Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

Among all the creation of God, the humans are the most dynamic ones because they have something none of the other creations have; Brain. Brain does not refer to any organ but it refers to the ability to think, understand, comprehend and stimulate things. Brain is something which makes us capable of understanding the logic behind anything & everything, it because of this brain that we today have achieved so many things. Because every human is blessed with a brain therefore we do not value it, we fail to understand the capability, stamina, power and flexibility of our brain. The brain which we have is just like water, shapeless, colorless and odorless; it will adopt any shape & color we give it. Our mental compatibility depends only on one thing; it is the way in which we train our brain.

Natural intelligence is of course a very vital component in a person’s excellence but it cannot be more important than the way the human brain has been trained, we all the time underestimate our intelligence & mental power, this tiny organ which is present in our skull is the most powerful thing in this world, with the help of this organ we can overcome any power, we can win not only the mental challenges but can overcome certain physical power as well. Yes physically too, our brain is capable of manipulating other person’s mind, shapes of certain object, motion of bodies, creating many things out of thin air etc. there are many people who are able to rule the world not on the basis of their physical power but on the basis of their mental strength.

There is no prominent difference between the brains of two humans, both the brains are equally capable, dynamic and powerful, the only difference is of the ways in which the brain has been trained. Two men, one is athletic while the other is not physically fit, why? Because of the way both of them have trained their bodies. Two students studying in the same institute, with same teachers and same environment but one of them fails the exam while the other tops the exam, why? The result of both the students depends on the techniques & ways they both used while studying. Similarly there are many people who have trained their brains in such unique ways, there are people whose brains are such powerful that they can manipulate certain things in this world without using any physical power, these kinds of people are capable of doing such things which is not possible for any layman to do, they have some kind of super natural powers in them, there are many super natural powers which are found among human beings, the top 10 supernatural powers are:

10. Telepathy:

telepathy Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

Telepathy refers to a form of communication which is done through the minds. Two people in the act of telepathy are not in physical or verbal contact but they are able to communicate with each other. Telepathy also refers to the phenomena in which you feel as if you are about to receive a phone call from a particular friends and within a matter of seconds you actually do. Sometimes the person feels as if a loved one is in serious trouble and he actually happens to be in trouble.


9. Pyrokinesis:

pyrokinesis Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

Pyrokinesis is the ability in which a person becomes able to create fire out of thin air; this is among the most mysterious supernatural abilities. There are many people who consider this act as a part of fiction and there are many people who have actually witnessed this thing. The people who have such ability in them have a very nasty temper and easily become violent; these people basically create fire balls which are of orange shade. There is another kind of this ability; some people are able to create not exactly fire but light balls of certain colors.

8. Mind control:

mind control Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

This is the phenomenon in which the person can control the brains in his surrounding by using his own mind power. The person who has this power is actually able to temper with other people’s thought, he cannot exactly read the mind but can insert a thought which the victim would consider to be his own. This act can be very dangerous because the targeted person has no power over it and he would actually that thought as his own creation.

7. Levitation:

Levitation Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

According to the force of gravitation there is a force which attracts everybody towards the ground, it is because of this gravitation force that we humans are not able to fly, because this force attract us towards the ground, Levitation is a phenomenon in which the person becomes able to defeat the forces of gravitation and lifts the body above the ground level. It looks like as if the body of the person is floating in air. Some people also refer to it as an optical illusion.

6. See through illusions:

see through illusion Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

These are people who can never be fooled, they have the power to go beyond the walls of a person’s mind, and they can cross the barrier of truth and lie. If a person tries to deceive them, he/she fails; if someone tries to lie to them, they easily find out. This power is very rare and it is the outcome of the special type of brain structure.

5. See spirits:

see spirits1 Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

When a person dies, he/she departs from the world. The body remains here in this world but the soul departs from this materialistic world and enters the spiritual world. Spiritual world is the world of dead people and materialistic world is the living people. It is not possible for a normal person to come in contact with the spiritual world, but there are some people who have this power of begin able to communicate & interact with the dead. These are the people who remain in the materialistic world but acts as an interpreter between both the worlds.

4. Psychometry:

psychometry Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

This is the phenomenon in which the person with this supernatural power can find out about the person only by coming in contact with his/her things. For example if any handkerchief, scarf or any such belonging is given to that person, he will become able to find the owner. It is often regarded as a of sensory perceptions, these kind of people are mostly in police department because they easily find out who the real culprit is.

3. Telekinesis:

telekinesis Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

Telekinesis is the phenomena in which the person is able to move and manipulate objects, science however does not approve of it as a super natural power but it is considered as another form of optical illusion. This power is very common because there are certain sham books that teaches this phenomena. Most of the time the object is not being moved by the person, it is an imaginary act. This act can however be dangerous because the person himself start to believe that he is manipulating with the object but in reality he himself is under the spell of mesmerism.

2. Astral projection:

astral projection Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

The human existence is a combination of soul and body; both of them are the equally important component of our body. Basically our existence is based on our spiritual and physical existence. Soul is our materialistic component and body is the physical component. Astral projection means that your body remains in one place while you are able to visit certain places spiritually; the logic behind this phenomenon is that body remains at a constant position while it is your soul which is allowed to visit other places. The soul becomes able to travel a very vast distance with the help of the mind. This power however is not just an idea but it has actually been observed in many humans, especially people who have come out of the coma after many years had an erect knowledge about the certain locations within the hospital.


regeneration Top 10 Supernatural Powers a human can have

This is the most amazing super natural power. It is also very rare because the person who is in position of this power never dies. Actually he/she has a very strong healing power and that healing power is because of the strong mind he/she possesses. Whenever that person is physically harmed the mind of the person forces the organic tissues of the body to heal at a very high rate, even if the person is completely bruised and is minutes apart from death even then that person will not die because his brain would order the body to heal. Sometimes they are also capable of healing others.

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