Top 10 Scary Spider Species

It is commonly believed and apparently scientifically substantiated that you are never more than 6 ft. away from a spider. Spiders always manage to bring out the most defensive in us, even if it is only a small spider spinning a web near the cupboard, we immediately make it a point to get rid of it or if we’re arachnophobic  we simply bolt the other way. Be it in the comfort of our homes, or outside, we’d rather keep away from a spider, except of course one of us is an arachnid lover. Truth is, many of us here find spiders more than just a little unsettling, perhaps even threatening. Spiders have been classified into at least 43,000 species. If that isn’t spooking you enough, here comes a list of 10 species of spiders that can scare the very daylight out of you.

10. Jumping Spiders

Jumping Spider 300x272 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

This particular specie of spider not only looks very intimidating with its two pairs of eyes and a rather furry archetype, it is also an incredible hunter. It is capable of calculated, agile jumps, particularly while hunting. If the fact that it is one of the best at hunting among invertebrates wasn’t enough, this spider, all of 22 mm in size can easily attack a predatory robber fly, which is much larger than itself. A jumping spider can jump heights that are multiple times its size. There are many stories doing the rounds that these spiders are  behind the mass infestation of a town in North-Eastern India where people were attacked and apparently killed by multiple bites delivered by these spiders. However these claims are yet to be confirmed.

9. The Mouse Spider

Mouse spider 300x225 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

Spread widely all over Australia, the mouse spider’s very sight can put you in a very cautious mood. Their red backs act like a warning sign, and rightfully so as they can be pretty aggressive sometimes. Besides, unlike other spiders that wander during the night time and remain under hiding during the day, this spider prefers to wander out into the open during the day time. They can cause serious envenomation and their bites need to be treated with absolute care. Also, chances are you won’t come across these species anywhere except Australia, but there are variants of this species that are spread across various parts of the world.

8. The black footed yellow sac spider

Black footed yellow sac spider 300x173 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

This spider belongs to a category of spiders that are called the yellow sac spiders. Their venom is known to be fairly malevolent. They usually live in forest areas, hiding behind foliage and are are distributed over many regions of the world. The spider has been the culprit behind a large number of bites as they lack eye-sight and depend on other means to move around and identify prey. They usually wander off during the night and are highly capable of climbing into your bed when you’re asleep causing them to leave a bite in the event they are threatened by your hand. In most cases, the venom in the bite has caused local symptoms like redness and stinging pain, which can be washed away with water and immediate medical care. This spider is also very sneaky as it may enter your house through windows at night and hide in a pair of shoes that you intend to wear the next morning. Personally, I find their very appearance to be a case of distress as with their eight appendages, and agility, they look like creatures you must not mess with.

7. The Indian Ornamental Tree Spider

Indian Ornamental Tree Spider 300x240 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

Known to inhabit the Eastern and Western Ghats of India, this spider looks really creepy. They make holes in trees and spin their webs in these areas. They have an unsettling appearance, which some members of the genus having yellow stripes near their abdomen. They are thankfully known not to bite much as they would pick escape rather than attack any day. They feed on insects that wander and get caught in their webs. However, if bitten by one of these spiders you are guaranteed to experience a lot of pain and possibly a couple of problems to your nervous systems. That is pretty scary. Now if this isn’t enough, it’s combination of black and cream furs all over its body and it’s tiny beady black eyes should prove enough to bring out the worst nightmares in you arachnophobes.

 6. Chinese Bird Spider

Chinese Bird Spider 300x200 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

This specie of spiders is found in People’s Republic of China and adjacent areas. It is highly venomous in nature and its leg length can vary from 15cm to 20cm. Apart from being venomous, it is also found to be rather aggressive in nature which allows us to conclude that if bothered, it will not distinguish between human and others and can inject venom that may prove to be lethal. They are said to be able to kill cockroaches, crickets and mice with ease. Much has not been recorded about this specie however many lab experiments have allowed researchers to conclude that it can easily kill mice with a minute amount of venom. Its venom has been studied and is shown to contain neurotoxins that are capable of causing damage to neurotransmitters in nervous systems. A baby’s death in South East Asia has been attributed to a Chinese Bird Spider’s bite.

5. Funnel Spider

funnel web spider 231x300 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

Often classified as one of the most poisonous spiders that exist on our planet, Australian Funnel Spiders can give you enough reasons to detest and be very afraid of spiders. The male of the species goes off wandering in summer months looking for a potential female to mate it. They are highly attracted to water bodies and hence can be found in places like the swimming pool. Even under water they are capable of surviving for several hours. They have a tendency to deliver really poisonous bites that can prove to be fatal.  However, with modern medicinal technique and anti-venom treatments, this species of spider is not as fatal anymore.

4.  Six eyed sand spider

 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

The six-eyed sand spider is very good at the art of disguise. It allows sand to get stuck on its outer layer, so that it cannot be easily identified. It’s scientific name, Sicarius, is latin for murderer. This spider’s bite is capable of killing a healthy rabbit in twelve to eighteen hours. This spider attacks humans only when threatened and so far there aren’t many bites that the Sicarius has delivered on human beings. This spider species is predominantly believed to exist in Africa and the neighbouring regions.

3. The brown recluse spider or the violin spider

Brown recluse spider 300x185 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

The brown recluse spider is one of the more venomous species of spiders. It looks very condescending, with an entire chocolate brown or black-grey archetype. This spider has three pairs of eyes unlike other spiders. These spiders like hiding in clothing and a bite from a brown recluse spider is inevitable when pressed against the skin. The venom of this spider is capable of causing lesions and causing systemic damage, however, the silver lining is that these spiders are rarely known to attack humans except under duress. They are comparatively aggressive spiders. However, their tiny fangs are capable of delivering immensely painful bites. Also, their entirely black or brown body could genuinely spook me out, even if it didn’t bite. Apparently, in a single house in Kansas about 2,000 brown recluse spiders were found, though they left the residents untouched, could you possibly imagine the horror of knowing that you share your precious abode with TWO THOUSAND SPIDERS?

2. Black-widow

Black Widow Spider 300x190 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

The Black widow’s name comes from its tendency to kill off its much smaller in size male partner, seconds after mating. Highly venomous specie of spiders, The Black Widow can be distinguished by her discernible black and red colouration. A black widow weaves her web and then retreats to a strategic hiding place. When her pray is caught in the web, she overpowers it and injects venom into it. It takes an average of ten minutes for the venom of a Black Widow to take effect and kill it’s pray and soon after, digestive enzymes are released on the wound and she carries her prey back to her hiding spot to eat it. As deadly as the Black Widow sounds, studies have shown that A black widow’s poison does not prove to be fatal to healthy humans. Either way, I’m never going near a spider as lethal as that.

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider 273x300 Top 10 Scary Spider Species

A Brazilian wandering spider, also known as Phoneutria and armed spiders are a species of large and venomous spiders that are found in South America. They hold a Guinness world record for being the world’s most venomous specie of spiders in the year 2010. They are aggressive and can pose a threat to human beings as well. Their venom can cause intense inflammation and pain. Apart from causing immense amounts of excruciating  pain, they also lead to erections that can last for extensive periods, sometimes as long as days, and the venom also has potential to cause impotence. This spider is capable of causing death to a fully grown mouse by injecting only 6ug of venom into the rodent. They are called wandering spiders because of their tendency to wander into dark places, they also look to hide in banana plantations, giving it its nickname; the banana spider. Currently, researchers are trying to try and use it’s venom to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. Despite that, it does not change the fact that these spiders are deadly and one look at them is enough to scare us into running really far away from these creatures.

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