Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

Wars are as old as mankind itself. No tragedy can be greater than war. At first there were wars of tribes, then came the states and after that came the countries. Well in the present world human race have even faced two world wars so I don’t need to give an introduction of wars to you. These wars has resulted in destruction of many tribes, religions and countries over the course of history. The wars can be deadly, deadlier and deadliest. This can be measured on the scale of casualties and the participation of countries. Wars affect the people involved even after it’s completion in form of diseases and refuse hence it affects a large part of the world population in a very bad way. So let’s discuss some of the deadliest wars in the world history.

10.)Second Congo War

Congo War II 300x199 Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

As the name suggests the war happened in Democratic Republic of the Congo. This war is known as the largest war of modern African history. The war took place within eight African nations along with 25 other armed groups and hence was involving near about 0.09% population of the world. The estimated casualties were near about 5.4 million and many millions more were affected.

9.)Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Wars 300x225 Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

Napoleonic Wars were an attempt or a conquest to restore the monarchy in Europe by bringing down the French government. The wars took place in Europe for a long period of 12 years from 1804-1815. The other European monarchies attacked France and Napoleon, the self proclaimed emperor. He was defeated at Waterloo on June 18, 1815. The total casualties were estimated around 5 million. These wars resulted in emergence of Britain as a super power.

8.)Russian Civil War

Russian Civil War Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

Russian Civil War took place from 1917-21 and it was also a series of battles just like that of Napoleon wars, just the casualties were lot more in number. The last Russian Tsar Nicholas II leaved his throne after 1917 February Revolution but later Bolsheviks executed him with his entire family. Soviet forces then gained control throughout the country. The war involved near about 0.5% population of the world along with 7.5 million casualties. The war had nearly led Russia to ruins and hence affected the power of the country a lot.

7.)Muslim Rebellion (Dungan Revolt)

Dungan Revolt Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

Also known as Dungan Revolt or Hui Minorities War the rebellion was a kind of religious war that was fought from 1862 to 1877. There were total 10 uprisings in the revolt to create a Muslim empire over China but the result was just opposite. The Hui people nearly destroyed themselves in this attempt as they got reduced by 91%. The war involved 10 million of casualties and hence depleted the Muslim population in China. Well a common misconception about the revolt is that it was against the Qing dynasty but there is no such evidence.

6.)Conquests of Timur

Timurid Empire Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

Timur, a controversial figure was the conqueror of Western and Central Asia was hungry for power. His conquests took place over a vast period of 37 years from 1369-1405. He was very contradictory in nature, for eg. he was a Ghazi but he affected many Muslim states severely. We can also consider his love for art in the same sense as he destroyed a number of great cities. He was the founder of Timurid dynasty. Due to his various conquests there were over 17 million of casualties. Some of the most terrifying examples being massacres of Delhi and Baghdad where 100 and 90 thousand of people had been killed respectively.

5.)World War I

World War 1 Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

The first global war of the world that took place from 1914 to 1918. It is also known as The Great War, it started from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by Gavrilo Princip, a Yougoslav nationalist. The war was between the Allies(Entente) Powers and Central Powers. As Allies had colonies everywhere across the world hence the war was global. Allies included France, Russian Empire, U.K., Serbia, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Spain and U.S. whereas Central were having German Empire, Austro-Hungarian empire, Kingdom of Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire. With more than 15 million casualties the war ended after surrender from Germany. It ceased existence of Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires and formed the Soviet Union.

4.)Taiping Rebellion

Taiping Rebellion Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

It looks like China have a special place in list due to the religious wars. The rebel continued from 1851 to 1864 . At that time China was mainly Buddhist and Confucius but a faction wanted to bring a Christianity form. Rebellions were leaded by Hong Xiuquan who considered himself as the smaller brother of Jesus Christ. He ascribed a new form of Christianity against the orthodox one. He was beaten by Qing dynasty after 15 years and till then more than 20 million lives were already lost.

3.)Qing Dynasty conquest of the Ming Dynasty

Qing dynasty conquest of the Ming Dynasty Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

Well Qing dynasty is also known as Manchu dynasty. In 1618 Nurchachi, a Manchurian leader asked Ming dynasty to pay him tributes as he had seized control over the Manchurian tribes from 1616 and his act was enough to start the war. Chinese peasants also started rebel in 1640. In 1644 rebellions won the Beijing and later on Manchurians also defeated the Shun Dynasty. The conquest took place from 1616 to 1662 and in the whole process more than 25 millions of lives were lost including both of military and that of civilian.

2.)Mongol Conquests

Mongol Empire Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

The Mongol Empire is the largest empire the world has ever seen and it is also considered as the bloodiest. It is said that the Mongol empire acquired more than 20% of the land on earth. The conquest was also the largest as they continued from 1207 to 1472. Both of its leaders Genghis Khan and his descendant Kublai Khan were known for their ruthlessness and they destructed entire towns and ordered executions of all the inhabitants whether be male or female. Their fear was so that once 100,000 of Chinese people committed mass suicide instead of facing them. The total casualties caused due to conquest were near about 45 million.

1.)World War II

World War II Top 10 Deadliest Wars in the World History

The seeds of this greatest war of all times were sown itself at the end of the First World War. This time the war was more global than The Great War. This time the world was divided between Allies and Axis powers. The war started with the 1939 invasion of Poland from Nazi’s. This time Allies consisted of British Empire, U.S.A, U.S.S.R., China, Brazil, Canada, Albania, Australia, Ethiopia, France, India, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Netherlands, Mexico, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Yugoslavia and Philippine Commonwealth whereas Axis consisted of Japan, Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. This war is specially known for Germany’s attempt for destroying Jews by Holocaust and thus killing over six million European Jews. This war is the only War in history of mankind where atomic bombs were used. War ended in 1945 with over 55 millions of death and hence being the bloodiest war of all times.

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