Though sati is considered to be Hindu tradition but it is also practiced in many other communities in India. This practiced is considered to be an illegal practice in India and has reduced to a very great extent in India. There are still very few cases still registered in India where a women burnt herself on his dead husband’s corpse.

3. Drug abuse

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Drug abuse is also a very major problem in India that not only affects many of the people addicted to it but also their near and dear ones. There are more than 7.5 million drug users in India. This number is increasing at an alarming rate. Drug addicts are mainly found in the urban areas. People who are more influenced by the drugs are street workers and transportation workers. There are many social awareness programs started in India to reduce the number of drug users in India but all in vain. Due to the modern lifestyle people are getting more used to drugs and alcohols.

2. Domestic violence

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Domestic violence Is an endemic predominantly against woman.. Around 70 percent  women of india are victims to domestic violence. In almost every house woman are tortured for dowry by her in-laws. In every city of India girls are harassed and tortured in every street they walk. In every 29 minutes a case of cruelty is filed.  Today girls are afraid of coming out from their houses, they are afraid of walking alone in the streets There are several acts and laws are passed bt no serious action is taken against this dispute.

1. Poverty

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It is the state where one lacks a certain amount of material or money. It refers to the absolute deprivation of basic human needs which commonly includes food, water, shelter, money etc. poverty is a very common problem in India. Most of the Indian population is deprived of the basic needs of life. Poverty has given rise to many other evils in India. Unemployment and the increasing population is the main cause of poverty in India. People commit many kinds of rimes like robbery and murders because they are not able to get the basic amenities of life. There are many measured taken by the Indian government to reduce poverty in India. Awareness programs are starts. Subsidies are provided to poor people. Many other measures are also taken.

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