10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

The issue of safety has become a prime importance in today’s world, especially for women. With the increasing number in cases of rapes, molestation’s  kidnappings and other abuses and harassment towards women has led to an increase in the concern of safety for women. Right from self-defense training classes to a huge number of awareness lessons and programs, almost everything possible s being done to help a girl or a woman train herself to be prepared for any kind of attach and gesture by unknown men. Girls need to be taught and trained to keep themselves safe and secure at all times, so that she is able to roam about freely and need not be scared to leave the walls of her house. The deeply rooted problem of such abuses against women in the society has truly outraged the normal class society for sure, and thus there have been a lot of initiatives by private as well as government hands in order to attain this goal of creating a safe and secure environment for women. Here are some ways in which a girl can protect herself from unaware and unexpected gestures or signs of men abuse while alone.

10. Travel safety

Travel safety 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

It is always important to be safe and secure while you are travelling. Especially while going to resorts or isolated places or accommodating yourself in a hotel, always make sure and check when someone knocks at your door. Make sure that the person wanting to meet you expectedly at random places, especially when you are travelling are legitimate and they are the people whom you know and are authentic. There are a lot of people who forge themselves to be someone else and lure innocent girls into trouble and other harassment’s  Therefore, always be on the alert mode when you are travelling because you may never know how trouble might just come your way.

9. Cyberspace awareness

Cyberspace awareness 300x154 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

Cybercrimes have been increasing rapidly in this technologized world, and thus have increased the crimes rates against women. A lot of girls have been targets of various cybercrimes indulged in by random people. While communicating with unknown strangers over certain social networking sites, it is important to make yourself aware of the safety and security tips while communicating with people online. Always keep a nickname for yourself and try not revealing your real identity by not disclosing your personal details such as your home address, email id or your contact number.

8. Prevent Car-jacking

Prevent Car jacking 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

Being a girl, while you are driving your car, make sure to have a safety lock on all the doors of your car. There has been reported attacks against young girls and women when driving their car and stopping at road intersections. Criminals approach the car in the blind spot, and just tend to open the door if remained unlock and pull the girl sitting on the driver’s seat. Thus, always follow safety tips while you are driving your car, whether alone or with a company.

7. Home Safety

Home Safety 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

Criminals break into houses and attach girls and women. Before any such crime happens to you, please ensure that you have proper safety and secure locks at your home, other than the normal attached lock with your house doors. Also, never open the door unless and until you are 100 percent sure of who is on the other side of the door. Best tool is a keyhole through which you can find out the authenticity and legitimacy of the other person’s identity. Always keep different backup at home, such as different types of locks so that criminals find it tough to break into your home easily.

6. Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

This easy tool on the rise with women against men is surely a simple and feasible tool to carry it along with you. Yet the application and the results of the usage of such a defense tool has been found faulty at times, as it has been found out that nearly 10-15% people will not be affected by even a full face spray by the pepper spray machine. Thus, it is always safe not to rely ONLY on things and tools like pepper spray. Rather, trust only your body, your intuition and your wits to defend yourself from an attacker. Don’t rely alone on the other mechanism but trust your body mechanism solely and most importantly.

5. Prepare yourself mentally

Prepare yourself mentally 300x150 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

Even after a lot of defense mechanisms and other fighting guidelines and techniques, a lot of girls and women tend not to fight back against the attacker just so that they are afraid of probably making the attacker even more angry, and afraid that situation might just get worsened if not anything. This whole idea is wrong and it is important to understand that it is our moral and legal right to fight against any attackers, especially when you are introduced to something such as men abuse. Prepare yourself mentally that you should and you have to fight against any crime happening with you or with someone close to you. Always try attacking the eyes first and then attack the groin part of the male, but never stand defeated in front of an attacker. Always fight back no matter how scared or frightened or confused you mare. The first step is the last step.

4. Try to attract attention

Try to attract attention 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

When you are not sure of the criminal’s intention and cannot really predict as to what can happen next, always remember that the best way is to either escape or call for attention from other people around. Though escape might not be the most viable option always, it surely does work sometime when you just push the attacker one side and escape by running the other way. Else, if you find that the attacker is forcing you to get into a car with him or is insisting you to come along with him, shout for help, cry or yell and try attracting and gaining as much public attention as possible. Public attention will gain you support and will in turn make the attacker/criminal helpless and make him retreat, leaving him with no other option whatsoever.

3. Self-Defence training lessons

Self defence training lessons 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

Surely self-defence training methods and programs have been beneficial in training a normal girl or a woman to at least learn the basic of protecting herself and fighting against assaulters. Many of the self-defence training lessons have been found to be inadequate and inefficient when it comes to a girl actually protecting herself from a real life attack. Therefore, always pick up and go for training and practical methods of self-defence training ways so that you get an opportunity to actually practice what you have learnt. Only with practice will you be able to implement all your learnt training and safety guidelines, because just learning them will not help you safe yourself while in a sudden actual attack.

2. Take advantage of your sixth sense

Take advantage of your sixth sense 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

Women have this very precious and great gift of possessing a sixth sense. A girl can always come to know of the right and wrong approaches and of the health and unhealthy gestures and touches. So take advantage of it. The sixth sense of a girl or a woman can actually prevent halt the problem for her. The moment you feel something wrong has been happening around you or you feel uncomfortable with the presence of some else in the same place, always make sure to use your intuition and take a decision for your own, and then act towards it. But basically the point comes to women actually using their intuition and acting correctly and wisely. So never let your sixth sense go waste, use it to your best and protect yourself at all times.

1. Awareness

Awareness 10 Ways How Girls can Prevent themselves from Men Abuse

More than the above things, the most important tool for a girl or a woman to save herself is by making herself aware of the potential criminals and surroundings around her. A girl should know of all the possible crimes which could happen against her by men, and how be taught and made aware of some basic protection and safety training methods so as to lower down the intensity of such situations and crimes. Making a girl aware of such criminals and crimes in the society makes her mentally and; physically prepared to fight such situations and people, and thus protecting herself from the criminal minds of the society. Awareness is the key towards a healthy living for all the girls and women in the public.

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