Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

There are people of all kinds. People who are crazy, people who are sane; people who would do anything to grab eyeballs their way. People who would go out of their ways and get  their eyes tattooed, and people who skateboard to death. They’d jump  from the 160th floor of Burj Khalifa if need be (obviously wearing harnesses icon razz Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles ). But HAIRSTYLES? Who’d play around with them and make an utter ITEM out of themselves, all for seeking attention?

Whoa. Weird ain’t it? :O

Well that’s just not it.

We spend our lives seeing ourselves in the mirror and girls go frenzy if even one strand of their hair falls apart. But what you’re going to see right now is out of the world.  icon evil Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

So here’s a list of the strangest, wackiest, weirdest hairdos ever !

 10. Animal Hair ! :O

animal hair 157x300 Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

 Goat on your head, anyone?

What in the world the person who designed this hairstyle was thinking when he started up this bizarre experiment?!  And have a look at the dog one. This one would totally turn heads. Imagine somebody going out in the  streets and all the pet and stray dogs start barking.  Be it Megan Fox, Carmen Electra or someone as outrageous as Pamela Anderson, no body will even pay heed to their faces if they have this hairstyle up their head. You should  definitely be a sport to carry that one! icon wink Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

 9. Nigerian Footballers!

west indies footballers 300x224 Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

 Nigerian foot ball players surely made a mark once. They did, trust me. Not with their game but with these bang on hair. Bright green braids pulled up tight. They look like little bushes sprouting up on their hair. Jokes apart, this hairstyle did shake everybody. A number it was. Featured, Taribo West was a superb defender in his team. Lets see how he defends it.

So who’s going green today?

 8.  Hairy Spectacles? 

Hairy Spectacles Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

 Meet the Spartans. 

This guy must have loves the taken the movie very seriously. Who does that to his or her hair? Not even when you’re a huge Gerard Butler from 300 fan. And the spectacles. Aren’t they a class apart? Home made ones so that you don’t need to go buy it from an optician and that allowance goes into your pocket. Sweet.

 7. The Afro Cap

The Afro Cap Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

This is amazing. Grow your hair. Trim them up. Style them over. A little bit of hair spray here and there and VIOLA!

You have an exotic Afro Cap on your head. I actually like this concept of a cap. It’s pretty interesting, but again it’s pretty weird to get a haircut like that.

PS : Saves you from the rain as well.

 6. Hair after an electric shock

Hair after an electric shock Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

 We all have seen Center Shock Advertisements, haven’t we? Remember how they eat the candy and up goes their hair like this woman in the picture? I’m sure everyone of us as a kid has tried eating that candy to see if it does the same to our hair. Well, now you’d probably get to know how it is done.  This hairstyle is still common in youngsters, though in a much less exaggerated form, what we know as Mohawks and Hedgehogs.

 What beauty! icon biggrin Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

5. Wild Spikes

wild spikes Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

Ooh he’s got the style. Set Wet. icon wink Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

No wonder how he did this, the magic lies in Vertical Hold Hair Gels. Defying Gravity. I wish Isaac Newton was alive to see this marvel.  The Mohawk  is a hairstyle in which, in the most common variety, both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of   longer hair in the center. 

How did they even come up with this. 

I have a picture of a boy running in my mind who tried to use his dad’s shaving kit for the first time, (Adolescents, I tell you) and he blew off his hair from one side of his head. Now that looked tacky, so went around the shaved the other side off too. He left the hair in the middle right there, just for the sake of it and Bravo! TREND ALERT. A more outrageous version of the Mohawks, this man must surely have the guts to carry it. Sheer madness. But then these are the weirdest hairstyles. What more could you expect?

 4. Face Shaved on Head

face shaved into hair Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

 There’s  not a better way to scare children off their wits. Seriously, this guy has broken all the demarcations God has made on our faces, the ones which differentiate our faces from our head. Imagine a face that ends into another. Cool ain’t it? And you can always show the other one if the former gets bored. Imagine sitting in the class in a boring lecture when you’re super sleepy, all you have to do is turn your back towards the teacher, and sleep peacefully. It might be one of the coolest Halloween attires as well.  Hats off to the imagination, and to the stylist as well.

 3. Statue of Liberty

Statue of liberty Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

Now we all agree that the statue of liberty is a great historical monument,but looking like that is a crime. This amazing  hairstyle is guaranteed to make even the most patriotic American disown this look, haha, they say too much of everything is bad; I agree. Heights of patriotism. Need I say more? 

 2. Guitar on my mind?

 Bizarre Haircuts Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

 Have a fetish for music? Violins? Guitars? Or just a fetish of masterpieces? Here’s what you should be up to. Now who goes about putting Musical instruments on their heads. They do. Miss Lush Lips is smiling right now when she steps out I’m sure she’d be a huge laughing stock.  And even God above will laugh out loud when he sees this wacko.  #Weirdest.   

 1. Helicopter Haircut

The Helicopter Hair Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

Now who wants to fly? we’re providing personalised wings, right on your head. icon razz Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

icon mrgreen Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles

This haircut surely tops the list of the weirdest hairstyles of all times. The Young Lady in the picture thinks she’s blowing everybody’s hearts with this hairstyle. I’d say its not hearts, its BRAINS in this case. This hairstyle literally proved that we all are different. In thinking, of course, she looks different, doesn’t she?

 So here ends this list, we’re thankful for your time. icon smile Top 10 Weird Funny Hairstyles  

Tip of the day: Don’t make a fool out of yourself. Leave that to others.

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