Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Psychology is considered to be the study of mental, emotional and behavioral disorder in a human. Disorder is something which is not normal. When a person starts acting and behaving in a peculiar manner then he is said to be suffering from psychological disorder. The psychological disorders are very common these days. Many people are found to be suffering from these disorders. The basic cause of these disorders is pressure and stress. People are getting very busy with their work and this work load is creating a large amount of pressure and strain. People should take do their work in such a manner that it does not create any kind of stress for them. The psychological disorders are not just the consequence of stress and pressure but cause may vary according to the disorder. Most of the psychological disorders are the consequence of traumatic events. If a person is highly affected with the traumatic event which has happens to him then he is very much at the stake of having a psychological disorder.  There is a large variety of psychological disorders but here we have the list of top 10 disorders which are most common among the people. The disorders have their corresponding causes, symptoms and treatments. The best way to protect you from these psychological disorders is to take away all the stress and pressure constraints.

10- Post Par-tum Depression
post partum Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Post par-tum depression is another type of psychological disorder. Post par-tum disorder is also known as postnatal depression. The symptoms of this disorder are insomnia, stress, irritability, exhaustion, loss of appetite and unreasonable crying, sadness and fatigue, anxiety, changing moods, loss of appetite. Post par-tum depression is the classification of clinical disorder. It is said that the probability of women getting affected by this disease is more than men.  When a woman gives a birth to the child, then at that time, they are more prone to this disease. The disorder can be overcome by counselling. And in this disorder one should take a good care of healthy diet and sleeping patterns.

9- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

post traumatic stress disorder ptsd mental health 460x250 Top 10 Psychological Disorders
post traumatic stress disorder is a very common disorder. The disorder can be caused by the event which has developed the threat of death in a person. The disease is generally found to be in those people who play with their life on regular basis like soldiers. If a person tends to face a situation which is very threatening and is pretty hard to forget then the person is prone to this disease. The general symptoms of this disease are nightmares, flashbacks of threatening situations, anger, and difficulty in sleeping and hyper vigilance.

8- Mental shock in clinical terminologies

mental shock disorder Top 10 Psychological Disorders
Mental shock in clinical terminologies is another psychological disorder which is also known as acute stress disorder.  As the name says the psychological disorder is related to the state of shock. The basic cause of this disorder can be any disturbing event which is capable of developing some kind of shock and fear in the person. If a person faces from a big trauma then he has the chances to suffer from this disease.  The disease generates intense fear and helplessness in the person. This disease is also said to be the classification of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). The disease is said to be resolved by the cognitive behavioural therapy. Basic symptoms of this disorder are terror, social detachment, emotional triggers, anxiety symptoms, hyper arousal. Cognitive behavioural therapy is considered to be the best treatment for this disorder.

7- Borderline Personality Disorder

borderline personality disorder Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a psychological disorder which is exemplified by the varying level of moods. This is basically a personality disorder. The characteristics like insecurity and emotional instability are developed in a person, if he is suffering from this disease. The people who are suffering from this disease tend to loose their entire existence. They generally pursue multiple personality issues. Also the variation of moods in this disorder also affects the social relationships and cognition.

6- Clinical Depression

conditions disorders mood clinical depression1 Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Clinical disorder is a class of depression. Another names for clinical disorder is severe disorder and unipolar disorder. It generally happens with people that they feel low, sad and unhappy. But if the person has reached the last stage of all these things then he is said to be suffering from clinical disorder. The clinical disorder completely ruins the social and professional life of the person. The person gets to loose his interest from the daily activities and social participation. In this disorder the person tends to reach the final stage of isolation. The common symptoms of this disease are change in appetite, restlessness, concentration issues, and the feel of helplessness. The people who suffer from this depression also take a support of things like alcohol and drugs. Counsellors and psychiatrists are to be consulted in such cases.

5- Body Dysmorphic Disorder
body dysmorphic disorder 1 Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Body Dysmorphic disorder is another very strange mental illness. The disease is also very popularly known as dysmorphic syndrome. In this disease the person becomes very apprehensive about his body parts. He finds one or many defects in their body parts. The people who are suffering from this disease develop a habit of underestimating their body parts and its features. Also they spent numerous hours standing in front of the mirror and observing their body.  If the person has suffered from a variety of traumas and has faced many physical and mental abuses then there is a chance that a person will develop this type of disorder. The effective treatments for this disease are CBT (cognitive behavioural therapies) and SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors).

4- Schizophrenia

schizo bipolar Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which is affects the responsiveness of a person. In this disorder the thinking ability of the person retards. This retardation in the thinking ability of the person makes him weak in such a manner that he becomes unable to respond to the situations which are going around in his surroundings. The disease is also said to affect the five senses (see, taste, hear, smell and touch) of the person. The general symptoms of this disease are paranoid, illusions, impulsive actions or speech.

3- Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder test Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Bipolar Disorder or depressive disorder is very serious disorder. Bipolar disorder is also known as bipolar affective disorder. If a person is suffering form this disorder then the mood of the person swings through many levels. There is no tie for thing mood swing to occur. This can occur any time and in any number. The individual who is suffering from this disorder passes from a stage which is known as mania. There are basically two levels in Mania- the lower level and the upper level. In the lower level of Mania, the person becomes very exciting an energetic. This energy is sometimes productive and positive. But in the higher level of Mania, the person is said to be very impulsive and impractical. This level is very dangerous since it can lead a person to take wrong and impractical decisions.

2- Social Anxiety Disorder
social anxiety Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Social anxiety disorder is also a psychological disorder. The disorder is related to social terror and social concern. This is a critical case where a person has a fear of society, because of this society phobia, they get themselves isolated. When someone is suffering social anxiety disorder then he finds it difficult to stay in a crowded place. If they are surrounded by a huge crowd then nervousness copes in their mind. These types of people suffer from severe stress and strain. CBT (cognitive behavioural therapies) can be considered to be one among the treatments for this disorder. Counselling can also be the treatment for this kind of disorder.

1- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Top 10 Psychological Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a very famous mental disorder. This disorder is also very popularly known as OCD and is basically an anxiety disorder. The disorder is very strange. In this disorder people have many types of mental problems like they start illusion. They start imagining strange things and this kind of imagination makes them suffer through nervousness and stress. People start acting in a different manner. The normal behaviour of the person changes completely in this psychological disorder. Apart from behaving abnormally they do certain strange act. The repeatedly act in an insane manner and also become aggressive many times. The symptoms of this disorder are being sexually violent, repeated tasking, extreme hoarding. There can be many physical or biological causes leading to this disorder.  The disorder can be treated with the help of a very famous therapy known as cognitive behavioural therapy.


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