Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies

Human beings are surely strange, First they complain of being busy and having to do too much of stressful work. But when they get free time for themselves which they need to rest and make up for the fun they have lost and family they have missed they instead develop hobbies. A hobby is basically a work or act you do when you have free time. It has got nothing to do neither with your job or qualification nor with what kind of place you stay in. It simply is an act that you want to do for no reason. At times it is productive and has some benefits. Like some people tend to develop hobbies that benefit them like reading different literature in leisure time or trying hands on newer and newer recipes on offs. These and many other are good and tend to make a person better in some way or the other. But as the people around exist in all sort of variety the hobbies too are drastically different. Some people tend to have really weird and bizarre hobbies. These are not at all productive or entertaining. They can be quite a pain for the people who stay with such a person. Most of the times the person when asked does not have any answer for having this kind of hobby. The list can be too long but the following are top 10 weird and bizarre hobbies you will come across.
10. Extreme ironing.
extreme ironing 283x300 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
Ironing is one of the most boring things I find in my daily chores. It is very difficult for me to think that some people have the hobby of ironing. Not just any normal ironing they call it extreme ironing. It means to do the task of ironing under conditions that are termed as extreme. The extreme situations can be rock climbing or hot weather of the desert or speed boat ride. They bear the harsh treatment and will do ironing there. There are hundreds of pictures on web showing people hanging from the rocks and spreading their ironing board. It is weird and in my perspective useless of a hobby but there are hundreds of people doing this. Hope their hobby keeps them safe enough to be able to wear those extreme ironed clothes.
9. Acting Dead.
playing dead 236x300 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
There is this man who had a strong desire of acting on screen that to acting dead. He wanted to play dead on screen but could not succeed. So instead he developed a strange hobby. He now plays dead in real life every now and then and posts it on video sharing sites. He has his video on you tube as well and inspite of him being a really average looking man it has recieved a viewing of 40 million people. Incredible people seem to like him but he still has not got a break through yet to the big screen. An incredibly weird hobby to play dead and display the talent. But he does it and does it in a new way every time.

8. Scary artifacts.
Scary artifacts 300x212 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
Some really love scary stuff. They are big fans of horror movies and anything that is spooky. What is bizarre is that they love collecting spooky stuff. Their house and cabinets will be full of weird things. Horror masks, dresses, videos games, books etc. You will also see on their walls and tables antiques related to their passion for horror. Some go to the extent of having animal stuffed heads on their walls although that is illegal now. Entering their house itself becomes scary right from a scary door bell. This is a hobby truly bizarre and creepy.
7. Animal grooming.
animal grooming 211x300 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
Yet another bizarre hobby people have developed for themselves. This hobby seems to be quite a nuisance to the lovable pets. Animal grooming is for the pet owners or admirers. Various pets like dogs especially poodles and other highly furry ones or cats, horses etc. are decorated in the most colorful way. The fur is colored, hair is cut, curled and trimmed, the animals are dressed up and all this is a part of hobby. Now even competitions have come up to award the best groomer. The sight is unusual with all sorts of colorful animals hard to recognize whether it is a dog or what? Lord blesses the animals from this bizarre hobby.
6. Body tattoo.
body tattoo 300x211 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
This is one of the latest trends of taking up a hobby. It is really stylish and trendy to see a tattoo here and there. A tiny dragon on the arm or a rose on the neck such were the tattoos that were considered a trend. Slowly tattoos became a hobby and people were after unique and authentic tattoos. You will find various specimens in the world who have completely carved their bodies of tattoos. If not the whole body then the whole arm or back or waist etc. This no longer looks trendy it starts looking uncomfortable and creepy. But still having body tattoos has become a really bizarre hobby.
5. Body piercing.
body piercing 262x300 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
Yet another contribution of the Trans music – body piercing. It used to be the case that women use to pierce ear lobes and nose as a means of beautification. But soon the trend took an altogether different means and men and women both started piercing body at various different spots. This now has become a hobby. Whenever these people get time they visit the nearby salon to check the latest trend and get it done. Piercing the body at the navel , ear pinna , eye brows , even tongue is being practiced. Isn’t it a really weird hobby?

4. Long nails.
long nails 228x300 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
I know its one of the most admirable things girls want to do. They grow up their nails and then decorate them with various colors. But do you know some people have the hobby of over growing their nails. There are people in the world who have nails as long as 20 to 25 inches long. Just imagine how will it be? Your hands with nails almost twice the size of your fingers. There is a world record as well for this which is in the name of an Indian man. Women throughout the world are seen endorsing long nails painted and shaped. They look more like weapons than nails. It is a trully bizarre hobby of growing nails to such an extent that you do not look normal anymore.

3. Nail collection.
nail collection 300x214 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
Nails – the mere name is enough to make you feel sick. If over growing was gross just think about how gross it will be to see a box full of cut elongated nails. Yuck right? But it is true. If you put on you tube ” Will Chatham” you will see a whole video showing his collection of nails and all the gross things he does with them. Do not view it if you are sick in the stomach. This hobby is really insane.

2. Eating Dirt.
eating dirt 225x300 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
The world truly is full of strange people. There are people in this world who can leave without food but not without dirt. There came a documentary on Nat Geo showing people with weird habits and hobbies. One of them was about some people who love eating dirt. Exclusively they showed about a woman who had the tendency to eat several hundred grams of mud a day. She has to eat mud otherwise she cannot pass the day peacefully. There are other people too who have to eat mud or any other such gross thing. They have this really pathetic hobby which is enough to make me throw out if i happen to witness this.

1. Cosplay.
cosplay 216x300 Top 10 Most Bizarre Hobbies
What can we say about this? We all have been great fans of fairy tales and anime but actually bringing them in real life is not such a great idea. There are hundreds of people who dress up as their favorite fairy tale character in real life as well. That is cosplay. Imagine a person dressing up as naruto in real life and going to work. Your girl dressing up as snow white when out with you. Not so cool right? There are people who dress up and have loads of costumes of every probable famous anime character in their house. They dress up as their character of choice in their leisure time as well as on important days. They absolutely do not find it weird in walking down the street as a cartoon character. You invite them for a party and who knows which character is coming to your home.

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