Top 10 Things we know about Hell-Dreadful

Life is full of injustice, people say that do good and you will get good in return and if you do bad you will get bad in return; this statement is of course just a saying. You do get the result of your deed within your life but there are times we you do not get any good in return, a person who has done only bad things in life enjoys a very content life which is full of endowments and blessing, whereas a man who has done only good in thing in life never gets a fruit full result, people get discouraged when such a thing happens. In life there are two results of everything, first is the one which we get in this material world and the second one is that we will get in the spiritual world, after death.

World is just a imaginary place, although it seems real but it is not, the beauty of this world is a lie which tries to deceive us, it is the beauty of this momentary world which compels us to do stuff we are not supposed to do, we all know that we will all die and leave this world one day but we try everything in our power to expand this journey of ours, we start to assume that maybe we will live here forever, but we won’t, one day this dream will end and after that we will go towards our real destination. Question arises, what is our real destination? What does it look like? Will it be similar to earth? What kind of life we will have after death? And the list never stops. People often give very detailed explanation in the answer of this question but the truth is, we do not know, no one has the answer.

God is full of surprises therefore he has not comprehended the idea of life after death, but there are few hint which he has given to us, for example all the people after death will either go to hell or heaven. The people who have done good deeds in their lives will go to heaven and those who have done bad deeds will go to hell. The people who do not get a fruitful result of their good deeds will be awarded after death and same is the case for the sinners, God has given us few idea but what kind of places heaven and hell will be, heaven will be a very marvelous place full of blessing where as hell will be a terrible place, so the ten things which we know about hell are:

10 Wicked people will go there:

wicked people will go there Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

All those people who do really bad stuff in this life, they get punished within this world as well as the other world. They may get spared in this world but there are no chances of escape after death, they will be condemned in the hell forever and they will stay there for the rest of their life.

9. There is no coming back:

there is no coming back Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

In tom and jerry cartoon, they had this episode in which tom died and he was sent to hell, in hell the minister gave tom a second chance and gave them an agreement, he was given a certain time in which he would go back to earth and ask jerry for forgiveness, if jerry agrees to sign the papers then tom will not have to go hell. The thing is that no such thing is going to happen, once you are dead, your deeds cannot be erased, you will go to hell and nothing can save you, you won’t be given a chance to go back.

8. You will stay there forever:

you will stay there forever Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

Yes you will have to stay in hell forever, the lifetime in earth is limited and very brief, but that lifetime will be very long, we cannot even imagine that lifetime, we have often heard the term forever but we never understand its true meaning, in this earth forever means till the last day of earth, here forever too has an ending but there, forever is forever, there is no ending, once sent to hell then you will stay there forever.

7. Horrible punishments will be given:

horrible punishments will be given Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

As hell is for the people who have done bad deeds in their life, therefore they will be condemned in this place forever, not only condemned forever but they will have to bear the punishments for all the bad things they did in their life, the punishments will be so horrible and brutal that we can’t even imagine.

6. Hell is a massive furnace:

Hell is a massive furnace Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

Hell is made up fire only, the place is an inferno which keeps on burning all the time, the temperature will be so high that humans won’t be able to stand it, but they will have to endure it, they will not have any choice, no chance of appeal at all.

5. You won’t die there:

you wont die there Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

When we are here in this world, there is a limit to what amount of pain our body can resist, when the pain crosses that limit, our body does not have the immunity power to sustain it and the soul departs from the body, end of the story. But in hell, things are not like hell, you will have to sustain the pain, you will not die, no matter if your body is completely burned but you will stay alive and you will have to endure the pain.

4. You won’t get any water in hell:

You won’t get any water in hell Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

Since hell is made up fire, you won’t find any water there, you will feel as if you are dying of thirst but you will not die, you will have to feel the thirst, the desire of water, but you will never get any water there.

3. You will grow old:

you will grow old Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

There is this concept about heaven that you will always stay young there so that you can enjoy all the energies and beauty of young age, but in hell the case is completely opposite, there you will continue to grow old and old, you will get weaker day by day but you will stay alive.

2. Even people with good deeds can go to hell:

Even people with good deeds can go to hell Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

Technically people with bad deeds will have to go to heaven but there are some people who have done many good things in life but they will can go hell because sometimes even a small tiny act of yours can upset God, and as a result God can send you to hell. The point is that we cannot question God; we will have no choice but to accept his decision.

1. You can also go to hell:

you can also go to hell Top 10 Things we know about Hell Dreadful

Everyone wants to top the exam but no one wants to study, similarly everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to do good things, we want to live the life on our terms and do all the unmoral things but in the end we want to go to heaven, how is this possible?. Consider your own deeds for a second and truly answer, are you worth going to heaven?

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