Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

A man can live only for a week without food, which means seven days, as soon as the 7 days are over; the soul is ripped apart from the body. Death is as quick as falling asleep, it is the journey to death which makes it sound terrible; death is very beautiful, it is the idea of leaving this materialistic world which makes it ugly otherwise death is more beautiful than the life itself.  The journey towards the final destination death should be as brief as possible because the more time you spend waiting for death, the more hard death becomes for you.

A person sees a lot of troubles in life, he faces a lot of problems but he knows that at the end of the day he will fix it and he does. You may go through a lot of hard times but you know that everything will be alright and then you make everything alright. When you see yourself surrounded by dark clouds, you do not panic because you know that a bright shinny morning is waiting for you at the end of the road. When God gives a disease, he also shows the path to its remedy; there is always a possible solution for everything except death. Death when knocks your door, there is no going back, you have face it after all odds and evens. The moment when you see death in front of you, you do everything within your power to avoid or delay death. You ignore all the teachings you have had in your life, you forget the differences between right and wrong and do everything in your power to buy some more moments of life.

It takes a life time to make a man a human but it takes a second to transform a man into an animal. And that moment arrives with hunger; hunger is something which makes a person forgets all his adequate and moral values. When a person suffers from hunger, he forgets all good things, when he sees his death in front from him; he becomes ready to do everything and anything. This is when a person steps out of the boundaries and acquires all the illegal methods to earn his bread, to earn money. There are many ways to make money illegally, the top ten ways to make illegal money are:

10. Scamming:

scamming Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

Scamming is as easy as lying, it has many categories you can sell shares through fake agencies and then tell the clients that the company has crashed therefore all the money they invested in the shares have gone wasted. Or you can get the credit card information by faking a pizza delivery service

9. ATM skimming:

atm.skimming Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

This requires a lot technology, what you have to do is to fix a very tiny camera in the ATM parlor, whenever a person comes in to get some cash through his/her ATM, the camera zooms in and notes the account number as well as the pin, as soon as the person leaves, you can create a duplicate card and sweep the entire account.

8.     Donation scam:

donation scam Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

This is a really simple trick, you can go to certain offices, companies & houses and ask them to provide donations, you have to show all the fake paper work and create an imaginary trust or NGO. Gather a very large amount of money and then simply vanish from the face of the earth.

7. Kidnap for ransom:

Kidnap for ransom Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

This is a very simple thing to do; first of all you need to find a very rich person, track him/her down, and find out about the person’s routine, find out where he/she goes. Now make a plan to kidnap that person, be careful during this process, and be sure that your identity is not leaked. After kidnapping the person, contact the target’s family and ask for ransom. Take safety measures when you go to take the money, after being sure of everything release the person, go somewhere far and enjoy a good life.

6. Blackmail:

blackmail Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

For this you need a target too, find a very rich person, follow him and track down his details. Try to get into his/her personal life, past affairs, lesions, acquaintances and past/present relationships, business strategy. When you find something really hilarious, contact the person and blackmail him/her. Threaten them to pay you the exact amount of money you are asking for or you will leak the secrets.

5. Fake freelance jobs:

fake freelance jobs Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

Scamming is in full splendor these days, as the use of internet has increased, the negative influence of internet has also increased. Most of the people go for freelance jobs because it is very convenient, the problem is that you can easily fool people, by posting free lance jobs you can get the work done and then vanish, do not pay the freelance worker, after that you can sell the work to some other companies and earn a lot of money

4. Drugs:

drugs1 Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

Drugs is a stigma on the face of civilization yet so many people are addicted to it, not only addicted but so much addicted that they are ready to do anything for fake of their drug supply, the consumer however take full advantage of it and sell the drugs at very high prices. The import and export of drugs is a very profitable business but it is not legal in all the countries, no law gives the permission to provide drugs so the smuggling of drugs is very illegal.

3. Fake prize bonds:

Fake prize bonds Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

Lotteries and prize bonds are something which can attract the people easily, everyone wants easy money and prize bonds are easy money. You can start the fake prize bonds, sell thousands of bonds to people and at the end give the prize to some member of your company; his identity of course must be kept as a secret.


2. Imposter scam:

imposter scam Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

This one is really simple and is really efficient, you need find someone who’s relatives such as brother, children or grandchildren are some where abroad, then you call that person through the reference of a police station or a hotel and tell them that his/her relative is in deep trouble and urgently need money, you arrange some fake set-up to support your story, mostly old citizens can be easily trapped into this.

1.  Facebook:

facebook Top 10 Illegal Ways that can make you lot of Money

Face book these days has become a very vital and important component of people’s life, so important that they put their facebook profile above their real life. You can easily hack a person’s account and then ask his/her friends on facebook to send you some money urgently, or you can ask them to give you the credit card information etc.

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