Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of

If  you are thinking of going out of a tour and you don’ want to be conned by some con artist than these are some points that may help you. Here, I am introducing some of the scams that are meant to cheat the tourists and for which tourists fall so easily. Hope it helps:


10. The Helper:

The Helper Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


‘A helping hand in need is a friend indeed.’ This saying is true but when you talk about a helping hand, can u actually identify that hand! No..! There are many cases noticed when cons use this helpfulness to fool the tourists because in an unknown place, a helping hand actually becomes a friend and you know very well what a friend can do if he wants to harm us! There is a trick where one con plays the role of the villain and steals your wallet and other one plays the role of the hero and grabs it back for you, to help you. And you get so happy for this great deed that you reward the person. But for what! For planning on to snatch some money from you! You must be aware of this trick and you can’t always believe what your eyes see. Similarly, there are cases when one helps you by showing you the way, but are you he was the good guy and you are on the right path! Confirm twice before following any path. Because double check is always better than crying after something bad happens.


9. The Mechanic:

The Mechanic Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


You are on the roads in your car and suddenly, your car’s engine stops working! You don’t know what to do, where to find any mechanic shop and suddenly someone tries to be a hero and declares that he has some knowledge of all this stuff and may help you. You get so excited and you let him try. His magic hands touch the engine and it starts! Isn’t it some magical! No..! It is a famous trick where the person himself does some wiring or loosening some wire when you weren’t around, and you think it is a big deal and it may cause you to spend thousands of bugs to repair it and all he has to do is to fix the wrong he did himself. And he ends up getting some reward money from you! Be aware of such scams, don’t leave your car unattended and never fall for such tricks.


8. The Guide:

The Guide1 Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


You are in some foreign country to roam around and explore the place and you will surely need some guidance for it. You may be taking help from some book or some friend. But if you are hiring a tourist guide for the purpose, what you should do is confirm if he really is qualified for the same! There are many cons that present themselves as the guide and show you around but in a foreign land are you sure what he is showing you is the right place where you should be ? Such people try to take advantage if the fact that you are unfamiliar with the place and would start by showing you anything and later on can extend the plan up to kidnapping etc also because the main motive of such people is to get money anyhow from the tourists. And they know in this place nobody knows you or understands you and that is the perfect timing for the occurrence of any mishap. So beware of such cons as you never know the intentions of others.


7. The Needy:

The Needy Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


When you see someone in need, your heart just melts and all you think about is helping that person. But are you sure he is the real needy one! Because it can be a trap where you would think the other one is in trouble and you are helping him out when the reality is you will be the needy in a short duration of time and you will cry out for help. In some other cases, there are few people who act as poor, and has a prepared story of how they lost their house or parents and are on the roads alone and suffering and begging for food. When you see someone like this, you just think of helping him and you just provide him some money so that he can eat some food or have a meal. But do you know there are many gangs which actually kidnap children to make them beg on the streets and later on collect all the money. Now would you want to help such people!


6. The Authority:

The Authority Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


When you are out on a foreign land, do you know anything about the uniform of the authority there? Or the uniform of the police! No.. And thus the cons and scam artists get a golden chance to cheat you. What would you do when you are in a foreign country and some police official comes to you and charges you with some random stuff that you have never heard about! You will have horrified about the incident and will do what that official will say you to do. They will give you a huge bill for the rules that you have broken. And you are so helpless that you have to just pay them off. But what actually happened was that you have to pay for nothing but because you were fooled by that scam artist and you have been be-fooled  Now how does it sound now! Yeah! It is Bad. So what you need to do is where you are going, get a brief idea about the country so that no such incident happens to you. Moreover, you should first ask about the identity proof of the so called official.


5. The Sellers:

The Sellers Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


Most of the Sellers think that the tourists on the shop are no more than a lottery as they don’t know the actual price of the stuff being sold and thus they can charge something worth say 100 rupees for even 1000/-. They don’t hesitate before doing such things because they know they won’t be caught and again the fact that the tourists are unfamiliar of the surroundings is the main reason. Moreover, some smart cons even fake themselves as helpers and give a helping hand to exchange the currency to the foreigners. And poor tourists fall for it and end up causing a huge loss to them. Now, what is required to e done is a little bargain and in case of shopping I will say a lot of bargaining. Don’t just pay off what they have asked for. And save your own money.


4. The Government Officers:

The Government Officers Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


This is a well planned type of scam where the con artists have an entire team where one of them poses as a helper and guides the tourists to the Government offices, and the other one is the government officer. They will act like they are the helpers. They will bluff you by saying that there are no buses or trains for the desired routes and thus you have the last option left and that is to opt for their expensive private travelers  In other cases, they may also threat you for not having proper documentation and thus try to fetch some money from you as an excuse to complete your documentation so that you could avoid any further trouble when in reality they are the actual trouble.


3. The Thief:

The Thief Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


You may be facing this thing in your own country or place also but you have no idea about some new place. You may be the new victim of the pick-pockets and you end up with no money or no required documents and stuck in a foreign land and  Suddenly the place you were loving few minutes ago, will no longer be your favorite.  They even cause a distraction for you so that they can accomplish it more easily and in a better way that is to rob you completely. So, you better be aware about your surroundings all the time. Don’t just pay attention to the buildings you are visiting but also in your own purse!


2. The Taxi:

The Taxi Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


In a foreign land if you are opting to travel by the taxi then you must read this point as there are many scams that could create problems for you. For example the taxi driver may act like he don’t know the way to your hotel and will offer help and say they can take you to some other better hotel where they have already a set business and you tend to fall for it as you are not in a mood to struggle after a long flight. Some of them even claims that the place you are searching for is closed and you end up going to some other place where they want to take you. Another one is when the meter is running faster and you won’t even know that for a journey worth 100 rupees you are paying 500/-. In some cases, they even offer you a trip to the places at a reduced rate and you think of saving some money when in reality you are their new victim of their scam!


1. Food and Hotel:

Food and Hotel1 Top 10 Most Common Scams Tourists should be Aware of


These are the basic necessities for living and in foreign land also you will be requiring it. But what if someone cheats you with that! You have no idea about the prices for food and hotel and the cons take advantage of that by charging you a lot. You are shown a room in a hotel that is very luxurious and at proper rates. But then when you are finally at your place late night after being exhausted by the exploring you have done the entire day, you are disappointed after finding out the reality but at that time you have no other option left than to stay. Thus they grab a huge amount of money for facilities they are not even providing. Thus before going out for any tour, find out everything from foods to hotels about that place so that you don’t have to face situation.


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