Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

The debate is on every time that do we need harsh and cruel punishments to punish criminals whenever there was any kind of a heinous crime committed. There are many countries who even today use some of the most cruel punishment and very harsh ways of execution as well. Most of the countries have canceled the more crueler ways of punishing, and the crime rate is increasing day by day. Few countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Iraq, Sudan etc still follow many harsh punishment to the criminals.

A harsh or a cruel punishment is something when a criminal is subjected to physical torture, where he undergoes tremendous pain and might be left to die. This kind of treatment is used depending on the crime committed. At ancient times and medieval times, there were the most harsh and dangerous punishments practiced that it can make one feel how can anyone do such an act even to a criminal. There were like death by boiling, crucifixion, flaying, disembowelment, slow slicing, and many such. In today’s world most of such punishing ways are abolished by the government, though there are some of the countries who still follow some of such practices, and those are,

10. Electric Chair

electric chair Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

Seems an easy way of getting a punishment, while at least you can sit in a chair and relax. I must be kidding if I tell you that this is something relaxing, because if you ever see this kind of a punishment used on anyone, you would never forget it in your lifetime. This chair is electrically charged and people are passed on with electric current. The prisoner is strapped to a chair which is fitted with conductive sponges on head and legs which passes a direct current of 2000 volts. This is a careful procedure and which results in instant unconsciousness followed by death, but due to some errors there were few times when the prisoner did not become unconscious and suffered the pain very badly. Because of these reasons the US government abolished the usage of electric chair punishment, though this is followed even today in some parts of the world.

9. Canning

caning Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

Next time you remember your mother spanks, be happy that she only did that for you to learn but there are more brutal punishments for those who never learned what is right and what is wrong. This is a punishment widely seen in Singapore, one of the country which follows a very strict rule in punishing its prisoners and has more of the harsher judicial punishments. Canning is a common punishment for most of the crimes such as theft, burglary, robbery, murder, drug use, vandalism etc. When a prisoner is brought into the judicial custody, he will be sentenced to canning and will be taken to the jail. Though the prisoner might know his punishment declaration, he might not know as when it will be carried on. The day when he is suppose to be taken to canning, he will be informed on that very specific day, and reasons for this is many. Any prisoner who has any problem with the health such as the blood pressure, or any other which can be unfit for this, will be subjected for more prison time.

When the prisoner is taken into the canning room, he will be examined by a doctor with all the physical condition and once after the doctor gives the approval of his fitness, the canning will be carried on. The prisoner will be tied to and strapped in the bending position and his body will be naked and a leather covering is used where only his buttocks part protrudes for canning and this is done in order to protect the kidney and other bones in legs from breaking. The number of strokes are decided by the judge and if the prisoner becomes unfit in between the punishment his prison time will increase.

Seems to be easier compared to the other kind of punishment here, but the man who gives these strokes are trained to do it full and maximum force with each stroke.

8. Firing squad

firing squad punishment Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

Execution of a prisoner by firing or shooting is a common practice seen in most countries who still follow them and who have more of military practices. Many countries are stopping the capital punishment, but these methods are still followed in some parts of the China, Afghanistan, Utah and some other countries. In this method a group of soldiers are made to stand in a line and ordered to fire simultaneously making the prisoner as their target. There is also another way of doing it by using a single firearm and shooting at the head from back or at the heart. However this was considered fatal as sometimes the person do not die immediately which can cause intense pain before death.

7. Amputation

amputation Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

It is so difficult to resist the pain when we have a simple cut on our skin, can you imagine the pain when a body part is been deliberately cut out of the body?. Yes, mutilating the body parts is one way of punishing the prisoners who might have committed some kind of serious crimes. Amputation is a way punishing by cutting any of the body parts, especially parts in the face, which is a reason for most to look bad. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Jamaica, Bahamas and Iran are some of the countries which use the method of limbs amputation as a punishment. The hands amputation is carried out in most cases of theft. Sometimes even the nose, ear or tongue are also amputated. This method is followed since the time of Egyptian pharaoh’s and was mainly carried for adultery and theft punishments. On a recent case based on a court order in Khartoum, Sudan a government doctor amputated a man’s right hand and left foot on February 14th 2013 even though there are protests for ending the corporal punishments. Makes me think how can any sane man can cut another human body parts.

