Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

We all have hear that death is easier and simpler but in some cases it can be extremely painful to an extent of unbearable. Life is harder & death is easy, peaceful and quick, the quotation may seem a bit weird but it is very much true, life is very hard, not only hard but very much complicated, complex and twisted. In life things do not happen as per our desires and wishes, when things do not happen as we want them to be, we become sad, this sadness when grows takes the face of depression.  Depression is something which takes a person to hell while he is physically in the earth.  Depression is said to be the root cause of every mental and physical disease.

Depression has many symptoms such as lack of sleep, lack of appetite and mostly important lack of happiness. Depression has different stages, such as in the beginning you become frustrated, you feel angry at small things. The second stage is when you skip your meal and when you are unable to sleep. The next phase is when you ignore meeting your friends, you want to be alone all the time, you do not want to interact with people, you do not go out and you avoid the people who come to meet you. The next level of depression is where the bad part begins because you enter into the phase of mental illness, you start to hate every one, you hate the things you used to love, you hate the people you used to meet every day, you hate the environment around you & the most obnoxious thing is that you start to hate love.

Next phase is a modification of the previous one, it is also related to hate but in this phase you do not hate people or things but you start to hate yourself. Everything becomes meaningless when you do not love yourself, since you hate yourself now you want your body and soul to suffer, you try to torture your body physically, you do all the gross stuff with your body to cause the physical pain. And after that comes the final stage of disaster when you hate yourself so much that you want to finish your existence from this world, not only finish but you wish to die in the most painful way possible (ofcourse we don’t recommend it and hence there are some simpler painless ways to die here too), so the top 10 most painful ways to die are:

10. Bleed to death:

bleed to death Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

Bleed to death, it means to you make one big cut in any part of your body with a knife or a broken glass, the cut should be deep enough so that the blood will rush out of your veins. It is not necessary to have just one cut but you can slant a cut on various parts of the body, cutting the veins is a good option but the pain would be less than cutting the flesh. Bleeding to death is a very good option for those who want to die in the most painful way.

9. Burn yourself:

burn yourself1 Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

Take a gallon of petroleum, sprinkle it on your body and light a lighter or match stick on your body, within a matter of micro seconds you whole body will be one fire. You also leak the gasoline of the stove and then burn a match. You can choose any of the two options, both are very painful and once your body has been burned completely you will surely die

8. Lie down on the railway track:

Lie down on the railway track Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

We have 206 bones in our body and even if one of them breaks, the person goes through a very pain full process. Have you ever imagined that what will happen if all the 206 bones of your body will twist into two like the chicken leg, the amount of pain would be so much that you will pass away before bearing the entire pain. When the train will pass on you, your skull will be converted into powder.

 7. Listen to Himesh Reshammiya:

listen to Himesh Reshammiya Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

Himesha reshammiya is an Indian singer, music director and actor. Well he tries his best to sing, and tries his best to sing and tries his best to compose music but the thing is that he is not born to become a singer, he has an ok voice but his way of singing is very ridiculous , God knows who actually advised him to go into acting. A person can simply die by hearing his songs and watching his movies.

6. Become a victim of an axe:

Become a victim of an axe Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

For those who do not know what an axe is, an axe belongs to the family of knifes, but it is made up of a hard material rather than steel and is used to cut the tree, the attack of an axe can be very painful, ask someone to do multiple axe attacks on you, do not seek medication, enjoy the pain and wait for the death to come.

5. Get eaten by a tiger or lion:

Get eaten by a tiger or lion Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

Go to a jungle, like a really wild jungle where there are many wild man eating animals, find a starved wild lion or tiger and entice the animal, maybe hit him once or twice then it is just you and your death by the hungry animal.  This kind of death can be the most painful one.

4. Dehydration:

dehydration Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

Water is the most essential component for living, water is more important than food, shelter or clothes. Its importance is equivalent to the need of oxygen. Thirst makes a person go wild, a man cannot live without water for a long period, and gradually he starts to die but that few days in which he suffers before death can be the most painful days of one’s life.

3. Skinned alive:

skinned alive Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

Nothing can be more painful than this, in this process the skin is peeled off while the person is still alive, the process is very slow & very terrible. This process is not used today, it used on the ancient days by some tribes like Aztecs. Today this way is used in very few rural and brutal tribes.

2. Crucifixation:

Crucifixation Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

Crucifixation is termed which is generally used in terms of Jesus, but its literal meaning is that a person is tied and bestowed with stones till the moment the dies. This is like a torture and the death comes very gradually but this can be the most painful way to die.

1. Alkali bath:

alkali bath Top 10 Most Painful Ways to Die

Alkali is very similar to acid, but it is more horrible. When you take a bath in alkali everything starts to burn in you except your brain, you senses & brain both are very active and you feel every ounce of pain and suffering, first your skin melts, then your bones & flesh along with you organs and then you finally dissolve.


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