Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday

You must have wished some person on their birthday and you will be doing that every year. But have you ever given it a thought about how to make your wishes really different and interesting so that they never forget it? Here is a list of 10 ways that could help you with this:


10. The Sneak Attack:

Sneak Attack Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


It is good to know that someone was just waiting for the clock to strike 12 in the mid night just to wish on your birthday. So it could be the best thing to do for them. If you feel like disturbing the birthday boy or girl just drop a message. At least you deserve them to know that you were up till 12 for them! And then you can give the person a call the next day. If it is your buddy then you can be shameless icon wink Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


9. It is the day:

It is the Day Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


Okay they know it is their birthday. But won’t they love it if you keep reminding them of that? You can keep on texting or calling them to wish them. They will surely get pissed off however. You can try setting their ringtone as “Happy Birthday” or you can make them wear “Its my Birthday” Tee-shirt. Imagine how it would be when they will be walking down a street and some stranger wishes them because they were too desperate for wishes! It would be fun; trust me!


8. Gifts every hour:

Gifts every Hour Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


This is a cute idea and could help you with that special someone of yours also. If you are going to spend the day with them, you could do it yourself. Give them presents for every hour they have spent with you. You can start with a cake at 12. Now if you are not there with them, try to take help from someone present there with her. Arrange things such that they get a gift whenever the minute hand is at 12! The gifts need not to be very expensive. They could be just Roses or whatever you can afford.


7. Weird Birthday:

Weird Birthday Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


If you want their birthday to be memorable, you can also make it a little weird for them. You can take help from your friends unknown to them. Tell them to call the birthday person and threaten them for life. Like “Enjoy your Last Birthday” etc. Let it happen for a few times. When they will be sharing this thing with you fully scared, you can tell them the truth. It could be fun with friends but I suggest you to not try it with your parents. You can end up being grounded.


6. Birthday Bash:

Birthday Bash Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


This is the common idea for wishing someone on birthdays but is still very popular. People love parties and enjoying their day with others and move on the dance floor, eat and have loads of fun. You can make them crave for wishes by not wishing them the entire day but in the evening when all their hopes have diminished and they are convinced that everyone forgot their birthday, they will love to see that surprise birthday party that you planned. You may see a little anger but lot of love in them. They would forgive you for not wishing the whole day the moment you hug them and wish them.


5. Creepy Celebration:

Creepy Birthday Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


If you are looking forward to have a creepy party for the birthday, not a romantic one or just food and dance, you can do it differently. You can choose an old wrecked place or a bushed place with tents as the venue, decorate the place with strange items like fruits, torn out clothes and whatever garbage you can find out. Keep it in mind it should not be stinky as it will ruin the mood. You can have an announcement for the person in the store or on the roads, embarrass them and make it an unforgettable birthday.


4. Cyber Wishes:

Cyber Wishes Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


You can wish them in the cyber style also. When everything today is computerized, you can also take a little help from technology. You can wish them on facebook by writing a nice post on their wall or composing a cute message that makes them feel how important they are in your life and they matter a lot. Birthdays can be a good occasion to show people their importance.


3. Show it:

Show it Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


This option gives you a wide view of what you can do on the birthday. Prepare a presentation for the birthday boy/girl. Include cute pictures and some of the horrible pictures that they hate to see. Edit nice messages with them and display it may be in private or in front of all. I can tell you they will be so glad to see this surprise. Who doesn’t want to be loved and when you show it on their birthday, it can be the perfect gift for them and that presentation or movie of just 10 minutes can be their best few minutes. Include pictures according to your needs and relation and how you want it to. You can play the video at 12 also or in a restaurant where you are supposed to have dinner.


2. Frame it:

Frame it Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday


This is an old fashioned and cute way to show your love and care to a person. And what could be a better day to show it. Frame your feelings about that person say you like them or it is good to have them in life and whatever it is. Moreover you can also gift them their own portrait. Let them know that you know them very well. You can create a collage of images of them or a collection of quotes dedicated to them. They will be really touched by your efforts and would love and admire the surprise. You can wish them wearing a tee-shirt that says “You are the Best. Happy Birthday! ” Be a little creative and surprise them.


1.Know their needs:

Know their needs Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday

If you know the person from long, then this idea would fit you. If you find yourself on the stage where you know about the likes and dislikes of the person and about the needs and hobbies then you have checked on a right tip. You can buy the things that the person needs according to their choices and gift them with the right timing and presentation. Presentation matters a lot. Just giving it to them or giving them with a little preparation differs. You can arrange hide and seek for them to get to their gifts and you can also make them beg for it. Do it in your style and make it special. Another possible thing that you could do is make a list of things that they need to do this year or some resolution that they always wanted to complete, get it framed and gift it. It will prove how thoughtful you are and you will get that sweet satisfying smile on their face.

Pick anything you want to for their birthday, but with a little style and creativity, you will make their birthday a special day not just for them but for yourself only as your work will be admired by one and all.

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