Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

There are two types of people in this world; first types are the ones who eat so that they can live while the second ones are those who live only so that they could eat. Technically after oxygen and water, food is the most imperative component for life, absolutely no one, no matter how strong you are or what amount of will power you have, can survive without food. The energy our heart requires comes from the food we eat, no energy no life. As long as you eat, so that you can live, it does not matter what you eat, any kind of food, vegetables, meat, rice, chicken or fish, anything will do the job but however those people who live only to eat, they are fond of scrumptious and palatable dishes. Now preparing these exotics dishes itself is an art and it requires a lot of skills and practice. As the practice makes a man perfect, similarly practice makes the cuisine perfect.

Like very thing else in this world, every pabulum has its own story to tell, similarly sandwiches too have a story for their own to tell. Once upon a time, there was king who was really very fond of playing board games such as chess etc. he was so devoted to his games that he often used to forget to take his meal or he preferred to continue his game instead of going for the dinner. His men and the people in the household became worried about his health, so his cook decided to prepare king’s meal in such a way that he could eat while playing the game, this is how the sandwiches were invented.

These days the men and women are in the shoe of that king, their hectic routine does not provide them enough time to have a proper meal so they prefer to grab a sandwich, because it’s convenient to eat and it does not take much time. The sandwiches are cosmos themselves, so much variety is available in sandwiches and each sandwich varies in taste from the other. So the top ten most delicious sandwiches that we have today in the world are:


tuna salad sandwich Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

Tuna sandwiches are often considered as a traditional dish in many households, everyone has their own different version of tuna sandwiches, and they prefer to make them the way their parents used to make. Tuna salad sandwiches are one of the most savory sandwiches in world, they hardly take 15 mins to prepare. The ingredients are very simple; you need tuna fish, salt, pepper, boiled eggs, fresh vegetables, pickles and mayonnaise or cheese, however there some people who include shredded apples in it for the exotic pleasant taste. Toss them all in a bowl and spread on the bread, your sandwiches are ready to go.


french dip sandwich Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

French dip sandwiches are a combination of the French sandwich roles and roasted beef along with salt and pepper, Horseradish mayonnaise are optional. The roasted beef is marinated in red wine which provides the unique flavor, they are served with roasted beef juice which looks exactly like a chocolate so if you ever see French dip sandwich do not confuse it with some sweet chocolate pastries. French dip sandwich are one of a kind, they were first prepared in the 1990’s and are the invention of the city Los Angles.


ham and cheese sandwiches Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

Ham and cheese is a global recipe, the method for preparing it is very smooth and untroublesome. Fill your bun with poppy seeds, dill seeds, mustard onion, butter put a piece of cooked ham on it and place a layer of Swiss cheese over it, wrap it and then heat it in the oven for 10-15 minutes. In the oven the cheese will melt and try to escape from the wrap, so eat it hot before the dripping cheese escapes.


egg salad sandwich Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

If you are fed up of your daily routine breakfast, you want to have something more than a boiled egg or an omelet and you do not have time to cook then egg salad sandwich is perfect recipe for you. Mash up the boiled egg, toss it into a bowl with mayonnaise, pepper and salt, and add some salad dressing if you want. Spread them on the bread and your million dollar breakfast is ready for you. The best thing is the enticing look of the mayonnaise dripping out of the sandwich, it’s the most simple and easy to make recipe.


chickpea sandwich Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

If you are a sandwich lover but you are a vegetarian then this is the perfect thing for you. Chickpea sandwiches take approximately 1 hour for preparation but the recipe is quite simple. Chickpea are added into the paste of chickpea flour along with some fresh vegs, mash them up and prepare the patties of the content. The sandwich is the combination of the fried chickpea patties with carrot & onion slow and lemon aioli which is a mixture of spicy cayenne and lemon zest. You can add up or vary the spices and ingredients as you like.


spice pulled pork sandwich Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

Spice pulled pork sandwiches requires a lot of time for preparation, it can take 24 hours to prepare, first take a big loaf of pork, marinate it whole night with salt, pepper, brown sugar, garlic powder and onion powder. Next morning cook it on slow heat with kochjang sauce for 7 to 10 hours, hours may vary depending on the temperature. You can even go to office while the pork is being done, once it is done, pull the pork or slice it then fit them in the roll and enjoy an erotic dinner at home.


smoked tofu sandwich Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

Smoked tofu sandwich is another erotic cuisine for all the vege lovers. Sliced tofu are heated for half an hour in the oven, the tofu was marinated earlier with liquid smoke, soya sauce. The roll or the bun is then fitted with the tofu, caramelized onion, cheese, black pepper and pickles, when the sandwich is done it is heated in the oven for a couple of minutes and after that the sandwich is all yours.


pulled Mushroom Sandwich1 Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

Pulled mushroom sandwich is another stupendous recipe for the vege lovers, mushrooms and onion are fried with bbq sauce and certain other ingredients depending on your taste. The sandwich is a consolidation of nape slow with caramelized onion and mushroom. This is another quick and easy to make recipe for all the mushroom fans.


Italian Beef Sandwich Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

The Italian beef sandwiches are among the most zestful dishes in world. The origin of Italian beef sandwiches is dated back to 1990’s and is a prominent factor of Italian culture, this extrinsic recipe is a part of every Italian ceremony, be it weddings, parties or a funeral, they are in every menu. These sandwiches take several hours for cooking but the long wait come to justification when we smell the enticing essence of these sandwiches. The meat is first marinated with several Italian ingredients, then it is roasted in an oven and then it is sliced after that the meat slice are fitted into the roles or buns and served with the beef gravy.


ponzu chicken sandwich Top 10 Most Delicious Sandwiches in the World

You love meat but you don’t want to eat red meat, no problem, this sandwich is a perfect amalgamation of chicken with sauces and vegetables. The boneless chicken is mixed with pins sauce, pineapple juice, herbs, jalapeno pepper and is cooked over the flame with cabbage, onion and vegetable of your choice, fill the content into the hoagie buns and wrap them up in the baking sheets then bake them for 5 minutes and you mouth watering sandwiches are done.


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