10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

There are people who wish that their lives were free of all the troubles, they have to encounter obstacles every single day of their life, they always have to struggle for things in life, they have to work hard for every single penny, and then they say, life would have been so easy and beautiful if I do not have to face so many difficulties. The question arises here, if your life would have been the way you want it to be, if you would have gotten everything in your life without any combat, if would have never ever faced any obstacle in life then would your life have been worth a life?

The soul motive of life is to find the meaning of life and that meaning is hidden in the path which we have to cross during the time period of life, Life is a journey in which we encounter tons of disputes and dilemma so that we can understand the importance of a solution, we have to sometimes deal with the people we hate so that we learn to care for the people we love, we have to accept the things we don’t like so that we know the value of something we want, we have to work hard for so many days only to achieve that one which we desire from our heart because only then we will understand its true value. We do not always get the things we need, there some things which are not meant for us, we cannot have and its God’s decision and we cannot fight God, the best we can do is to acquire the acceptance mood, life becomes easier when we simply accept the things which we have and let go of the things which we cannot have. Fretting over them is not the solution, the people who understand this thing stay satisfied but there are people who do not possess the will power required for the acceptance mode.

When things do not go as per our wishes, it’s a natural thing that frustration will evolve, it is in the human nature to feel angry, there are people who know how to deal with this frustration & how to control their anger, you can do meditation or yoga, the best way however is to express, share your thoughts and problems with others. Yet there are people who do not share their problems with anyone, they let the anger and frustration grow within them and they feel completely overwhelm by the frustration, they then seek relief from the most basic thing, drugs, alcohol or cigarette. Drug consumption is not a legal thing globally but there are some countries where consuming drugs is legal, because they know that an unmoral act not be erased from the society just by hiding it, so the top 10 countries where consuming drug is legal are:

10. Canada:

canada1 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

The usage of drug in Canada is likely to be legal as the drug consummation is tolerated to a certain level. The usage of marijuana has been allowed but for the public use only, but the cultivation is still restricted.


9. India:

india 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

In India there is no such law against the consummation of drug, although it is considered as highly unmoral act in India but there are no strong penalties from the government. Many drugs such as “bhang” are a part of the society; it is used in many religious festivals and is a very vital component of these events.

8. North Korea:

north korea 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

The consummation of drug in North Korea is technically legal, in North Korea not only the consumption but the sale & growth of Cannabis is legal. The rate consuming rate in North Korea is very high and many people are dying with the passage of every single day.

7. Spain:

spain1 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

Spain is among the leading drug consuming countries of world, Spain also sees a lot of death and over dose of drugs. The consuming of Heroine and cocaine has been legalized in Spain and there is no penalty for the public use of drug.

6. England:

england 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

Few years back the consuming of drug was made legal in New Britain due to the medical needs, but however after seeing the increasing rate of drug consumers within the country the authorities decided to start some clinical program, which could help the people. But that program was unsuccessful and with the passage of time the numbers of death rate has increased very much. Now the government is again thinking about starting some clinical program because the death rate has reached its peak.

5. Australia:

australia1 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

The people living in Australia had been trying to get the usage of drugs legalized since the 1970s but have had no luck with it. However In 2011, the criminal penalties were lifted against the consuming of drug. Now in Australia the consuming of drug has now become legal, this country has one of the highest percentages of marijuana smokers in the world

4. Italy:

italy1 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

In Italy the consumption of drug is legal and it is one of the countries which have highest drug rate. Day by day the number of people using heroine is rising which also increases the number of deaths. The authorities however are not capable of doing anything to cease the increasing rate, in Italy you find people doomed in drugs in their cars, public places and cars, even the teenagers are lost in this drug consuming web.


3. Czech republic:

czech republic 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

A lot of countries in Europe have no criminal penalties against the people who consume drugs; Czech Republic being in Europe is the second country after Portugal where there are negligible penalties against the people who consume drug. There is a certain limit in Europe on how much amount of marijuana a person can buy.

2. Netherlands:

netherlands 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

In Netherlands they consider the drug consummation as a health problem not a criminal issue. There are no strict punishments for those who take drug. In Amsterdam which is the capital of Netherlands, you can easily buy drug from any of the coffee shop, you can even choose from the menu cards. Buy drugs there is pretty normal. There is no harsh punishment against the drug usage, the law (which is of no value) has divided the drug into two categories; the hard drug and soft drug, the penalties depend on the quality of drug but there is no such implementation of these laws.


1. Portugal:

 10 Countries where Drug Consuming is Legal

Portugal is the only country in Europe where the criminal penalties against the usage of drug is zero percent, in 2001 all the penalties were lifted but they started providing therapies to the people who consume drugs, and over the past years the ratio of drug consumers have reduced to half and more & more people have diverging towards these therapies.

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