Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

When we hear a word like HAUNTED then a small restless wavelength moves from our body and everything becomes still around us. A sort of unwanted fear develops within us. And when it comes to haunted hotels then the curiosity about the events describing paranormal activities somehow suppress the fear. Because of this many hotels use it mere a source of publicity in order to be famous.  This article deals with all such top haunted hotels and their stories of abnormal activities.


langham hotel london 300x225 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

The famous five star and one of the oldest hotel of London situated in west frontiers across Irish sea built in 1865 which opened for public by king Edward. The “langhama hotel “of London is been reported as the common visiting place for some of the real life celebrities which include George Orwell, Charles de Gaulle and many more. But it is also explored by many ghosts as per reported. Somebody saw a man n outfits of Victoria in a room, other one saw a man in old fashioned military outfits on terrace and even it is said that napoleon III was seen in basement in recent years. And the first time report of these supernatural powers was given by the British Broadcasting Corporation. After this the hotel gained huge popularity.


provincial hotel 300x196 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

One of the most haunted and demanding hotel of south is” provincial” in New Orleans. It is a great beauty to spend the vacations and pleasant time but at the same time it is normally visited by ghosts. This hotel has many stories that relate some connection to supernatural power that is completely not approved by science. One of the couple reported that when they entered their room they saw a man in old khaki uniform with medals on his uniform and then he disappeared from the room suddenly. The other cover story of similar types says that the frequency of radio turned on automatically switches from one to other as it is being changed by someone. And after such incidents many people try to prove that these are not mere stories but realities by clicking some pictures of these unidentified persons. The localities say that this hotel was once hospital for treating of soldiers and these soldiers are still making realize people about their existence.


Hotel Del Coronado  300x225 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

The vast resort spread across 28 acres of pacific coastline in San Diego, California is popular for the murder mystery. It was started in 1888 for business and was considered as the largest resort of northern America.  It was even prime location for shooting of many Hollywood movies like the stunt man, my blue heaven and many others. After 1920 the hotel becomes famous for its haunting. The ghost story about Kate Morgan was the source of making it add in the list of haunted hotels.  She and his husband checked in hotel and her husband after some time never showed up and Kate’s dead body was found after six days on beach. Cause of her death is still not known. After this guest complained about the strange and unwanted noises from the she once signed in room no 3312.  And now the infamous room is mostly avoided by some superstitious people.


portland oregon heathman ho 300x187 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World A complete masterpiece in the core area of Portland Oregon s most amazing and comfortable place to live in but at the same time it s reported as habitat of supernatural powers. The hotel staff reported about the paranormal activities in most of the hotels of rooms in a particular column that is “03” (the most frequent activities reported are especially in 703). Some of guest complained that they observe objects moving, tapping and raping around. Some even tried to take the images but most of the time it is not a perfect picture as the print comes in distorted pattern. One of the story told that a guest was being trapped in bed sheets and was unable to breath .Then somehow he managed to switch on lights and saw his suitcase flying. Such stories have made this hotel popular in haunted hotel list.


crescent hotel 300x198 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

The most haunted hotel of America, located in Eureka Springs Arkansas. It was built in 1886 and served as experimental hospital then turned into a hotel. Employees here encountered many abnormal activities. It has been considered as permanent vacation destination of many ghosts. And the room number 218 is major hot spot. Complain about automatic flushing and lights on and off is being reported. It was recognized as national notoriety and shown on channel in the “ghost hunter”.  Even infrared video footage was recorded during investigation by various researchers.


RAMADA PLAZA 300x228 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

This hotel has its structure situated in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the most enjoyable spot. It has its basement in a tunnel that was built for escape by the gangsters. Many phenomenons have been encountered by guests and staff people. Many spirits and different distorted figure were recorded around starting of 21st century an incident depict the existence of super natural power. The incident described by one of the hotel staff says that the heard a scream on seventh floor and reached there as soon as possible and after they reached the room from which they heard scream found it vacant and after inquiry they got to know that the lady staying  in the room checked out hours ago.


HollywoodRoosevelt 300x187 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

It is the famous hotel named after the much known president Teddy Roosevelt. It was opened in 1927 and this popular hotel has a wonderful site that is at the coast of California. And the most interesting part is that it is a haunted hotel which is haunted by famous personalities. It has been also served as prime place for shooting Hollywood movies and location for academy awards. Even it has served as most favorite vacation hotel for Hollywood greatest star. Marilyn Monroe is thought to be one of the resident spirits among many others. It has been reported that a blonde girl in mirror found in Marilyn suite. And many guests of hotel say that they feel her presence near pool. Even the ghost of Montgomery Cliff, the known actor, has been seen playing trombone in the room928 where once he checked in.


le pavilion 219x300 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

The hotel Le Pavilion is often called by the name of “the belle of new Orleans”. This hotel has good reputation for its services and staff members. This hotel has fabulous interior with Italian statues representing peace and prosperity. On the other hand many paranormal activities are encountered here. At a point it became so common to see abnormal things that the head appointed an investigator to record them and hence came the truth of ghost around it. The investigating team recorded the 100 individual ghosts with strange noise, vaporous figures with different standing position. One of the ghost story is as follows: a guest due to some fever sleeping in night found a woman sitting right next to him and when he switched on lights woman body suddenly faded in air. From the recent panel review it is one of the most haunted hotels in crescent city.


Stanley Hotel  300x217 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

Stanley hotel of Colorado in USA opened for service in 1909 with magnificent view of Rocky Mountains. It is the famous hotel in the movie “the shining” by Jack Nicholson. This film was inspiration of the novelists Stephen king who wrote the script after staying here. This place is said to be haunted by owner’s wife who likes to play piano especially in night. Her ghost is normally visible. The most haunted room of the hotel is room 408. Guest stayed here report about   children playing and laughing around just outside the door and when they opened the door they found the corridor empty and on returning back in room they found messy room and hand prints of kids on mirror.


Castle Leslie 300x243 Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World

Castle Leslie spread around in 1000 acres in grounds of Gaslough, Ireland. It was home of Leslie family for 300 years. Castle is a 5 star hotel with famous showers and toilets in rooms. It has an interesting feature that cut off all the guests from the external world that is no telephone, no telegraphs, no television and radios. Numerous visitors from corners of world come here for vacations. Bu this is also haunted by some of the spirits. And many otherworldly figures are seen frequently in Leslie clan. So this hotel is also among the haunted hotel list.

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