Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

Afghanistan: the country that forms a part of South Asia, Central Asia and Western Asia. With Kabul as its capital, this country has some of the things that make it famous among tourists worldwide. If you are planning to go out to Afghanistan you should better know about the things that attracts the tourists the most. Some of them are:

10. Language:

Language Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

Pashto and Dari are two official languages of Afghanistan. Both of them are Indo-European languages. Dari is also known as Farsi or Afghani Persian Language. It is used for all the purposes there including business and the transactions that are related to  government work. 50 percent people use Dari language for communicating with others while for 35 percent people in Afghanistan Pashtu is the communicating medium. Turkic is also used by 11 percent residents. Other languages like Nuristani, Balochi, Pashayi, Uzbeki etc are also spoken by the minority groups. Afghanistan is home to more than 40 languages as believed by Harald Haarmann.

9. Kabul City:

Kabul City Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

Kabul is over 3500 years old. It is the largest city in Afghanistan and also the capital.  It is world’s 5th fastest growing city. It serves as the nation’s cultural and learning center. Products like dry fruits, nuts, leather, sheep skin product, beverages and what not make it so famous. Old part of Kabul has also many bazaars in its narrow streets. You would also love to visit places like sports complexes like ‘Ghazi Stadium’, parks like ‘Lake Qargha’ , mosques like ‘Id Gah Mosque’, Mausoleums like ‘Mausoleum of Timur Shah Durrani’ , museums like  ’National Museum of Afghanistan’ and a lot more.

8. Khyber Pass:

Khyber Pass1 Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

The mountain pass that connects Afghanistan and Pakistan through north-eastern part of ‘Spin Ghar Mountains’ is the Khyber Pass. It has been a very important trade route between South Asia and Central Asia and also a strategic military location. The summit of the Khyber pass is five kilometers inside Pakistan. It is one of the oldest known passes all over the world. It is 1030 meters above the sea level. It had been the reason of conflicts during the war in Afghanistan as it was the major route for resupplying food and also the military armament to the NATO forces. At times, the inhabitants there were trained to check on the area to avoid any other issues.

7. Kabul Zoo:

Kabul Zoo Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

It is the most famous and the best Zoo in Afghanistan. It has a variety of animals including lions, pigs, bears, vultures and many more. An average of 3,000 people visits the place per week. The famous species of lion having just one eye called ‘Marjan’ also resides there. It is on the bank of Kabul river and its director is Aziz Gul Saqeb. It was inaugurated in the year 1967 and it has been very popular with visitors and press. It had more than 500 animals once and about 150,000 visitors. But then due to some reasons including the civil war in Afghanistan, the zoo suffered a significant damage. The aquarium got damaged due to shelling. Some of the animals were also shifted away.

6. Masjet-E-Jam:

Masjet E Jam Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

‘Friday Mosque’ or ‘Masjet-E-Jam’ is a very beautiful Mosque and is said to be very important and so it is considered as the ‘Heart of the City’. It is located in Herat. It is one of the optimum Islamic places all around the world. Due to large cauldron, the place shines with bronze color. Sherbet receptacle, which is a vessel to hold the liquid, is also present, that adds on to the significance . It has also the tomb of a famous sultan named Ghiyas-ud-din. What makes it so distinct is the attention paid to the details. The mosaic and tiles are also tremendous. Its structure also serves as an amazing example of ‘Ghorid sophistication’. Several artworks add to its attraction.


5.The Museum of Islamic Art:

The Museum of Islamic Art Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

This mesmerizing museum is located in Ghazi. This place wasn’t open for public until the year 1966, by the Italian Archaeological. Its Timurid architecture can now be witnessed by all. This museum of Art includes thousands of art crafts and many other unique things. Remains of a Sultan named Abdul Razaq is also decomposed in the museum. It was designed by the architect ‘I. M. Pei’. It has the collection of works including manuscripts, ceramics and textiles. The collection present here is unique and important.

4. Gardens of Babur:

Gardens of Babur Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

This garden is located in Kabul and is one of the very interesting places in Afghanistan. It is very beautiful and has a great variety of plants. It has also the remains of the great Mughal Emperor ‘Babur’ disposed. He was the first Mughal Emperor. To add on to its significance the garden is accompanied by small but attractive Mosques. This place is now called ‘Bagh-E-Babur’ and is a historic park. It had also a tomb that was described as

“although obviously-in a poor state of preservation, reveals fine workmanship in stone carving: high walls with lavish jali-work and relief decoration”.

Some article describes the garden as:

“Only this mosque of beauty, this temple of nobility, constructed for the prayer of saints and the epiphany of cherubs, was fit to stand in so venerable a sanctuary as this highway of archangels, this theater of heaven, the light garden of the god forgiven angel king whose rest is in the garden of heaven, Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur the Conqueror.”


3. Chicken Street Market:

Chicken Street Market Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

It is an original oriental market there. You can get unique stuffs there like jewellery  carpets, antique muskets and handicrafts. The sellers there are very generous. They even offer tea to their customers. This street market is a very busy area and has a lot of rush. Hotels are located near to this place and eatables like fruits are also sold there by the street vendors. This street has always been a focus of tourists. It could be fun wandering around the streets looking for such unique products.


2. Darulaman Palace:

Darulaman Palace Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

This palace was built by ‘King Amannullah’ in 1920’s. It is a European-style palace located near Kabul.  However much of the building is destroyed from the fights that has taken place since 1992. It was used by the King ‘Amannullah’ and later used as the ‘justice Ministry and Defense Minister’ .



Bot E Bamiyan Top 10 Popular Things Afghanistan is famous for

This place represents very famous and very attractive statues of Buddha. It was very popular because of the architectural work done on it. It was the main center of archaeological places also. The approximate height of the statues was 53 meters for some of them and also 36 meters. These statues were carved into the side of a cliff. They were located in the Bamyan valley in Hazaraajat region. However they were dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban on orders from their leader ‘Mullah Mohammad Omar’ when the Taliban government declared that they were idols. The decision faced many oppositions and controversies.

The Afghan culture has been there in from over 2 millennium. So get a chance to witness their culture!

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