6. Eye gouging

gouging eyes Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

One of the most scarier punishments but some might feel justice in it as it is carried to punish a prisoner who might have harmed another person or a victims eye.. On a recent case in the year 2005 in Saudi Arabia a man named Noushad was subjected to gouging out his eyes as he harmed another man’s eyes in a fight. Gouging out eyes with thumb or with any sharp instrument is one of the punishments seen very commonly Saudi Arabia and other parts of these countries.

5. Chemical Blinding

chemical blinding Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

Chemical blinding is another kind of punishment carried out to punish a prisoner by blinding his eyes by the use of a chemical substance. This punishment is also famously known as the eye for an eye justice. In a recent case in Iran a man was relieved from the punishment in the last minute when the victim changed her mind and forgave him. The man had disfigured her face and had blinded her eyes by throwing a bucket of acid, for not accepting his marriage proposal. The government allows to ask for justice of eye for an eye in such cases, although the man seemed to be lucky, although the judiciary decided that he will face an alternative punishment.

This is a process carried on by strapping down the prisoner into a chair, which makes him tied on all the ways where he will not be able to make a move. There will be a metal shield covering his face and only his eyes will be left open. It will in direct below a dropper through which the sulfuric acid is passed on drop by drop after every ten minutes of break. The punishment has ten drops for each eye. It depends on the punishment declared if it should be carried on for both eyes or one eye.

4. Stoning

stoning Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

I know, its gruesome to read on with every punishment and its hard to know how much more harsher can it be, but this is one of the method carried on since a long time ago. We all have seen whenever there is any public fights people start throwing stones on each other, but there is always an option to run for your safety. Using stoning for punishment is one way, where the prisoner has no place to run or will not be able to move from his captivity.

In stoning, the person hands and legs are tied on and is covered with a cloth sack and are buried in a pit covered till only their head is out and if it is a woman till her shoulders a reason as woman being less in physical strength and less chances of escaping. This is a kind of punishment used in most cases of adultery. There will be a circle drawn and the people are allowed to throw palm sized stones on the prisoner head, until the person dies or they reach the circle by escaping. Though we all know its an impossible thing to escape while their hands and legs are tied and are buried deep down and her completely covered in a sack. So death is eventual.

3. Hanging

hanging Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

one of the punishment most countries wanting to end, and there are many who have stopped the capital punishment. Although some of the countries still practice this and many still believe that it should not be removed from the judiciary judgment and rules.

At olden times, the death punishment was carried on for petty things like stealing food, picking pockets etc and this caused a lot of indifference among people and the government as those are the acts done due to the pressure of poverty and people who were in extreme need to survive. Later on it changed to punish people who committed crimes in which there is a large destruction and loss causing to anyone, or in case of any death of another person by the hands of those prisoners. But most of the time many innocent were convicted and caused a false death many times, and sometimes a person causing death had reasons which was not an evil act, instead sometimes it was also an act of protecting self or someone. Hence capital punishment was decided as not a right choice.

Hanging is of different methods such as the long drop hanging, standard drop, suspension, and short drop hanging. Each is calculated with the distance by which the prisoner is made to fall where as in suspension the prisoner is carried by a crane or any other equipment to lift him from the ground by the noose.

2. Beheading

beheading Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

Might have seen in many movies and tele-series as one of the way punishing a prisoner by cutting off his head in midst of huge crowd of people can be said one of the less painful punishment as the prisoner will attain an instantaneous death. A prisoner is held by kneeling position and his hand and legs are tied and his head is held in front where the neck is visible to the executioner. A thick sword is used with all the force and is been hit on the neck where the prisoner dies right immediately. Although this can be a painful death for someone if the executioner is not strong enough and did not make a right move.

1. Flaying

flaying1 Top 10 Most Harsh Brutal Punishments in the World

This is a very ancient practice though it was followed until recently. Flaying is a method where the prisoner is ties up and his skin will be ripped up and torn using a sharp edged material or a knife. Its something like an animal treatment, like how an animal is ripped off its skin before preparing it to eat or to make use of its fur. Its one of the most cruel and painful method used.

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