Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

Volcanoes present in the sea or oceans are known as underwater volcanoes or Submarine volcanoes. These volcanoes, after eruption, can also eject up in the air. Such underwater volcanoes are formed when the rocks on the surface of the oceans or seas comes in the molten state and erupts. Also, when two tectonic plates collides or melts, volcanoes can be formed. Therefore, underwater volcanoes are found in the regions where there are tectonic plates movements. The chaos caused by the volcanic eruptions, have resulted in loss of life and property in the civil areas near them. The places near such volcanoes were evacuated and people were left homeless. The volcanoes erupt magma which is highly dangerous for the human beings and other forms of life present there. underwater volcanoes emit magma in the sea and hence, destroying the complete aquatic life. The following volcanoes mentioned below are the few of the greatest underwater volcanoes found so far.

#10. Kolumbo, Santorini Island

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In the north-east direction of Cape Kolumbo, at about 8 kilometres, Santorini Islands are present. This is a very active, in fact the most active, underwater/submarine volcano. This island and volcano is located in the Aegean Sea. This is also a very large volcano and is on the list of one of the largest volcanoes present underwater. Though this volcano is highly active, no major eruptions have occurred since a very long time. However, the terror of this volcano remains in the world until now.

#9. Mt Marsili, Europe

Mt. Marshi 300x137 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

This volcano lies in Europe. Scientists have shown keen interest towards examining this volcano since a very long time. They have been studying and monitoring the behaviour of this volcano since a long time. This is one the biggest submarine volcanoes in Europe and in the world. This mountain elevates up to a height of 9800 feet that too, from the sea bed of Tyrrhenian Sea. This eruption can lead to large tides and tidal waves in the southern region of Italy.

#8 Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Aleutian Islands 300x137 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

This is a recent addition to the list of underwater volcanoes. In Alaska, there lie Aleutian Islands. The shape of the island and the volcano is that of a cone. The volcano has now become an active one. The volcano is geographically present below the surface of water very near to Amchitka Pass. Amchitka Pass comes in between when you go to Bering Sea from Pacific Ocean. The volcano rises to an altitude of 1,903 feet. The scientists say that the eruption of this volcano is unpredictable and that it can happen at any point of time.

#7. Morro Rock, California

Morro Rock California 300x137 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

If you have never heard of the “Nine Sisters” volcanoes, then you should know that more than many million years back, volcanoes named “Nine Sisters” were formed. Morro Rock was a portion of the “Nine Sisters”. This lies in Morro Bay Harbour in California. The scientists keep on monitoring and examining this rock volcano constantly. According to them, this volcano is no longer active. Its base consists of broken boulders. This fantasies the visitors. The tourists and visitors have the permission to have a closer view of the volcanic plug in the rock and therefore they can travel close to the rock.

#6. Brothers Volcano, New Zealand

newzeland 300x137 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

The Brothers Volcano lies in New Zealand. The volcano is present at a depth of 1850 metres down in the sea. This volcano is a part in the Kermadec Arc. Karmadec Arc lies in the northeast direction of New Zealand at a distance of 400 kilometres. The volcano is not active now, but has known to be erupted thousands of years back.

#5. Coast Of Tonga

coast of tonga 300x200 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

About a little more than 30 km from the Falcon Island, lies the Hunga Tonga. This volcano is located in the seismic zone and at a distance of 65 miles from it. It extends till northeast Fiji from New Zealand. Many volcanoes erupted underwater near this island. In 1912, the first volcano was erupted here. Then onwards, scientists have studied the behaviour of these underwater volcanoes. Again, in 2009 on 18th of March, two tectonic plates melted down and that consumed a large amount of heat energy and pressure. This melting down of the plates caused a big eruption.

#4. Loihi Volcano

loihi 300x200 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

Loihi Volcano is located in Hawaii. High Island of Hawaii has this Loihi Volcano in its southeast. The volcano is geographically a mountain located undersea. The altitude of this undersea mountain is more than 3000 metres above the water level in Pacific Ocean. The Loihi Volcano is, sometimes, called youngest volcano. Though the volcano was discovered in the year 1970, the scientists thought of it as a regular sea mount. The later in 1996, they claimed this to be an active volcano when the first eruption from this mountain took place. There were small earthquakes occurring in the Loihi since then.

#3. Eldfell Volcano, Iceland

eldfell 300x200 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

In the Heimaey Island in Iceland, there lies Eldfell Volcano which is at a height of 600 feet. In 1973, January, the Icelandic town of Vestmannaeyjer, experienced the first ever volcanic eruption from Eldfell. This first experience was a shock for the people of the town as there was no warning about volcanic eruption. The eruption was so large that it destroyed the whole town and the Heimaey Island was, then, evacuated immediately. There were many eruptions from Eldfell after that. The location of the island is major factor for the eruptions. It is situated over the mid-Atlantic ridge.

#2. Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu

Yasur volcano 270x300 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

In Vanuatu, Tannu Island is located. In Tanuu Island, there lies Yasur Volcano, which is one of the very active volcanoes of the region. In the year 1774, Yasur volcano was discovered. Its discovery was lead by the eruption, which took place there in the same year. The volcano is erupting actively and frequently from the last 800 years or so. Clouds of smokes are formed everywhere which is because a strong shock-wave is started just before the eruption occurs. The rocks turns into molten chalk, which is the erupted with a huge explosion. In the daylight, they appear to be dark and gray in colour but as soon as it approaches to night, the shade of orange starts appearing.

#1. Sumatra, Indonesia

sumatra 300x272 Top 10 Underwater Volcanoes in the World

Sumatra Island is situated in Western Indonesia. Sumatra is the largest island of the country. In the list of world’s largest islands, Sumatra holds the sixth position. This is not just a single mountain but also a chain of mountains. The Sumatra is more than 4600 metres in height and 50 kilometres in the diameter under the ocean. This range of mountain contains a range of approximately 90 volcanoes out of which 15 volcanoes are listed as active volcanoes. The unforgettable and tragic Tsunami in Asia of the year 2004 was initiated by the underwater earthquake which was recorded in Sumatra.

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