Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

Forbid, it means a command not to do anything, but this word is often thought of in negative terms. Forbidden means something which you are not supposed to do, you must not do, you should not do or you have not been allowed to do. But why are we often forbidden from doing certain things? Why we have to avoid certain things? because they are not good for us, because they are not meant for us, because we are not meant for it. The person who forbids us from doing a particular task always has a valid reason for ceasing us, because that person does not want to us to get hurt or upset therefore he/she tries his/her best to protect us.

Islam is a very massive, vast and easy religion, only if one understands & applies the rules of Islam on his/her life completely, Islam gives complete freedom to humans in almost in the spheres of life, but yes there are certain things which are not allowed in Islam for Muslims. There is this misconception that Islam is conservative religion, that Islam has limited the Muslims, that Islam has slowed down their pace, those who have such a belief have yet not seen the depth of Islam. Islam gives an insight about all the frequencies of life, the rules & regulation in Islam are based on utter logic, induction, coherence, sanity and syllogistics.

The holy Quran offers detailed description regarding general and technical parts of world, Allah knows what is Good and what is bad for his men, Allah loves his men 70 times a mother loves her child, the love of Allah for his men is greatest of all and cannot be compared to anything at all. He never wants his people to suffer or to get hurt therefore he sent a detailed comprehension about how the humans should lead their lives, and if we follow those teachings then we will succeed in all apportionment of life. We should respect Allah’s judgment, there are things which are forbidden for women are Islam, but they have been forbidden because it is best for them, so the top 10 forbidden things for women in Islam are:

10 .Travelling alone:

travelling alone Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

A Muslim is not allowed to travel alone, because at the time when this order was sent form Allah, there were no proper means transfer available, people used to travel on horse or camel’s back or most of the time they used to walk, they crossed deserts, oceans mountains, forests, the journey took weeks, months sometimes years. There was no security available at time therefore any unpleasant event could occur anywhere at any time, therefore for the protection of women Allah ordered not go travel alone. Today the means of travelling are quite safe but if women are accompanied by a man then she would remain safe no matter what happens.

9. Marrying non-Muslim men:

marrying non muslim man Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

A Muslim women is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim man, she can only marry Muslim man. Such an order has been given from Allah because in Islam the women follow the religion of the husband therefore if Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim man she won’t remain a Muslim anymore. A Muslim man is allowed to marry non-Muslim women but that women should be either Christian or Jew or should follow a holy book.

8. Physical interaction with men:

physical interaction with men Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

Physical interaction between man and a woman is not allowed in Islam, you are not allowed to interact (touch) any other man or woman except your own spouses, this scenario is applied for both the genders. A woman is not allowed to indulge with any men rather than her own husband. Communication is allowed to only to a certain extent. It is well suited that a man should hangout with men and a woman should hang out with women, by doing it so it would not allow the birth of any un moral thought in the hearts of men and women.

7. Soft corner for na-mehrum:

soft corner for na mehrum Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

A Muslim woman should not have a soft corner for any na-mehrum; na-mehrum refers to those men who are not a relative by birth or blood. A woman can have a soft corner for her father, husband, and brother but not for any men outside her family. Having a soft corner is also a kind of emotion, and the emotions of a Muslim woman are very much sacred. No leisure man is worth her care & attention.

 6. Fitted and cleavage clothes:

fitted and cleavage clothes Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

Allah orders the women to cover their ornaments and not to wear cleavage clothes. The curves of a woman are the private parts of the body, then they become the victim of the dirty stares of men, they generate malicious ideas and ruin the reputation of that woman in the eye of men. Therefore a Muslim woman has been asked not to wear much fitted clothes; her clothing must cover all the body parts properly.

5. Eye-contact with men:

eye contact with men Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

It is said that the eyes of a person reflects his true personality. Being able to see is one of the biggest blessing of God, but with your eyes you can see all the good things as well as bad things. Islam does not allow doing any kind of eye contact with men because this contact is the first step to all the unethical feelings. Even if you want to speak to men then you communicate through the door or the window but the women must not come face to face with a na-mehrum man. A Muslim woman is very respectable and not everyone can have the pleasure seeing her.

4. Perfumes:

perfumes Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

Islam forbids a woman to wear any such thing which can divert the attention of men towards her, stuff such as perfumes, makeup, jewels or very fancy clothes. No men would look at a woman who is completely covered but at an uncovered woman people would definitely slant looks. Perfumes have a very strong smell, if a person wearing perfume will enter a room, every person present would notice that person, similarly if a woman wearing perfume passes by then she will divert all the attention towards herself. A woman is not an object for exhibition but a symbol of respect.

3. Lesbianism:                                                                                                          

lesbianism Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

God created Adam and sent him to earth, he then created eves and sent her to earth in order to annihilate Adam’s solitude. By doing this God set an example that a man is incomplete without woman & a woman is incomplete without a man. Lesbianism means that a woman is physically and emotionally attracted towards another woman, which is completely against the law of nature and God, it violate the pure process created by God. A man and a woman form a couple, a family; lesbianism is something which is forbidden in all the religions, nations and community. Therefore Islam strongly forbids the relationship between two women.

2. Disobedience of husband:

disbedience of husband Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

A married woman is not allowed to disobey her husband. It is said the Muslims are only allowed to prostrate ( sajda) in front of almighty Allah but if it was allowed for a woman to prostrate in front of anyone else rather than Allah, then it would have been definitely her husband. A woman is never supposed to go against her husband’s will, the satisfaction & happiness of her husband is most important for her, she must not displease him and must not do anything to offend him. She should be a faithful wife and must not cheat on him. Furthermore a woman is supposed to take care of all the basis needs of her husband.

1. Going out with uncovered head:

going out without hijab Top 10 Things Islam Forbids for Women

A Muslim woman is not allowed to go outside her house with her head uncovered, like everything else Allah has a very valid reason for asking a woman to hear a hijab. Hijab means a clock or a coat which covers a woman’s body, her head and her face. its not necessary that you wear a hijab, you just have to make sure that your clothing is decent enough and is not revealing any of your body part, your head should be covered fully. Now Allah has asked women to wear a hijab to protect her from the dirty stares of men, men have a very dirty mind, whenever they see a women they acquire this very sick kind of idea in his mind about that woman, no one knows how does a man’s mind works but God knows therefore to protect her from the negative thinking of men, he asked her to cover herself whenever going out.


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