Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

There are millions and millions of people in every country and there is always a need of a leader. Depending on the places in every country we have many different kind of leaders for the posts and work needed to be done for the improvement. All countries strive to become the number 1 nation while most try become the number 1 politician. Today the race to become the number 1 has take a greedy roots and people have started kill each other in order gain success. Most of the time a politician who tries to good and works hard always makes more enemies as being the one oppose crime and usually gets assassinated. A few of such well-known politicians who were assassinated are,

10. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : Ides of March (the 15th), 44 B.C

Time: unknown

Where: Hall of Pompey

Killed by:Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus

Why: Though a very old and history, Julius Caesar is a very important who has introduced a lot many things. His birth brought in a lot of difference in the Roman History. When Julius build up a partnership with Pompey, he also got on good terms with Marcus Licinius. He got more and more involved in politics and increase in his power and people support. He became more popular and many other politicians feared his success. His former enemies were even more jealous with Caesar’s success and they killed him.

9. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : April 4, 1968

Time: 6:01 p.m

Where: Lorraine Motel

Killed by: James Earl Ray

Why: Martin Luther was shot from a sniper’s bullet while he was standing and relaxing in the hotel room. He was immediately taken to nearby hospital where he was declared dead by 7:05 p.m. A strong follower of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther was a spokesperson for the then non-violent protest in the civil rights movement. Though he tried in all the ways he can to follow non-violence, due some indifference other people started violent methods. This caused a lot of distress to King and later he came to Memphis for a march of non-violence. At this incident many started to take on more of violence methods. Martin wanted to stop this. In Memphis there was indifference with the black and white and it caused a strike from the workers and Kind was asked to lead the crowd. King was very much distressed with all the violence which was increasing and on April 4th they had another meeting to attend to. When Martin Luther King was getting ready to leave he entered the balcony of the motel and then he was shot by a .30-06 caliber rifle bullet which had entered his right jaw, then through his neck, cutting his spinal cord and damaging his shoulder blade. Martin Luther King Jr. died at the age of 39 and he one of those great politicians remembered all over the world for his fight against the cruelty of humankind. Marthin Luther King is regarded as the Greatest Leader in World History.

8. Harvey milk

Harvey milk Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : November 27, 1978

Time: not known

Where: City Hall

Killed by: Dan White

Why: Sean Penn whining performance of the Hollywood movie gave a picture of who was Harvey Milk and what did he do. Milk is a politician and also a social activist who fought for the rights of the gay community. However he became well-known for his activities of the rights of gay and lesbians, he was also a man who fought for many other things to bring on a change and improve the country in various things such as education, public transportation, childcare and many such other areas. He started working as a teacher in New York and later he shifted between many other jobs and landed in Bache and Company in 1963. After trying on many other jobs he returned back to New York where he started his political career. Being a political supervisor Milk became more popular on fighting against the treatment towards the gay, minorities, workers and elderly. He helped in bringing more gay people into police services. He became a prominent figure of the Castro Street. Dan White was the ex supervisor who fought against Milk and protested all his upbringing agendas. On November 27, 1978 he killed both Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone. Today Milk is one of the famous activist remembered for his works and protest for the gay people.

7. Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : May 21, 1991

Time: Around 10 p.m.

Where: Sriperumbudur

Killed by: LTTE

Why: One of the most brutal way to kill a politician is the death of the Indian former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi with a bomb explosion. This was one of the tragic incident in Indian history as it created a great distress among the public. Along with him there were many others who died on that, and it was a painful experience for the people who survived it.

One of the prominent Prime Minister, who was an idealist for many youngsters was suppose to attend an election campaign which was arranged in the place mentioned above. It was believed that he encouraged initially for the LTTE with ammunition and other arms but later when LTTE as a fascist organization turned against him and feared that Rajiv Gandhi can cause problems to their group and even can annihilate them. Hence the leader of LTTE Prabhakaran along with others made a master plan to eliminate Rajiv and they planned the bomb explosion. Around 14-15 people died along with him in the bomb blast on the day of his death.

6. Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : October 31, 1984

Time: 9:20 AM

Where: Garden of Prime Minister Safdarjung Road, New Delhi Residence

Killed by: Beant Singh and Satwant Singh

Why: Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi is the third Prime Minister of India and daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, who is admired on great grounds. She followed in her father footsteps and became the president of the Congress party after the demise of her father. Later the party people elected her as the Prime Minister. Indira brought on a lot changes in the agricultural development of the country and was considered as the hero of the time. In the year 1980 a Sikh controversy started against to her policies and she repressed the movements. The Sikh extremist held a campaign inside their holy place, the Golden Temple. She ordered about 70,000 soldiers to curb the ongoing campaign and stop it. In this incident more than 450 people died and most of the Sikhs were angered.

