Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

It has been proved that the things which a child learns or the habit which he acquires before he is 10 years old they remain with him for the rest of his/her life. It has been scientifically found out that a person’s mind can be easily stimulated till he has not reached the age of 10, during the first 10 years of life the brain is very raw & flexible therefore it is very easy to make it accustomed to habits. After the 10 years the brain adapts a routine, after which it is not easy to change it. As the person grows old the flexibility of the brain decreases, it becomes very hard to leave the habits which you acquire during the childhood.

Many people face a lot of trouble in their professional and adult life due to some nasty habits which they have from their childhood, sometime a fear or sometime an addiction leads them towards trouble or loss. When a child is growing up it becomes the responsibility of the parents or guardians to make sure that the child is getting all the things he need, not just the physical needs but ingredients for his character building and spiritual growth. In order to make your child successful he should not only grow physically but he should also grow mentally and spiritually. Rather than providing a child with the effective & constructive characteristic, the guardian should pay head to protect him from the unethical, unmoral and destructive substance.

The child should always be under the care of a mentor, until he becomes mature enough to differentiate between the right and wrong, but till the moment arrives the guardian should be fully aware of the child activities, the kind of people he plays with, what kind of games he plays and most importantly what he watches on TV. Television has become the most prominent factor in the annihilation of a society, the biggest problem with the generation of today is that whatever they see on social media, they try to adopt it, without considering the fact that the life shown on media is not real, it is an absolute lie with no room for reality. The children for instant are not mature enough to understand these things, whatever they see on TV, they try to do the same thing or try to become the same person therefore it is very important to protect the child from these kind of role models, the top 10 worst role model for the children are:

 10. Aladdin:

Aladdin Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

This fictional cartoon character exists in the animated film and cartoon serials created by Disney production. The reason why this character can be a bad influence to the children is that he is an absolute goon. He wears no proper clothing, even it is the dress code of the environment Aladdin lives in but still you would not want your child dressed up like him.  Moreover he is a thief and steals for a living, he has a monkey with whom he performs at the circus. The character of Aladdin is not something any parent would want their child to get inspiration from, Aladdin is an orphan, has no home due to which he lives on the streets, has no proper education. But your child is not an orphan and he definitely has a home.

9. Ed, Edd and Eddy:

ed edd eddy Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

Ed, edd and eddy are three friends who are in their teenage hood; basically the theme is based on comedy which is why these three boys are portrayed as complete fools, immature, clumsy, greedy, mean and clownish. The sole aim for their life is to buy their favorite candy “jawbreaker” and for that they keep on inventing schemes to make the money for it, they try to steal, snatch and borrow. In a nutshell they do everything possible to make money, never thinking about the anyone or anything This is the kind of behavior which is not accepted in real world, but when you child will see this cartoon they would assume that it is no harm in stealing or doing fraud.

8. Tiffany, sonny with a chance:

tiffany sonny with a chance Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

Tiffany is the character of girl in the Disney series, “sonny with a chance”; her character is of a very jealous girl. Most of the time she is standing in front of the mirror admiring her beauty. Moreover she is a jealous of sonny’s fan following and success, she is always hiding sonny’s letters from her fans and trying to prove herself better than sonny. No parent on his right mind would want their child to become like tiffany.

7. Ravi Ross, Jessie:

ravi ross jessie Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

Ravi Ross is 10 years old boy who is adopted by the Ross family, the second eldest among the four children Ravi has come from India. After adoption he came to America where he is leading a completely different life. Although he is very much excited by the new life but he is not able to completely settle in the new environment.  He uses maxims which are not less than any kind of abuse, the children watching the cartoon can learn the bad words.

6. Dora, Dora the explorer:

dora dora the explorer Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

Dora the explorer may seem like very informative kind of cartoons and it is very constructive up to an extent but it can be of certain disadvantages to your child. The theme of this cartoon revolves around a little girl who goes around in the jungle all alone to rescue animals. The animals shown are completely harmless and friendly, the jungle too is pictures as a very safe location. But in real life the jungles and forest are not safe, nor are the wild animals friendly. The child who watches Dora the explorer will assume that the jungles are a very safe place, and would consider wild animals as their best friend but those animals can seriously harm your child.

5. Mr. crabs, SpongeBob square pants:

mr.crab spongebob squarepants Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

SpongeBob square pants is basically a story of town which is settled deep in the ocean, the main character is SpongeBob who works at the restaurant owned by Mr. crab. Mr. Crab is a completely greedy person, all he cares for is money, and he is constantly bullying SpongeBob. Not just SpongeBob but he is rude to every person in the town. This kind of character can be of a very bad influence to your child.

4. Fairy tales:

fairy tales Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

The princesses being portrayed in the cartoons or the fairy tale are basically good for nothing, they are the princesses so they never have to do any work, the prince would always come and save them, they never have to study or work hard. But in real life things do not work out like this. A girl needs to independent, hard working, educated and should be well aware of the face that there is no prince coming. The people who have the influence of fairy tales on their minds since childhood find it very hard to cope with the real world

3. Mojo jojo, power puff girls:

mojo jojo power puff girls Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

Mojo jojo is an evil monkey, in the beginning he was a good monkey but jealousy made him evil. The desire to take revenge from the professor has compelled him to destroy the whole town. Mojo jojo is a living example of revenge, jealousy and destruction.

2. Megan, drake and josh:

megan drake and josh Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

Drake and josh are two step brothers whose mother and father got married; Megan their half sister is born out of that marriage. Megan is the most evil little girl you would ever see, she is 8 – 10 years old but she is very wicked. She never respects her elder brothers and is always creating trouble for him; she plots evil schemes against her brother.


1. jerry, Tom and Jerry:

jerry tom and jerry Top 10 Worst Role Models for Children

Tom and Jerry is the world’s most renowned cartoon; the plot of the series is very simple and unique. The cat “tom” and a mouse “jerry” are the pets of the same house. Jerry is always stealing food from kitchen and refrigerator, tom out of his duty is always trying to stop him. Jerry has made tom’s life hell, bothering and beating him in every possible way with a hammer, iron, frying him on the stove, shooting him. Jerry can trigger all the un ethical ideas in your child’s mind.

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