Top 10 Villains of Bollywood

The world of Bollywood has undergone a massive change. In today’s time the movies are focusing on the entertainment factor. We have multi starers , international locations , fast music etc. But if we recall and compare the movies from the olden era we will find that those movies had a pattern. What was needed to make a successful movie was the perfect union of hero , heroine and not to be forgotten a villain. These negative characters were very important for the making of any movie. The older movies always came with a message that good wins over the bad. As there were great actors and actresses loved by the people and preferred by the directors there were at the same time prefect villains. The world of Bollywood has seen some of the greatest negative characters that always gave our beloved actors the hardest time of their lives. The following are the top 10 villains of Bollywood.


10. Ajit (Lion).
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The terrific and stylish villain of the industry who set a standard for the negative characters. He was seen as the king of underworld in many movies like Yaadon Ki Baarat where in he served perfectly. His famous dialogue that immortalised him is “saara shehar mjhe lion ke naam se janta he. ” It is still remembered by us. The other catchy statement that he made was ” Mona darling.” He had his own charm in being the negative one.


9. Shakti Kapoor (Balma).
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He is not exactly a negative actor. Shakti is few of those actors in Bollywood who have been versatile throughout their career. He has played all the roles from servant to brother and of course the villain. His name in the movie Chalbaaz “balma” was memorized by all. He has been a part of villains since the start of his career. And to date he remains one of the famous villains Bollywood has seen.


8. Anupam Kher (Dr. Dang)
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He is yet another star in the industry who has not been restricted to a character type. Throughout his career he has acted in almost every possible role from a helpless father to the destructive villain. As a villain he is best known for his character in Dilip Kumar starer Karma as Dr. Dang. His dialogue “is thappad ki gunj ki gunj tumhe zarur sunayi degi” became a trademark of the film. He sure is one of the industry’s most talented actors.


7. Gulshan Grover (Bad Man).
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No list of a villain can end or be completed without his name on it. He revolutionized the role of villains with his ability to experiment with his roles. In his era he was offered many roles on the positive side of the story but he kept turning them down. He loved the image he had created. He was a brand and that too a valuable one in the world of villains and he wished to keep that. Rejecting all the other offers he remained consistent with his bad image and still continues to do so. He was a famous rapist on screen. His dialogue Bad Man got so famous that he got the tittle of bad man and is still popularly known as that.


6. Pran (several).
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Who does not know this handsome man who revolutionized the film industry with his husky voice and acting talent. Currently 92 years of age Pran has worked in over 300 films. Pran was a terrific villain of his era. He is termed as the villain of the millennium  Also the prestigious CNN listed him on the list of 25 most influential person in Asia in 2010. His roles will always be remembered be it Pathar ke sanam or Ram or Shyam in which he played step brother to Dilip Kumar . Such was the impact of this man that parents stopped naming their children as Pran. Seeing this he started acting on the other side and developed an equally admirable positive image.


5. Danny Denzongpa (Kancha Cheena).
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He surely created a name for himself in the industry with his manly voice and acting skills. This man ( Indian Gorkha ) coming from Sikkimese origin rocked Bollywood with his acting power. He acted in many big films giving influential performances . He was awarded the Padma Shree one of the prestigious civilian awards given by the Indian Government  His character in the movie Agneepath “Kancha Cheena” was epic. Be it Chatur singh Chita of Krantiveer or Balwantrai of Ghayal he has been responsible for the success of these movies.


4. Ranjit. (several)
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He brought with him the era of small time villains. Until then the villains were the underworld kings having all the power in their hands. With Ranjit came a new image of a villain. The fact that a villain can also be a local goon he need not be a most wanted all over. He mostly acted as the under-man of the mafia king. He was and is popularly known as the rapist of the industry. In most of his movies he was found to have ruined the women. He was a terror for the ladies and a threat to the heroes. Such was his reign that young girls use to hide when he use to come on the screen. It goes without saying that he revolutionized the villain world by portraying as a young and devilish man.


3. Sadashiv Amrapurkar (Maharani).
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He is one of the most terrific actors of his time. He was not like any other villain out there. He was neither a gorgeous man nor had a texture to his voice. But he had a talent that was unbeatable. He rocked the people with his ferocious performance in the movie “Sadak” where he was a Kinner named Maharani. He has given great performances in various movies.


2. Amjad Khan (Gabbar).
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He has become eternal with his character Gabbar. The impact his acting skills made were so tremendous that people watched Sholay to get to see him. He became a terror for the people. His dialogue “kitne admi the?” is one of the most used dialogues around. The character Gabbar truly made him a star over night.


1. Amrish Puri (Mugambo).
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He was the ultimate villain the industry could see. He was a power house. From his voice to his expressions he knew how to create terror. He has acted in hundreds of movies each one adding to his achievements. His role in Mr.India as Mogambo has made him immortal. He is still remembered for his line “Mogambo khush hua.” Be it any of his film ; no other actor in this category can ever stand upto him. He was and will be the best villain of Bollywood.

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