On 31st October her own bodyguards who belonged to the Sikh religion killed her while she was walking from her residence to go to a meeting. Her guards Beant Singh fired three rounds into her abdomen and Satwant Singh fired thirty rounds of different kind of fire arms. Beant Singh said after threwing down the weapon as “I have done what I have to do, now you do what you have to do”. Later he was killed by the soldiers as he tried to attack an officer. Satwant Singh was hanged in the year 1989. She is a woman well remebered for her speech on woman and admired worldwide for supporting women and being an inspiration for women power and strength.

5. Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : December 27, 2007

Time: 18:16 (PST)

Where: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Killed by: unknown motorcycle rider

Why: Benazir Bhutto, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan is a woman who came from a strong political family background. She had her higher education and graduation in U.S and later back and was kept in a house arrest. When her father was convicted and hanged for authorizing the murder of an opponent, Benazir was elected as the PPP leader. She was elected as the first woman Prime Minister when she had given birth to her son and than after few years she got in trouble with law. She was charged for corruption while she was in Britain and Dubai and was charged for three years of Prison. Later she was allowed to come back home based on certain agreements. She was attacked at first, and though she was not hurt much about 136 people died. When she stood for the second time and she was in an election campaign she was attacked and was killed along with 28 people died and around 100 people injured.

4. Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi1 Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : January 30, 1948

Time:5:17 P.M

Where: Birla House, New Delhi

Killed by: Nathuram Godse

Why: A man who is followed all over the world for his methods of fighting and who has inspired in many ways, Mahatma Gandhi is the father of Indian nation. Gandhi had been a most important freedom fighter for India’s independence fro British. Gandhi fought for Indians rights in Chicago for 20 years and than returned back to India. Once he was back he became an important person in fighting for the freedom. Many became his followers in Ahimsa and Sathyagraha way of fighting. He was known for non-violence methods. British could not put him in any spot of guilty and they came to respect him too. There was many incidents in the entire freedom fight where Gandhi has fought with a strong belief in his principles, and one of them well famous is the Salt March. Gandhi was attacked a few more times, and later when India and Pakistan got separated into two different nations many blamed it on Gandhi as he being responsible for it. On the ill fateful day when Gandhi was going to his prayers he was shot by Nathuram Godse at point blank with three shots on his chest.

3. John. F. Kennedy

John. F. Kennedy Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : November 22, 1963

Time:12:30 pm

Where: Dallas

Killed by: Lee Harvey Oswald

Why: Looks like the plots are always made to kill a political figure who might seem most likely to win in an upcoming elections, and yes! John F. Kennedy’s assassination also had one similar reasons. Being popular is never an easy thing to live with. He was not as interested in studies as a child, but later in college he realized the need of it and his potential. He finished his graduation and joined the navy. He got a heroic medal as well. Due to a back injury he returned back to his civil life. Later he participated for a seat in the U.S. Senate. In 1960 he defeated the Nixon and became the 35th president of United States of America. On November 21, 1963 he flew to Dallas to appear in a campaign, and while he was driving in a convertible car, a warehouse worker Lee Harvey Oswald fired at Kennedy twice. He was a very prominent president and was believed to have brought many changes in the government to improve and he was always measure one of the best as much as Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

2. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : April 14, 1865

Time:10:15 pm

Where: Ford’s Theater, Washington D.C

Killed by: John Wikes Booth

Why: Lincoln is one of the most able and prominent president who is loved by many. He is one of those who came up hard in life, from struggling life to grow and than reaching up higher. He began his political career in the year 1834. He brought in a lot of changes into the government and worked towards the improvement of the country. During the civil war, he ended the war by bringing in lot of policies. But he was questioned by many other oppositions for his ways and demanded for a complete allegiance and repentance from former Confederates. On the ill fated date he was assassinated by John Wikes at Ford’s Theater

1. Malcolm X

Malcolm X Top 10 Famous Politicians who were Assassinated

Assassinated on : February 21, 1965

Time:10:15 pm

Where: Audubon Ballroom, Manhattan

Killed by: Talmadge Hayer, Norman 3X Butler, Thomas 15X Johnson

Why:Born in Omaha, Nebraska Malcolm was a civil rights activists. He quit from school before going to college and he started looking for jobs. He started selling drugs and was charged for a ten years jail imprisonment and while he was in prison he converted to the Nation of Islam. After he was free he traveled and joined with Elijah Muhammad. But later he broke this due to certain reasons. After changing names in Mecca he returned back to United States. On February 21, while he was about to deliver a speech, three gun men came on to the stage and pulled 15 shots at point blank. He is considered as one of a great political and spiritual leader of modern times.

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